Isla's 18 Month Update..

Isla now weighs 24lb 8oz so only a 2oz gain from last month, she is still in the 75th percentile though. She is fully in 18-24 month clothing now, she has had a huge growth spurt this month with her height and foot size! She has got so much taller and I can notice it when she stands up against furniture now and how she can reach for things on top of her drawers. About 3 days before our holiday I noticed how tight her Converse were getting, she had completely outgrown them and most of her sandals. So I had to get her new Converse and shoes in a size 5. She still has lots of room in her Clark's size 41/2 so I think they just come up huge. She is still in size 5 nappies and think they will last her until potty training, she also now has 7 teeth! For the longest time ever she has had only 6 teeth, 2 on the bottom and 4 up top, she has just got a new one on the bottom. 

She still has 2 beakers of full fat cows milk a day, and 1 nap at 11am which lasts an hour to 2 hours. She uses a fork to pick up most foods, mostly pasta and chips, then she uses a spoon to feed herself yogurt and other soft foods. She is now sleeping in a big girls bed! just before she turned 18 months old she managed to climb up and fall out of her cot, so we decided to take the side rail off the cot and transition Isla to a bed, we bought a safety bed guard to stop her from falling out of a night time. She is doing so well with it, check out my other post to see what we did and how well she is getting on with it. 

Her swimming has improved so much since our holiday to Egypt, she now keeps her mouth shut most of the time and when she is about to put her mouth in the water which is amazing. She also has started to blow bubbles in the water which we have been doing at her swimming lessons since she was 7 months old. She can move in the water, she kicks her legs and can get to the edge / steps of the pool all by herself which is just amazing as this is the biggest thing we teach her at the lessons. On holiday she also used the baby slides all by herself, she would climb up the stairs and then go down the slide by herself. We are also starting gymnastics this month now she is 18 months old, they are not full on proper lessons, just using the equipment with some help from me and a teacher, also if she does well they may ask her to join the bigger lessons when she is older. Isla is very active and into climbing etc so I think she will enjoy it. 

She is now putting 3 and 4 words together and a lot of 2 words together like 
  • Ready, Steady, Go
  • I did it
  • Yeah I love you 
  • Are you alright 
  • My baby 
  • Bye Daddy, Mummy 
  • One, Two, Three
  • Chip Please
and lots more that would take forever to type out. She is now pointing to things and says "That" for me to tell her what it is, also she is pointing to things in books when I ask her to find them which is the biggest achievement this month! It has made learning so much easier now she knows what I am asking. I'm so happy she is finally letting me teach her things and wants to learn. She says woof woof, baa baa and moo moo, although she only knows that the dog is linked with woof woof. She is starting to talk so much more now and I just love hearing her say new words, it really makes me feel so proud. Her new favourite word is 'No' so that makes conversations a little difficult to have with her.

Her favourite things are still her baby and pushchair, they really are her number 1 toy that she plays with, she has just recently got into undressing her baby, and giving kisses to it. She loves dancing, every time music comes on she loves to twirl and wiggle her bum! She also loves balls, she has so many of them and will throw them or kick them around. New favourite food would have to be grapes, she is still really funny with them though, only sometimes she will eat them and other times she won't. 

Pointing to a aeroplane on holiday (her new favourite thing to do)

Tara xxx

Cot to bed transition at 18 months old

The time has come, my little girl is no longer sleeping in a cot, she is now in a toddler bed with a safety guard on the side. Im going to talk about how we did it, how Isla is doing and also to share some tips and advise on the big transition. 

When is the right time?

There really isn't many signs or the right time to transition your toddler, it all depends on the toddler and as every child is different you need to decide when is best. Anytime from 18 months + is considered normal. Until your child is physically climbing out / falling out of the cot that is the main time to transition them, or until they reach an age that you feel they are ready to transition as it is a big thing, I wanted to wait until closer to the 2 year mark as I felt Isla would be that bit older and understand more, but after her falling out of her cot at 18 months we decided to make the transition. 

A safety guard

I would recommend getting a safety bed guard, we got one by the brand Summer at Smyths for £24.99, it is a white one so it matches Isla's furniture and also we can use it for any future children. We put it as far as it could go at the top of her bed so she had a gap at the bottom to get in and out of her bed by herself. It also folds down which makes changing/ making her bed easier and also of a night time I can sit on the floor next to her and read her a story without the net being in the way. 

