My Labor & Delivery Story With Isla

Tuesday 18th December 2012

Around 8:00pm I started to have some quite painful period pains along with very uncomfortable back pain, nothing was consistent and it was quite hard to time the pains. They were all over the place so I didn't think much of it as 2 weeks previous I had strong braxton hicks which I thought was labor! We went to bed around midnight and I said to myself that if it was the real deal I would be woken by the pain.

Wednesday 19th December 2012

At 1:00am I woke up, I could feel no pain so thought they had gone away just like before, I got up to use the bathroom when I got the most excruciating pain, I returned to the bedroom to wake Perry up. After this the pain kept coming every 3 minutes lasting for 1 minute, it was so painful I could hardly breathe. We started to time them using an contraction app on the iPhone, when I see how regular they was I was shocked at how quick they was coming as they shouldn't start off that fast. The pain was so bad I didn't know what to do my body went into shock because of how quick it was all happening I was boiling hot but covered in goosebumps!


I rang the labor and delivery ward, I spoke to a male midwife who asked me to describe what was happening, he said I could go in if I wanted to, so I got somewhat dressed and left for the hospital, I also rang my mum asking her to come to the hospital. I wouldn't allow Perry to park in the car park so I walked from over the road from the hospital in just a T-shirt in December! Perry wheeled me super quickly in a wheelchair with a squeaky wheel to the labor ward. I honestly thought they was going to send me home saying it was false labor.


I was admitted to my room where the midwife checked my pulse, but the pain was so bad I could not keep still. It seemed like he thought I was being a wimp and he told me to calm down and I was stomping on the spot to deal with the pain. He asked me to do a urine sample so I went to the bathroom and I had my bloody show and all of a sudden I felt a gush of pressure and I screamed saying "I need to push!!" and I went back into the room and managed to lay on the bed.


A female midwife came in and checked me, she said I was 10cm and ready to push! I was so scared and begged them to take the pain away but they told me the only way was to push, so I started pushing At this point my mum arrived and came in to stand with Perry. My waters did not break, so the membranes and bag of waters was coming out first, this is why it took so long to push her down the birthing canal! Perry went very pale when the baby's head started to crown and he ran off to the bathroom, then I looked down and there was my daughters head still in the bag of waters and my mum shouted to Perry to come back in or he would miss the birth. When her shoulders came out the waters broke and she pooed in shock.


Baby Isla was born! Weighing 6lb 13oz.
Normally you receive a injection to help the placenta come out but they would give it to me as I had done it all natural so it took over an hour as my bladder was full. So they done a catheter and drained my wee so the contractions would come back. I can not describe the relief when the placenta was delivered it was amazing!! I tore very small in two places inside and so I had disolvable stitches. I am to this day still so amazed and proud about how I done so well in labor and giving birth, I never dreamed I would of done it without any pain relief or that it would of happened that quick. I really hope my next birth goes like this!