20 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

This week has flown by, we have been so busy preparing for Isla's 2nd Birthday that the pregnancy has been a bit forgotten about, not in a bad way I just forgot I was pregnant for a few moments this week haha! So this week I have been feeling the cold terribly, even at home when everyone else is warm id be wrapped up in a dressing gown, fleecy pyjamas and fluffy socks covered up with a blanket! Ive also been feeling pretty tired this week, by 8pm im about ready to put myself to bed after putting Isla down, the bedtime routine just really tires me out these days.
I am so happy I have lost weight, Im at the weight I was when I started this pregnancy so I am feeling super happy about that, I hope that i can loose some more weight, obviously not loads but a few pounds would be nice. Im more determined than ever to get my body back into shape after this pregnancy, I was a bit lazy after having Isla, to be honest I kind of used the ive just had a baby excuse for too long and I guess I wasnt to bothered about my body. But since becoming pregnant when it was too late to hit the gym it has really started to bother me the past few weeks, so once the baby is here and I have the OK from the doctor I WILL be getting my body back! 

Of course another super exciting thing this week was the 20 week scan, I was super excited to see our baby boy again and also to double confirm that he is indeed a little boy... I'm so relieved to say that he is indeed a boy and he made it pretty obvious at the scan haha! I already can tell this little boy is going to be cheeky just like his older sister. Everything was perfect with the baby, he was measuring correctly with his head and belly being a couple days small and his belly measuring a couple days ahead (I blame all the Christmas food indulgence haha) at my 20 week scan with Isla I was told I had a low lying placenta and had to come back at 32 weeks for another scan which it had moved, so I was curious to see if the same would happen this time but she said the placenta was at the back which is ok. I feel a little sad that we won't have another scan now and the next time we see him will be his birthday! Now that Christmas and new year is out the way we can start buying all the exciting stuff and I can't wait to share with you all what we buy. 

19 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

I have weighed myself this week, I have still only put on 2lbs so far this pregnancy which I am pretty pleased about, I was not at a weight I was happy with when I fell pregnant so the whole time I have been a bit depressed about it to be honest as I am only going to get bigger and bigger as the weeks go by. But 2lb I am happy with as I am almost half way done with this pregnancy now, how scarily fast is it going!? I have noticed that my thighs are also a bit slimmer, I have been doing a lot more walking since living at my mums so I think that has definitely helped with toning my legs and also with the weight gain. I am now experiencing sciatica pain in both sides of my hips and bum cheeks, so that hasn't been pleasant at all and they say to keep moving which hurts, but if you sit down to rest that also makes it worse!
I have noticed that I am starting to get out of breath a lot more quickly, even if it is just walking up the stairs, especially if you are carrying a toddler which can I just add mine weighs 2 stone! I've also been experiencing headaches this week, nothing like a migraine just some pretty uncomfortable headaches. I've also been having a bit of a upset belly, not sure if this is linked with my IBS or to do with the pregnancy but either way its not pleasant as it makes me not want to go out anywhere! The baby has been kicking lots this week, I notice he seems to be more awake in the evening around 7-8 pm, which is perfect as Perry gets to feel him kick and read him stories.
I'm so excited for the scan next week! I cant wait to see our baby boy again and to make sure everything is all healthy.

18 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

This week didn't start off well, I woke up in the night to experience my first 'Charlie Horse' cramp so far in this pregnancy. I remember having them with Isla and would wake Perry up in the night in so much pain he thought I had gone into labour! I'm terrified to stretch my legs in bed anymore in case it brings one on. This week I have been feeling sick on and off throughout the day, it feels a bit like when I was first pregnant before the full on nausea kicked in!
My skin has been pretty dry this week, by skin I mean my face. I have completely given up with wearing foundation now, my skin looks better without it then with it so I just gave up! I just wear a loose powder on my face now to make me look a little better and more alive haha. A big symptom this week was my boobs have started leaking! Not to the point of having to wear breast pads, but enough for me to notice a little patch when I take off my bra. I don't remember my boobs leaking with Isla until around 22 weeks I believe so that has definitely happened quicker this time round. 

Excuse the pyjama bottoms haha!

Photos From Isla's 2nd Birthday

Hi everyone, I thought I would share some of the photos from Isla's 2nd Birthday. To be fair we didn't really take that many or record much of the day as we really wanted to enjoy the day with her instead of keep putting a camera in front of her face. We went for a really chilled low key day so if you want to read what we got up to then go and check out her 2nd Birthday post

Sick for Christmas

All night we have been awake with me being unwell and Isla with a high temperature and just not herself. I have been coughing and having pains in my chest, with the lovely added bonus of blood too! This morning we managed to get Isla into the doctors and she has got a viral infection and high temperature of 39.4 so we have got to keep her dosed up on calpol and ibuprofen, because it's viral the doctor couldn't prescribe any antibiotics. Also there is not much I can take either, just paracetamol for me!

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow one bit now, you prepare for this day for weeks and to be ill just ruins it completely. I have never seen Isla this unwell before, those that know her well will tell you that she never ever gives cuddles or sits still at all, she's such a bubbly little girl and to see her like this, well it's heartbreaking isn't it? I was so looking forward to my Christmas dinner this year, being almost 22 weeks pregnant food is the only thing on my mind haha.