Bedding is from Asda and the bed guard is by the brand Summer

We also use a V pillow for Isla, she has used this since she got unwell and needed a extra pillow to prop her up, she also has a ordinary toddler pillow underneath it. She sleeps really well in the V pillow as it keeps her nice and secure and is very comfortable for her. We decided to keep it in the bed as we didn't want to take it away at such a big time for her, it was important to try and keep it the same. We kept her night light comforter next to her pillow as well as she still uses it of a night time to help her go to sleep. 

Involve them in the change

When making the transition I found it hard to involve Isla as she is still pretty young and not quite understanding what I was saying. I took her into Asda as I needed to buy a duvet for her bed and a bedding set. I picked out 2 bedding sets and let her pick which one she wanted. When we got home we unpacked it all together and she helped me put the bed set on (I say helped but of course it was more me putting the duvet in and then Isla pulling it out!) We decided at night time not to make so much of a big deal about it, I read on so many sites about explaining how its the new big girl bed and to get all excited etc, but we felt it would suit Isla best if we just didn't make much of a big deal about it and not really talk about it before putting her to bed. Of course it may suit your child if you did talk about it with them etc only you know your child best. 

What we did?

Here is just a few tips on what we did with Isla when transitioning her
  • Let her feel involved by picking her new bedding and helping make her new bed.
  • Kept comforters and special items in the bed with her still.
  • Get a safety bed guard to prevent them from falling out of the bed at night time.
  • We switched Islas night light on so if she did get out of bed at night time she could see where she was going.
  • We kept her door closed (but with the safety cushion on the top so it was open enough for her to open it) and then once she was fully asleep we fully opened the door. 
  • We also keep our door fully open at night so she can come in if she needs to.
  • We turned on our Angelcare monitor once she was fully asleep so if she was to get out of bed in the night or early in the morning the alarm would go off and we would know she was out of bed. 
  • Secure all heavy furniture to the walls so if your toddler was to get out of bed early and play or climb nothing can fall on them.
We decided to keep the motion sensor part of our Angelcare monitor on so that if Isla was to get out of bed early in the morning we would be alerted and would know she was awake, I am happy that we can still use the monitor for a added benefit now. We rent our place and are not allowed to make many holes in the walls, also we are moving soon so we can't secure furniture to the walls like drawers, her cube unit etc. I have heard many stories of heavy furniture falling on young children so this is why we have kept the motion sensor on. Of course when we move we will be securing her stuff to the walls. 

Her bed is still very low to the ground

How is Isla doing...

Night 1
Night 1 went very well, we had been out most of the day and got home past Islas bedtime so she was pretty tired, we got her straight into her pyjamas and warmed up her milk for her to have and put her into bed. After 15 minutes she opened her door and came running into the living room. We put her back to bed and tucked her in and that was it she went to sleep and woke up around 8am the next day.

Day 2 Nap & Night time
I was worried how well nap times would go as Isla can take a while to go to sleep, she got out of bed 2 times and I just put her back in and she went to sleep, when she woke up she got out of bed by herself and came running into the living room with a huge smile on her face. Night time was different, she was not tired at all and I think she got out of bed 7-8 times, we put her back into bed straight away but she just kept coming out. The last 2 times that I put her back into bed I didn't say a word to her I just took her by the hand back to bed and tucked her in, it must of worked as she went to sleep after the second time. 

Day 3 Nap & Night time
Nap time was amazing, she didn't get out of bed once, she just laid down and was playing with her soft doll before falling asleep. Night time was amazing as well, she only got out of bed once and that was it we didn't hear a peep out of her all night until morning. Some times when she wakes up she waits for us to come in before getting out of bed, and other times she likes to wake up by herself and come out when she is ready.

She is napping right now as I type this and she again didn't get out of bed once she just laid down and went to sleep in her own time. I'm so proud of her and how well she has done with this transition. I was so nervous about her being quite young still but I think she has done amazingly with it all and it suits her much better as she is a very strong willed, independent little girl so she is loving that she can get in and out of bed all by herself. I often walk in her room and find her laying on her bed with a book which is the cutest thing ever, my little book worm! I also don't know if it is worth buying her a toddler bed or when she is 2 get her a standard single bed size? What would you suggest, is it worth getting a toddler bed?

