Long Weekend In The Sun

Perry surprised me by taking last Friday and this Monday off of work! It was such a lovely surprise as you know what it's like when you're a SAHM and sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming, well things like this give me a awesome boost! As my parents were away in Egypt we decided to go to their house for the 4 days as they live up the road from the beach and as the weather was meant to be nice we thought it would be perfect. 

On Friday we spent most of the day in the garden as we had bought Isla a swing so we wanted to set it up and also we wanted the rabbits to go in the garden too. It was so hot! My legs got incredibly burnt and was very painful, I stupidly forgot about them when putting cream on, like who does that!? We also went to the beach for a little while so Isla could play with her new buckets and spades. 

On the Saturday we just went back to the beach again for a bit, it was a bit hit and miss with the sun so we dressed up a little warmer. When we got home we did have a BBQ and also Isla went on her new swing, we need to get the baby seat to go on it so she can go on it properly. 

Sunday we spent ALL day at the beach, we took our beach shelter, also a mat and wind breaker as it was quite windy, and we took a picnic down with us so we could have lunch on the beach. It was such a good day and took me back to my childhood when I would spend all day on the beach with my grandparents, it was nice to spend the day there and also Isla went in the sea for the first time! She loved it, it wasn't too cold either and she was in a uv suit and hat to protect her from the sun. We had another BBQ at my mums and just enjoyed being a family. The rabbits were loving the garden in their run too. 

On Monday we went for a lovely walk down to the harbour and sat watching the boats and seagulls, it was like a proper seaside day :) we got a ice cream and then walked back to my parents house to get ready as Isla has swimming lessons on Mondays. We came home first to pick up Islas arm bands and then headed off to her lesson which she thoroughly enjoyed. After swimming we then went back to my parents to tidy up and pack up all our stuff. Over the long weekend I made the most of using my mums washing line in this good weather so managed to get 2 black bin liners done! The only down side is I have a mountain of ironing to do now! 

What did you get up to at the weekend? Also what are your plans for this bank holiday? 

Tara xx