I really hope we are both better tomorrow, I wanted to do so many special Christmas bits with her today but instead we are in bed watching films and she's currently sleeping and really dozy laying on me :(

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas with your family xxx

Isla's 2nd Birthday

I can't believe how quick the past few weeks have gone, since being pregnant time is just flying by! Although I felt quite prepared for Islas birthday this year it still came round very quickly. We spent the night before her birthday setting everything up for her, we built her Little Tikes Cozy Coupe, wooden dolls house and wooden table so that they were ready to go in the morning and she could play with them straight away. We wrapped all her presents and set it all up so when she walked in she would see them all set up waiting for her. We had just enough helium in our tank from her previous birthday to blow up a huge number 2 foil balloon, and we put up a minnie mouse Happy Birthday banner and covered the table in a minnie mouse table cover.

On the morning of her birthday she woke up around 8:15am with a huge smile on her face, it was like she knew it was her birthday! I went downstairs first to set up the camera so we could capture her face as she walked into the living room. Her face was priceless, I'm so glad I caught it all on film, the first thing she ran over to was her wooden dolls house and then she went over to the Cozy Coupe and sat in it. When we take her to soft play she always sits in them, it really is her favourite toy, we tried to get her out to open presents but she just wanted to sit in her car haha. After a while she finally started to open her presents in between sitting in her car, we let her sit at her new table to have her breakfast, she was so excited about it and happily sat down and ate her coco pops (special birthday breakfast treat) and then we got her dressed. I ordered her a minnie mouse inspired tutu, and she wore it with a black long sleeved top and black tights, by this time it was around half eleven the morning seemed to fly by.

We left to head to town so we could take Isla out for lunch, we decided to take her to Nandos, Mummy was craving it and also we hadn't been in a while so thought it made sense. She had her own lunch from the Nadinos menu and even got to have frozen yoghurt! We all enjoyed our lunch, the atmosphere in Nandos is so nice and relaxed we could really enjoy our time there. When we walked back to the car it was 1:30pm, we was going to go to the zoo as we have zoo passes but it was so cold we decided against it as we wasn't very prepared. Instead we took her to mothercare and toys r us so she could spend some of her birthday money, we let her pick 2 sets from the ELC Blossom Village wooden dolls house range, she got a living room and bedroom set to go in her wooden dolls house, we also got her the wooden family figurines. After having a look at some tandem pushchairs and a quick look round we decided to drive back home so my mum could see Isla as she gets home from work around 3pm.

When we got home she had about an hour playing with her new toys before we headed back out with all the family to take her to the Harvester for dinner. By the time the food came Isla was really hungry and tired which if you have a toddler you know it's not a good combination, she was starting to get really restless so we all skipped dessert to come back home. It was about 8 pm by the time we got back home, she went and sat in her car and was playing with her new toys, I decided to take her cake out the box so we could let her blow out her candle and we could all eat some cake. I had bought a sparkler candle but wasn't sure exactly what it was going to do and neither did Perry, as he lit it the sparks came shooting out of the candle about 2 feet high and made us all jump! Luckily Isla really liked it and was smiling away, once we had sung happy birthday and the sparks had stopped she then blew out her candle all by herself! I cut the cake and we all had a slice, Isla was shattered by this time and was certainly ready for bed as was Perry and I. She had such a lovely day and was definitely spoilt, we have spent the weekend seeing Perry's family who all had more presents for her and took us out for dinner! I don't know about Isla but I'm definitely shattered after the past weekend, roll on Christmas when even more craziness will start!

Thank you everyone for all of the Birthday wishes, we really appreciate them all. What did you do for your little ones 2nd Birthday?

17 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

Sorry this is late I tried to set it so it would be scheduled to go live last Thursday night but for some reason it didn't work
I cant believe another week has flown by! I'm going to be 18 weeks tomorrow and the halfway mark is creeping up, I honestly cant believe it, its going so incredibly fast I am actually starting to worry a little. With Isla's 2nd Birthday and Christmas coming up they are keeping me pretty occupied and busy, also its not the cheapest time of year for us at all. Baby buying has been put to the side for now until January, and even then we only have 4 months as he is due 1st May and we need to move in that time as well! I'm hoping we will be able to sort everything in that time, it also depends on money too as there is only so much you can buy a month.
So moving on to my pregnancy update... This week was pretty exciting as Perry got to feel the baby kick! He was having a good boot at the bottom of my belly and he placed his hand on my belly and felt him kick. His movements are getting stronger everyday, every time he kicks I am just amazed and reminded that I am pregnant, as it still doesn't feel real to me.
This week I have also been having very vivid dreams, I am one of these peoples that have dreams all the time, sometimes up to 3 a night. But being pregnant has made them a lot more vivid and so realistic, they are crazy and I am often waking Perry up in the night to tell him them haha. Also this week my hair has been falling out like crazy, every time I run my fingers threw it or brush it I find a big pile on the floor! Luckily my hair is so thick you cant even tell I have just lost a handful of hair, I'm actually booked in to get it cut tomorrow woohoo!
I've noticed my bump has changed shape, I don't know if he has changed position or what but its not as pointy as it has been. I definitely look pregnant now, especially when I wear tight fitting tops, but some days if I wear a loose jumper you can hardly tell I am pregnant haha. I have been having a few cravings this week, I really wanted a Chinese food like vegetable spring rolls, duck and pancakes, crispy shredded chilli beef, special fried rice etc I'm dribbling just typing it all up haha!
I think that is all for week 17, I honestly cant believe how quickly time is going, this pregnancy is flying by! 