When did you transition your little ones? Let me know in the comments :)
Tara xxx 

I Think It's Time...

I have had a feeling the past few months that Isla would get out of her cot, she is a major climber and will climb pretty much anything and everything she can. I catch her in all sorts of places and wonder how she does it. For the past few weeks she has been getting a knee up onto the top bar of her cot, she just never had the strength to pull herself up.. well up until yesterday afternoon! 

I went into her room after she woke up from a nap and as I was opening her curtains I heard a struggling noise, when I turned round she had her knee over the top and pulled herself halfway over the top of the cot, as I ran towards her she just went over! Luckily beforehand she had thrown some teddies and her throw over so she did have a softer landing. It scared me so much and Isla was pretty shaken too, after calming down I decided to look into transitioning her and getting a little bit of research, I just can't risk her doing it again. I honestly thought we would of transitioned her at the age of 2 and I felt more comfortable doing it when she was older. 

If anyone has got any advise or tips on transitioning toddlers into big beds then please leave them below. If I can get out soon and get a bed guard and duvet for her then I will be taking the rail off her cot tonight! Wish me luck. Luckily we have the angel care monitor so when she gets out of bed the alarm will go off, which yes will be annoying but at least if she falls out of bed in the night or gets out of bed early in the morning I will know about it. 

I will be doing updates and let you all know how she is getting on 

Tara xxx

Isla's Holiday Outfits

Here are some of the outfits Isla wore in the evenings while we was on holiday, they were too cute not to share! I took nearly all her dresses as I wanted her to make the most of wearing them while we were on holiday in the sun. Isla is 17 months old.

This dress is from Next and is a beautiful white dress with flowers on the bottom and butterflies, some of the butterflies have material wings that add a bit of extra detail to it. Her sandals are also from Next and have butterflies on.

Her top is from H&M and its a linen material so was lovely and cool for the evening, I absolutely love the colour of it to. I put it with some white linen trousers from Next which again was really cool for the night time. Her sandals are from Next.

This is one of my favourite dresses, it is by Jasper Conran and is a beautiful white dress with navy stripes, I love how the stripes are all different widths too. It also has a navy band that goes around above her waist and ties in a bow at the back. She is also wearing her necklace from D for Diamond. Her sandals are from Next.

You have two extras in this photo, personally my favourite is Donald Duck! This little playsuit is from Primark and is a gorgeous peach colour. It has a little bow and button detail on the front and also poppers on the bottom for quick and easy nappy changes. Her white sandals are from Next.

This is also a favourite dress of mine and is from Primark, its got butterflies printed all over it, and has some polka dot detail on it too which also ties in a bow at the back. The skirt was double lined to which gave it a slight puffy effect. Also look at my baby girl on a big girl swing all by herself! 

This jumpsuit is from H&M and is a really soft cotton but yet it looks denim at the same time, its got a little bow on the front and goes slightly tight above the waist and at the ankles. There are anchors all over it which I love as I'm a big sucker for the nautical look. Her sandals are from Next, you have probably figured out that I only took the one pair away with us as they go with everything!

This dress is by Bluezoo Baby (Debenhams) its such a lovely material and looks lovely on her, I love all the different colour and widths of the stripes and of course the big bow on the front! Her sandals are from Next.

This last dress is from the Disney Store and round the other side it does have Lady from Lady and the Tramp on the bottom corner. I love the little bows on the straps. She loved twirling in this dress as all the layers made it big and puffy when she spun around. I also managed to get her hair done and a picture before she pulled them out, but look at how grown up she looks with her hair done! Her sandals are from Next and are velcro fastening which is great and easy.

I hope you enjoyed seeing all of her outfits, on the other 2 nights she just wore the dresses again. What was your favourite outfit? Let me know below :) 

Tara xxx

So Little Time So Much To Do

I am starting to stress, I'm so excited for holiday but yet I wish I could postpone it because I'm not ready yet haha! I still feel like I have so much to do, I still need to finish packing, I also want to do all my washing and ironing so I can just do holiday washing when I get home, I also need to tidy the place up as it looks like a bombs hit it in here. Tomorrow is my last full day to get everything done, and I've planned to meet my friend so that leaves me with not much time at all to do much.

