I Think It's Time...

I have had a feeling the past few months that Isla would get out of her cot, she is a major climber and will climb pretty much anything and everything she can. I catch her in all sorts of places and wonder how she does it. For the past few weeks she has been getting a knee up onto the top bar of her cot, she just never had the strength to pull herself up.. well up until yesterday afternoon! 

I went into her room after she woke up from a nap and as I was opening her curtains I heard a struggling noise, when I turned round she had her knee over the top and pulled herself halfway over the top of the cot, as I ran towards her she just went over! Luckily beforehand she had thrown some teddies and her throw over so she did have a softer landing. It scared me so much and Isla was pretty shaken too, after calming down I decided to look into transitioning her and getting a little bit of research, I just can't risk her doing it again. I honestly thought we would of transitioned her at the age of 2 and I felt more comfortable doing it when she was older. 

If anyone has got any advise or tips on transitioning toddlers into big beds then please leave them below. If I can get out soon and get a bed guard and duvet for her then I will be taking the rail off her cot tonight! Wish me luck. Luckily we have the angel care monitor so when she gets out of bed the alarm will go off, which yes will be annoying but at least if she falls out of bed in the night or gets out of bed early in the morning I will know about it. 

I will be doing updates and let you all know how she is getting on 

Tara xxx

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