16 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2 & Gender Reveal

This week has been exciting, on Saturday we found out the gender of this baby and we are so excited to announce that it is a little BOY! We are so happy and its so lovely that we will now have one of each gender, of course Perry is extremely happy but so am I, as I did really want a boy. He was head down which explains all the low movement I have been feeling, I hope he will be like his sister and be head down and engaged by 38 weeks. I have had 2 vivid dreams in week 15 where I dreamt that it was a little boy and with Isla I dreamt she was a girl, so I am so happy that my instinct was right again. To be honest I still cant believe it, this pregnancy still doesn't feel real let alone that we are having a little boy that we wanted. We went for our scan on the Saturday and on the Sunday was Perry's 27th Birthday so it was a lovely present for him!
I have had more sciatica pain this week when I have had to walk a lot, especially on Mondays when I have to walk for the bus to get Isla to her swimming lesson. I had my flu jab this week which wasn't a pleasant experience, I say this because my arse had hardly touched the seat and he had already shoved the needle in my arm and shouted NEXT! Another appointment I had this week was my first check up with the Midwife, she checked my urine and blood pressure - both was perfectly fine. She listened to the baby's heartbeat which the little fidget kept moving around, and she then had a little chat and catch up with me which was nice. I will see her again in mid January when I will be 25 weeks, I cant believe how quick this pregnancy is going! We have our 20 week scan on 17th December, I am already so excited to see him again. He was swallowing fluid and moving around so much at the gender scan, the sonographer was laughing her head off. He seems like such a crazy little boy, just like his Sister Isla :)
Our little BOY

13-15 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

13 Weeks Pregnant

 This week I was feeling tired again, I had some aches in my belly and hips, I also had a bit of an upset belly for a few days, I also suffer with IBS and it has been a bit flared up and all over the place since being pregnant. My nipples were quite tender this week and I also kept getting the feeling that my right nipple was leaking too (it wasn't). I've also started to feel what I believe is little kicks and movement which is super exciting as I didn't feel Isla move until 20 weeks! I also need to buy some long tops as mine are getting a little too short where the bump is lifting them up, we also booked our gender scan for in 3 weeks time!

14 Weeks Pregnant

I had a few pains in my breasts this week, and also I've noticed I'm getting blue veins on them too. I am starting to get out of breath when I walk too, mostly on slight hills which pushing the buggy doesn't help really. I'm still taking my pre natal vitamins, I took them for my whole pregnancy with Isla and up until she was 1 week old when I decided to stop pumping breast milk. I have also gained 2lbs so far at this point which I am pretty happy about as I am no where near as slim and light as I was when I fell pregnant with Isla. I already cant wait to loose weight once this baby is born I have a lot more determination now!

15 Weeks Pregnant

This week was a pretty good week, I was feeling pretty normal and back to myself, my toilet trips have reduced a lot I'm not needing to pee all the time now. I have noticed when I have been doing a lot of walking I have been experiencing sciatica pain in my right bum cheek, top of my leg and bottom of my back. My bump is even bigger, when I catch up which will be my 17th week I will post a belly picture! I am feeling lots more movements and kicks in my belly now and they are getting even stronger everyday. My sleep has been pretty disrupted this week, I kept waking up and found it difficult to get comfortable, but I think this was because I was excited about finding out the gender, I also use to get like this before Christmas haha!

12 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

12 Weeks Pregnant

This week started with a migraine which is never a nice thing, my nausea and sickness had eased up a lot and I was finally starting to feel normal again! I was weeing lots and lots this week, I would have one drink and go to the toilet about 4 times within an hour afterwards. My bump was starting to show a lot more and I was wearing maternity jeans already.

The 12 Week Scan

We went for the scan on the Thursday which I believed by my dates (positive OPK) that I would be 12 weeks and 3 days, but I had a feeling I might be measuring a few days behind. I was very shocked when the first measurement the sonographer took was 13 weeks! He continued to measure the baby again and again as he was baffled as he believed I was in my 11th week going by the early scan I had done. He decided to put me at 12 weeks 6 days giving me a due date of the 1st May 2015! So my weeks now turn over on a Friday. We got to see the baby kicking around and moving, it was very cooperative and the sonographer could get all the measurements he wanted. Afterwards we went to the maternity unit so I could have my blood work taken for the downs syndrome risk assessment. We were so happy that the baby was all healthy and everything looked great.
Our healthy bean at 12 weeks 6 days!

6-11 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

I am so behind with my pregnancy updates, I'm currently in my 16th week of pregnancy! So I'm going to spend this evening playing catch up and writing out all my updates so I can be up to date as its all getting pretty exciting now especially as we know the gender! So here I am going to quickly run through the past few weeks briefly as I will literally be here until Christmas otherwise haha! 

6 Weeks Pregnant

I threw up for the first time this week, it wasn't in the morning though it was around 10pm at night and 2 nights later I threw up again in the evening and I noticed it was after having eaten Galaxy chocolate, everyday I was feeling nauseous and would have a horrid gag reflex every time I walked near a sink or toilet. I had really bad spots this week all over my chin and neck which wasn't pleasant.

7 Weeks Pregnant

I booked in with the Midwife this week, she came over and took all my details and history down, also all my labour and birth details from having Isla. I was having some brown bleeding which I told her about and also how nervous I was feeling after the previous miscarriage, when she asked me to take a urine sample I noticed I now had a bit of pink blood so the Midwife got straight on the phone to the Early Pregnancy Unit and managed to fit me in the next morning for a reassurance scan! I was so grateful and relieved.

8 Weeks Pregnant

This week I was feeling super nauseous all the time and throwing up randomly in the afternoons and early evening. This week I also started feeling pretty tired and needed to lay down while Isla napped to rest up and on a few occasions I would have a little sleep too.

9 Weeks Pregnant

This week was super exciting, we heard the heartbeat on the Doppler for the first time which was lovely to hear, I know some people are not fans of using them but for me they are the best thing ever. Not only in the early days does it give me reassurance but its also a lovely way to bond with the baby, as the weeks go by it starts to kick the Doppler which is funny and you can hear it moving around and whooshing in the fluid. A big symptom this week was getting very hungry and almost fainting within 5 minutes, this was when I felt the worse as I would start shaking, hot sweat, funny vision, and also get a headache. I also was feeling super tired this week.