I think Thursday night will be a late night, I doubt I will be able to sleep anyway I'm more excited about this holiday than I was at Christmas haha! This is the first holiday that I'm truly going to appreciate, as it's a break from cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing, I can just relax and enjoy my little family for 10 days. It's a much needed break, you may have noticed that I pretty much NEVER get a night off or break from Isla, so although she will be with me, I am so looking forward to this holiday. I best go finish sorting this suitcase out... 

Tara xxx

What I'm Taking To Keep Isla Amused On The Aeroplane

Hello everybody! Welcome to a series of posts all about our holiday that is coming up, I am going to be doing posts all about it this week and about all the preparations. So we have sorted out what we are taking to keep Isla amused on the aeroplane, the flight is over 5 hours so that is a very long time to ask for a toddler to sit and be quiet. We have bought mostly new stuff so that they are more exciting for her, and of course we are taking a few things that she loves like her baby doll. Here are a list of new things we have bought for her to use on the aeroplane and while we are away. 

Peppa Pig Aqua Magic

This is pretty much the same as a aqua doodle but it is more smaller and compact, it also is on thick cardboard instead of material. I picked this up in Debenham's for £5, and I thought it would be great for her to use on the aeroplane and also for me to keep in the nappy bag for when we get home, I love how thin it is and that the pen is in a little plastic bit so you can keep it together. Its great that she can use it again and again and also for older children it has games on the top of the page where it asks them to colour in all the things red, yellow, green etc. Isla is still to young to use this feature but I'm sure she will love scribbling away on it. 

Farm Fun Book

This is a basic book that I got in Bargain Homes for around the £1.50 mark, I love how the pages have got different cutouts and Isla is a book worm so she loves any type of books, but I thought she would like the animals in this one and all of the bright colours. Also I can read this to her before bed at the hotel.

Baby's First Words Book 

This is an old book that I keep in my nappy bag all the time, its a great size that doesn't take up too much space in Isla's rucksack. Its very basic with one picture and one word on every page, this is great for Isla's age (17 months) as she is just learning to point to pictures, so having two pictures at a time is not to overwhelming for her. 

Elmo Cuddly Toy 

This is a small cuddly Elmo toy, he doesn't make a noise or do anything, but Isla absolutely loves Elmo, she has the big cuddle me Elmo that she adores at home so I thought this little one would be great to surprise her with on the plane if she starts to get upset. He's a great size to keep in her rucksack too and she can take him to dinner and out in the evenings on holiday. He was £3.99 from Smyths.

Leap Pad 2

This is going to seem a bit crazy but yes we bought her a Leap Pad 2, they do a baby version one that retails at £80 and it wouldn't last her very long as you can't put any cartridges in it, we picked this one up at B&M Bargains for £35! At that price I couldn't really say no, I also bought her the silicone sleeve to go on it at Debenham's for £1.20 in the sale. Its already got some apps on it so I haven't had to buy any games for it which is great. I know she is going to love this as she always uses my phone and knows how to use it, so at least with this she can't ring anyone and it will last her for ages. She can also take her own holiday snaps on it... Selfies too ;) 

Apple iPad

This is my iPad that Isla uses in the car (we have one of those brackets) and I downloaded an app that I can stream YouTube videos on to it, so I downloaded Peppa Pigs Holiday, and also some of her other favourites on to it. She can also use it for her art studio apps etc. Me and Perry can also watch some films on it and use it to FaceTime family once we arrive at the hotel.

Vtech Colour Pocket Laptop

Again this seems like another crazy purchase as this is for age 5+ years, but at £14.99 (Smyths) I thought it was great for the money, especially when they had more basic ones for her age that hardly did anything for £9.99. This thing is brilliant and I have no shame in saying I have actually tried it out myself. Its got a art section, science, maths, language and all kinds of educational stuff on it. I also love that it has a colour screen, which makes such a difference from the black and white one I nearly bought her. Again this is a great size to keep in the nappy bag, and she can play with it in the evenings or while at dinner if she finishes her food before us. I know she loves pushing buttons on my keyboard so now she has her very own. This is going to be great for her, as she likes to be independent and act all grown up, so this I'm sure will be a big hit, I think it will keep her amused on the flight too.

Have you got any other must haves that kept your toddler amused on the flight? Please let me know if you do! 

Tara xxx