10 Weeks Pregnant

This week I probably spent most of my time in bed, I was feeling really awful, almost fainting everyday, I was waking in the night between 1-4 times for a wee, it didn't take me long to go back off to sleep though which was good. A few times my vision would go a bit funny and this scared me a lot as it would go all blurry. I really had no energy at all this week.

11 Weeks Pregnant

This week I blacked out in the kitchen, it was awful I went in as I was feeling hungry and thought id make a bagel, as I went into the kitchen my vision went all funny, I had sweat dripping off me and my ears started to buzz so I turned round so I had my back to the counter and slid down the back and sat on the floor, my eyes were open but I had no vision at all it was all black, it was like this for a few minutes so I managed to move myself round to the drawer and open it to get a bag of crisps. I was throwing up again this week, I had a little brown bleeding as well which was a bit worrying. I also had bad migraines this week which was awful and not easy when you have a toddler to look after.


You don't know how good it feels to finally be able to share my news with you all! It has been a crazy few weeks and I have never felt so alone, I have been so unwell and struggling to cope with daily tasks, let alone continuing my blog so I apologise for the non existent posts over the past few months. I honestly don't know how I have survived the past few weeks, Ive been throwing up every week, passing out, having trouble with my vision and also a few scare bleeds! Its been such a roller coaster but I'm so glad I can see a light at the end of the tunnel and also now that you all know I can have support and help from you all! 

So where to start.... I am currently in my 13th week of pregnancy but I will be writing up my weekly posts so you can catch up with what has been going on. So I apologise in advance for the pregnancy and baby spamming posts, but once I catch up it will calm down I promise! We actually conceived this baby 2 weeks after my miscarriage so we are feeling very blessed and happy that our little rainbow baby is on its way. I am due 1st May 2015 and I can't believe how quick this pregnancy is going, its really scary and I wish it would slow down, I still can't believe I am pregnant it just doesn't feel real yet. 

Finding out I was pregnant..

After my miscarriage I was given the go ahead from my doctor to get pregnant as soon as I felt emotionally ready, he said my body wouldn't get pregnant unless it was ready too. My miscarriage was really early too and my lines on my tests were never strong anyway, which meant the pregnancy hormone had hardly gone up. 2 days after I started bleeding from my miscarriage my pregnancy tests had already gone back to negative, and at this point Perry and I had already decided we wanted to try again as soon as possible. I knew that after a miscarriage you are actually more fertile then normal so I started using OPKs as soon as I stopped bleeding, about day 19 I had a positive OPK, we hadn't had sex much before then so I was feeling a bit negative already that we hadn't done enough, I guess you can't force it and should only have sex if you BOTH really want to. About a week and half later (the day before we went to Peppa Pig World) my Nan had come up from Kent to dog watch for my parents as they came with us. The first thing my Nan said to me was "you're pregnant Tara" I looked at her and shrugged, I said no I'm not the tests are negative. The next morning before we left for Peppa Pig World I took a test as I wanted to make sure I wasn't pregnant before I went on any big rides at the theme park, I anxiously waited the 3 minutes and looked at the test, there was a SUPER faint line... This was Friday morning and my period was due on Monday so I thought it could be something. I didn't get too excited, I was more looking forward to seeing Isla's face once we got to Peppa Pig World. 

Saturday we woke up in a hotel in Southampton, I thought it was odd as I woke up in the night for a wee and normally I sleep straight through the night no problem. We went back to Paultons Park and knowing I could possibly be pregnant I decided to give the big rides a miss as I wasn't in the mood anyway. We did go on the drop ride though as I wanted to get Perry on it for a laugh and I thought if I'm not pregnant and I didn't go in it, I would wish I had. We got home about 8pm and the first thing I did was go pee in a cup so I could take a pregnancy test, when I checked on it there was a line, still faint but you didn't need to squint or tilt the test... There was a LINE! I took another one and sure enough there it was.. 

Tuesday morning the line was pink in colour and so obviously there, so I booked to go to the doctors where they confirmed that I was pregnant and put me in touch with the midwives, it was all of a sudden becoming a lot more real, I still can't believe it now. I will be doing weekly posts now until I catch up, I have been super unwell so unfortunately I haven't taken any lovely maternity bump photos like I wanted to. But from now on I will be and I will be posting every week to document this pregnancy, it has already been so different to Isla's pregnancy, I have no feeling if it is a boy or a girl, with Isla by this point I knew she was a girl so I am super excited to find out this time. I will be booking a early private gender scan, we found out at 16 weeks with Isla so I'm looking to around the same sort of time with this pregnancy. Last Thursday was our 12 week scan, I ended up measuring a few days ahead when really I thought I would be measuring behind! So that was a nice surprise, its amazing what being a few extra days ahead can do. We also announced to most of our family, friends and to all of you last Thursday. If you don't follow me on Instagram you wouldn't of seen our announcement photo so I will put it below.

Our Halloween inspired pregnancy announcement. How spook-tacular! 

If you are due around the same time as me and are writing a blog about it please let me know as I would love to find a pregnancy buddy :)

Peppa Pig World (Day 1)

We were taken to Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park by my parents who kindly paid for us all to go and got us 2 for 1 day tickets and a nights stay in the Dury Inn hotel in Southampton. We left on Friday morning and unfortunate got stuck in a load of traffic so what was meant to be a 3 hour journey it took us over 5 hours! Luckily we had brought the iPad so Isla could get in the spirit by watching some Peppa Pig. We was all hot and bothered and just couldn't wait to get there, we arrived at the park at 3:20 so we had a little over 2 hours to enjoy the park.

 We went straight to Peppa Pig World, and while walking through the park I was amazed at how much there was and how big the park was. It was brilliant and full of kids smiling and enjoying the sunshine. Being a Friday it wasn't too busy, the first thing we done was change Islas nappy and then we went to Balloon Ride, we queued up for about 25 minutes, which wasn't to bad considering 2 of the balloons were out of order. Isla enjoyed the Balloon Ride and wasn't afraid at all of the height, I really enjoyed it I just wish it had lasted a bit longer for the time you have to wait. We then went over to the duck pond and found some food stalls, it cost over £3 for a hot dog which didn't even touch the sides. I'd definitely want to be more prepared next time and take a picnic.

The next ride we queued up for was Daddy Pigs car ride, this was about 25 minutes again. This was the best ride by far and the one I was most looking forward to. Isla loved steering the wheel, they also took your photo while you go round, although it would of been nice to have a warning as none of us was looking or smiling. Isla screamed when we had to get off, she obviously really enjoyed it.

Then we went in to Peppa Pigs House, there was no queues so that was good. Inside was a big Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig, Peppa Pig and George Pig, all of them moved there arms and mouth while telling a story. Isla was a bit nervous at first but then she was smiling and shouting Peppa Pig. When it finished we couldn't get her out so we ended up watching another episode.

At this point Isla was getting very tired and wanted to get in her pushchair. We was all feeling pretty tired too, we walked round to see what was about and found Peppa and George Pig had come out to see the children, we took Isla over but she couldn't get very close to them as it was so busy. Afterwards we wandered into the shop to get some gifts, Isla got a giant Peppa Pig teddy, and Peppa Pigs Campervan, I got myself some Mummy Pig pyjamas and a mug. When we come out we noticed a tractor ride with only a few people waiting in line, knowing the next day it would be busy Perry and my dad decided to take her on it which was nice.

5:30 came and the park was getting empty, the rides were still going and finishing the last of the people that were in the queues. We started to walk back out to the exit and noticed a Wind In The Willows building and quickly took Isla in before it shut. It was really good and we was all under a UV light so all our white clothing lit up, Isla enjoyed seeing all the moving character's and all the colours in there.

We then went to Mc Donalds to grab some dinner as we was all feeling tired and hungry, I could tell Isla was really tired and she was also teething so that wasn't nice for her. We then made our way to the hotel, when we checked in we was really impressed, the bedroom and bathroom was a really good size, we had a double bed and a single bed, but we had brought Isla her Peppa Pig ready bed so she slept in that on the floor. We bathed Isla and got her into her Peppa Pig pyjamas and warmed up some milk for her,  then I had a nice bath and got into my Mummy Pig pyjamas and was fast asleep by 11pm!

What We Took To Peppa Pig World

We have recently been to Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park in Southampton, we was lucky enough for my parents to take us and pay for it all. We had 2 for 1 day tickets and also stayed in the Jurys Inn Hotel which was only a 20 minute drive to the park. Here is everything I packed for Isla for the overnight stay, and of course Peppa Pig themed. 

1. Disney Sofia The First Suitcase & Islas Teddy Peppa Pig
2. A Plain white vest and a plain white long sleeved top to go under the tshirts if it was cold
3. Factor 50+ suncream
4. Hair tangle spray 
5. Tangle brush 
6. Calpol syringes as Isla is teething
7. 2 hairbands
8. Peppa Pig UV suit
9. Swimming nappy
10. Travelling outfit to Peppa Pig World
11. Day 2 Peppa Pig outfit
12. Calpol
13. 2 pairs of socks
14. Toothbrush and paste
15. Peppa Pig snack pot
16. A hooded zip up jumper
17. Peppa Pig pyjamas
18. Bubble Bath (I don't ever use Johnsons on Isla but found this in the cupboard, we threw it in the bin at the hotel after using it though)
19. Snacks!

This is the bed I got to take with us, Isla sleeps in a toddler bed now and hates sleeping in the travel cot at my mums so I decided to get her this bed from Argos. I will be doing a review on it soon so look out for that :) 

These are the 2 outfits I got Isla for Peppa Pig World, the outfit on the left is what she wore on Day 1 and is from Asda, it was super comfy for her to travel in and she wore it with her new pink high top Converse. The outfit on the left she wore on Day 2 and to travel home in, the tshirt is from Asda and I just put it with a pair of her jeggings so again it was super comfy to travel in for her.

This rucksack we put all of the snacks in for Isla and the swimming bits incase she used the splash park, we also put a towel in too and her reigns. 

Isla's Words At 20 Months

The other day I met up with a friend and her son who is 3 months younger than Isla, although her little boy was really clingy and grumpy due to teething we still managed to have a good afternoon and mummy chat. She mentioned that her son can only say less than 5 words and at a local group a speech therapist mentioned that they should be saying 30-40+ words. This also got me thinking, up until now I was getting a little worried about Islas speech and didn't think she knew that many words. She's always babbling and making up little songs and tunes while she plays with her toys. When I got home I decide to write down all of the words I could think of that Isla can say, lets just say I was very surprised and shocked at how many words she did know. I thought I would make a post and take note of all the words she can say, it will be good to look back on and also in the future I can compare with her brothers or sisters when they are around the same age. 

  1. Mummy
  2. Mum
  3. Dad
  4. Daddy
  5. Hello
  6. Bye 
  7. Nan
  8. Nanny
  9. Oh no
  10. Plane
  11. Duck
  12. Juice
  13. Thank You
  14. Ready, Steady, Go
  15. One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six (Also says in order)
  16. Why
  17. Baby
  18. Woof
  19. Shoes
  20. That
  21. No
  22. Ruby
  23. Poo
  24. Wee
  25. Ball
  26. Rabbit
  27. Peppa Pig
  28. Banana
  29. Chip
  30. Sit
  31. Oh Boy
  32. Tree
  33. Night
  34. Cheese
  35. Bubbles
  36. I Love You
Altogether that is 45, as some are on one line like the numbers etc. I was really shocked when I counted them all. Obviously these are just ones I can remember off the top of my head right now. I can't wait for her to start talking more and at the moment the most words she is putting together is 4-5 which is pretty good for her age. 

Our 4 Year Anniversary

Yesterday 17.08.2014 marked our 4 year anniversary, and I must admit this year felt a bit different, of course we was happy and proud of how far we have come in those 4 years, also how much we have been through together. But it just didn't have the same feeling back when it was our 1st anniversary, even more so now we have Isla. I know its important to not let children stop you from going on dates or to have nights off, but I think we have a bit, we have forgot to live as a couple, we are just Mum and Dad now. 

It has been a big eye opener for us, of course we are very much still in love, its just been a while since we have done anything properly nice together. I think the last time was my birthday in February actually, so we have made a deal that we will try to have one couple night once a month and go out for dinner, bowling or cinema. We do have date nights on Wednesday's but 99% of the time we do just stay in, we do take it in turns to organise it to keep it different and exciting. Typically it is a takeaway, movie night, or relaxing night where Perry will run me a candle lit bath etc. 

This year we kinda sucked with making plans for our Anniversary, we have had a lot going on the past few weeks and have booked to take Isla somewhere this Friday and Saturday (Keep your eyes peeled for a post) so we are looking forward to that and spending some quality time with Isla. It had left our budget very minimal for this year, our 1st and 2nd anniversaries we have stayed in a posh hotel and gone all out, but now we have Isla and rent we can't do that anymore.  Our 3rd Anniversary we went to Harry Potter Studios and had a meal out, so that was pretty good too. 

Saturday night we was meant to go out for dinner, but instead we went out on the jet ski and didn't get back until gone 7 so by the time we had washed it down it was 8 and then I was too tired to have a shower and get all ready, that sea air is a killer I'm telling you haha so that was the dinner out the window. Sunday morning we exchanged gifts, Perry got me an early upgrade so I now have a Samsung s5 and some Benefit make up I had been eyeing up, I got him a Go Pro but I pick that up from the shop on Tuesday so he can have it then :) He already knows I have got him it as I felt super guilty I couldn't give it to him on the day. We had a pretty chilled day, snuggled in bed and watched a film, while the rain was hitting the window.. it was surprisingly nice and enjoyable. We got a Chinese for dinner and I fell asleep on the sofa straight afterwards for 2 hours ooops so Perry had to cancel his plans as he wanted to run me a bath etc. That was a total fail on my part haha, I must of needed the sleep though, I guess Anniversaries with toddlers go like that, right? 

Although we didn't do anything exciting for it, it was still a lovely day. We did talk about some wedding plans though, and of course I will be doing posts about that when the time comes! Next year we will definitely be more prepared and do something nice for our 5th Anniversary, I am already looking at ideas. We might go out and do something in September as our Anniversary being in August made everywhere we wanted to stay extra expensive, also places are always busy so that put us off. We might just have a night away in the countryside, or go glamping or something like that before it gets to cold. 

Have you found the Anniversary novelty wears off a bit? 

Egypt was the last time we took a photo together.. we really must do this more too.

Doctors Appointment Outcome

Hi everyone, first off I want to say thank you so much to everyone that read my Early Miscarriage post and to those of you that left some lovely comments, they literally brought tears to my eyes. So as I mentioned in that post, I am here to talk about what happened at the doctors and what will happen with our next pregnancy. 

Here's a brief background on my pregnancy with Isla, at around the 22 week mark I experienced my first kidney pain after being diagnosed a week previous with yet another UTI and had just finished a course of antibiotics. The pain was unbearable, on the right side of my lower back, we went straight to A&E where I blacked out on the floor, it was so scary I remember my ears ringing, having sweat running down my body and then my vision went completely black, I remember crying saying my eyes are open but I can't see! We got seen instantly after my mum demanding someone see me, they performed a scan and Isla was completely fine, the Dr had a look in my kidney area and said it looked swollen and it sounded like the start of kidney stones. The pain went away and everything went back to normal, id just get the pain in the same area but no where near as bad as it was that night. 

Later on into the pregnancy over 30 weeks I started getting a pain down below, and it was so painful taking a wee, it wasn't like a UTI where it just burns, this pain is indescribable it felt like something was trapping my wee and I had to push and push tiny bits of wee out. I remember every night crying on the toilet, until I had got all the wee out. Being in the third trimester I was urinating so often so you can imagine how painful and annoying it was. A senior doctor told me that it was just Isla's head pushing down and that was the pain, but I knew deep down that it wasn't as I had experienced the same feeling in the past maybe 2-3 times. We now know that the pain I was describing was a kidney stone, because a month ago now I experienced the same feeling VERY early into the second pregnancy, so obviously it wasn't a baby's head pushing on my bladder, I also see the stone and instantly felt better afterwards. Ever since having Isla I have still had the pain in my lower right back but it felt like a numb type feeling, and I got so use to it I wouldn't even know I had it until I thought about it. 

When I went to the doctors 2 weeks ago and told him all of this and about getting the same pain down below just a few days after conception he advised that if I get any pregnancy symptoms and / or the pain down below or in my lower right back to go back and he will put me on a low dose antibiotic even before I get a positive pregnancy test. My kidneys and bladder must just not like me being pregnant so it seems like its going to be a problem again, I just wasn't expecting it to be from the start! I asked him if he thought the kidney problems had anything to do with the miscarriage, he obviously couldn't tell me for sure as we will never know what exactly caused me to miscarry, but he did say a infection left untreated can increase the risk of miscarriage. 

After taking a urine sample from me and checking it with a dippy stick (I always find that bit so awkward lol) he said something was showing up positive so he sent it off to the lab and also put me on a course of antibiotics for a kidney infection. I have finished them now and I have not once since had the pain in my back which is a good sign. Hopefully it helped fight off whatever was going on and the future pregnancy might not make it worse. I feel so relieved to know that once I am pregnant again he will put me on a low dose antibiotic just to be on the safe side, we don't know yet if I will need them for the whole pregnancy. I will cross that bridge once I get to it. For now we are just staying hopeful for our Rainbow baby :)

Sunny, Seaside, Sundays

When the weather is lovely and its a Sunday, what do you do!? You go to the seaside of course! We got up early and made a picnic to take with us, I also packed the million and one things that you do need to take with you when you go out, but when its to the beach you seem to need double the amount of stuff. You pack for every possible situation, so off we set with a picnic, mat, and about 4 different outfit changes for Isla. It took us about 25 minutes to get to the seaside and we managed to find a parking space right at the front. This was handy as we had about 3 bags of stuff and a pushchair haha. 

We walked down the very steep path and the sea air just hit me in the face, I love the sea side smell, it makes me feel at home and relaxed. We got down to the sand and as its the type of beach that only exists when the tide is out, the sand is hard and flat so pushing the pram was easy thank god as it was so hot. We found a place to sit and as it was a bit windy we sat behind one of the wooden sea breakers to get away from the wind.

After laying the mat down and hunting for the picnic we tucked into our sandwiches, pork pies and fruit. It was lovely to see the beach so busy, looking round all I could see was the faces of happy children and that makes me really happy. Unfortunately most children would rather stay at home and play on consoles or watch TV, I don't want Isla to be like that, I want her to have memories of being outdoors exploring, just like I do.

Isla is such a nosey toddler, she was just the same when she was a baby, she loves to observe people and watch what they are doing. So when she spotted 2 women sitting behind us who was also having a picnic she went into her stare mode. The facial expressions she makes are hilarious, luckily the 2 women found her funny too. 

Isla is 100% a water baby, not only is it in her blood (mummy is a mermaid shhhh) but she has also been swimming lessons since 8 months old and can now swim in arm bands by herself. Also my family are big on water sports, boats and jet bikes, so she has basically been around the beach all her life. She has no fear at all, she happily ran off on the beach heading towards the sea! Of course she was in her UV suit by this time so she was protected from the sun and also she could get wet without mummy crying over her ruined clothes. 

We found some big puddles that she could splash in as we wasn't dressed appropriately to go in the sea with her (must remember for next time to pack a bikini) and she was quite happy to splash about in them. 

Look at that face, although she does look quite scary I can tell she is having a blast and loving it. 

I love these types of photos, they are just natural in the moment pictures that are priceless. Of course I do like when we sit and take formal pictures, but the natural ones will always be my favourites. 

What did you get up to on the weekend? I hope you had lovely weather like us :)

An Early Miscarriage

I have been trying to start this post the past few days but didn't know what to say, now it is coming up to a week since the beginning of my miscarriage I feel I am in a better place now. 
There is no structure to this post, I'm just sitting here and typing whatever feels right at the time, I just want to explain my absence and talk about what has been going on the past week, it has been one hell of a roller coaster. 

When I got my positive pregnancy test I was surprised but I kind of knew, as the previous week I had experienced kidney stones which I hadn't had that kind of pain down below since I was 30+ weeks pregnant with Isla. So when I got the pain it was my first sign that I could be pregnant, it lasted for 2-3 days and then went away. After getting my positive pregnancy test I was having symptoms, they wasn't very strong though and it worried me, but everyone was saying how all pregnancies are different and I should relax, but deep down I knew something wasn't right.

So lets rewind back to Friday 25th July 2014, it was a odd day in terms of the weather one minute it was sunny, the next it was raining. I went on time hop and realised that a year previous we had taken Isla to a splash park and jokingly I text Perry and said how cool would it of been if we could of taken her exactly a year later. Well my wish came true and the next thing I know Perry comes walking through the door telling me to get ready. I was having a few slight cramps but I knew it was normal in early pregnancy so we headed off to the splash park, it had started to rain lightly but Isla was going to get wet anyway so we just stayed and let her go in. She was having a blast, running round screaming with laughter and excitement, I was sat on a bench with a towel wrapped round me watching her play while Perry stayed near her to keep an eye on her. 

I got up to go to the toilet and when I got in there I noticed I was bleeding, immediately I went straight back to Perry and told him what was going on, he grabbed Isla and we headed back to the car. All the way home I just knew it was happening, when we got home I went back to the toilet and the bleeding had got more intense and also I had a really bad period cramp. Crying, I left the bathroom and shook my head to tell him it was over, I got into bed and just laid there all evening. He kept asking to take me to A&E but I knew there was nothing they could do to help me, they would just send me home and tell me to wait it out. I felt confident my body knew what it was doing and as it had come naturally I didn't feel the need to go to the hospital. Once Isla was in bed we finally got to talk about what was happening, I was in shock and kept crying, I had only just told myself that everything was going to be ok and now I was bleeding. I had my heat pad on my stomach trying to get rid of the intense pain and cramping. I was talking to my friend who had been through this before and she was the only one who made me feel better, she understood, she knew what it was like. While talking to her she sent me a picture through, it was of a rainbow that she could see out of her window. It was the strangest feeling ever, I got a warm feeling inside and it just felt like it was for me, it was a sign. 

The following day the bleeding was heavy but the cramping had gone, I rested most of the day but Perry asked what I wanted to do, the only thing that would make me feel better was spoiling my little girl. So off to Smyths we went and I set a budget for £20 to spend on Isla. We got her a scooter and some beach / garden toys and still walked away with change, I had to come straight home as the bleeding was really bad when I stood up so I laid down on the sofa and watched films with Isla. I was starting to feel better emotionally and physically until the next day. 

Sunday morning is when it happened, I lost the baby. Without going into to much detail I hope you know what I mean. This knocked me back down, I wasn't expecting to see what I did and it brought everything back, all the emotions but I did get to say goodbye so I am thankful for that. After loosing the baby the bleeding was really light and starting to go away, I had no more cramps or pains and was once again starting to feel better, so I hopped in the shower and come out feeling fresh and positive. A lot of people have said stuff like, "it was only early" etc but to me that wasn't the point, it was still my baby, it was still something so precious that I fell in love with as soon as I read Pregnant on the screen of a test.

Picture from Google Images

It has been a crazy week but I am feeling in a much better place now then I was the weekend. My next post will be about my visit to the doctors and what is happening now, also what will happen when I feel ready to try for our rainbow baby.

First Time Meeting A YouTube Mummy! 81KatieMarie

Katie and I have been close for around a year now, we have had endless conversations via YouTube and then we started texting each other, we quickly realised we had so much in common and were like best friends. We also realised that we don't live that far apart from each other either so we arranged to meet up back when Katie was pregnant with Ellie, but at the time it was cold and Katie being nearly due we decided to postpone it. We finally set a date and we met up last Friday on the 18th July.

I was so nervous about meeting up, I have no idea why though! I had to get the train so I think I was probably more nervous about the train ride then the actual first meet. When I woke up on Friday it was thundering and lightening, the previous few days it had been in the late 20 degrees! I was so annoyed, but after 20 minutes the clouds moved on and the sun started to come out, so I got up and started to get ready, I packed a maxi dress incase it did get very hot. I decided to take my Graco Evo pushchair as it has such a good sized basket to fit all the stuff in and a big blanket for us to sit on for lunchtime. Im so glad that I decided to leave early, as the the train lines had been effected by the lightening so there was a lot of disruptions. I got told to go to 3 different platforms before getting to the right one, it was extremely hot and humid and the train station had no lift so I had to carry the pushchair up and down the steps! 

Finally the train had left and we was on our way, it was 26 degrees at this point and it was the first train that had left the station that morning so it was packed! Isla was throwing the biggest tantrums ever, throwing her dummy at a woman in front of us and screaming her head off while kicking the buggy. I couldn't wait to get off and get away from all of the people who were staring at me as if I was the worst parent ever. I walked out of the station and Katie was waiting for me. We walked up to Asda to get some food for a little picnic and had a good chat on the way to the park. It was like we had been friends for years and met up all the time, we just got on so well and after 2 minutes neither of us was nervous at all. The girls got on really well and Ellie was fixated with Isla, looking at her and her every move, it was so cute and lovely to see. 

We walked through a park and was admiring the ducks and swans, but we had to walk past loads of them that had got onto the path and they were hissing at the dogs etc so that was hilarious trying to get through them without being attacked. We finally found somewhere to sit, I put the blanket down and then we started to have lunch and the girls got out of their buggies for a stretch. We had such a lovely time, it was great to finally meet up and we just got on so well, we checked our phones and it was showing 31 degrees! We were melting, but the girls were wearing hats and had suncream on, we also sat in the shade. We was then approached by a pack of dogs and the owner was running and shouting after them, although it was pretty scary we were laughing our heads off. The man come over, which I should add, was topless! And he sat down and started talking to us and Isla, it was so funny I was trying to hold in a laughing fit and when he left I just burst out laughing. The day had just been a bit chaotic and stressful from the beginning so we could only just laugh at what the rest of the day had in store for us. With it being so hot I changed into my maxi dress in the field... don't ask how lol. It was very tricky and involved lots of funny movements haha

We changed the girls and then we headed over to get a ice cream and go in the park so Isla could have a run around. Isla wanted to hold Katie's hand which was the cutest thing ever! We got a ice cream to try and cool off a bit and then we went down into the park. 

Ellie had fallen asleep by this point, and Isla was running riot on everything she could. She really wanted to go on the slide but it was so hot I had to try and stop her as she would of burnt herself on it. 

She then went on the swings for a bit which she enjoyed, although in this photo she doesn't look happy! She found a giant cup that she could sit in and Katie started to spin her round. After that she went over to this bit that was in the shade, it was like a hill that you could walk over but it was to high for her to do alone, at the end it sloped down, and well Isla thought it was a slide, so what does she do? She sits down and scoots her bum all the way down, and it was full of mud so her leggings got ruined, safe to say they went straight in the bin! Good job I brought a change of outfit with me. After the park we headed back to the where the shops are and sat in Mc Donalds with a ice cold drink while both the girls were sleeping. 

Look how peaceful they look... 

Overall I had a lovely day and although all the stress we had it was just the best day ever and we couldn't stop laughing about it. Perry came to pick me up as I was way to hot to get the train home, and Paul picked Katie up so the men got to briefly meet before we all headed home. Katie was so lovely in person and was everything I expected and more from watching her videos for over a year :) 

Have you ever met up with a fellow mummy vlogger or blogger? 
What was your experience like?