Isla's 18 Month Update..

Isla now weighs 24lb 8oz so only a 2oz gain from last month, she is still in the 75th percentile though. She is fully in 18-24 month clothing now, she has had a huge growth spurt this month with her height and foot size! She has got so much taller and I can notice it when she stands up against furniture now and how she can reach for things on top of her drawers. About 3 days before our holiday I noticed how tight her Converse were getting, she had completely outgrown them and most of her sandals. So I had to get her new Converse and shoes in a size 5. She still has lots of room in her Clark's size 41/2 so I think they just come up huge. She is still in size 5 nappies and think they will last her until potty training, she also now has 7 teeth! For the longest time ever she has had only 6 teeth, 2 on the bottom and 4 up top, she has just got a new one on the bottom. 

She still has 2 beakers of full fat cows milk a day, and 1 nap at 11am which lasts an hour to 2 hours. She uses a fork to pick up most foods, mostly pasta and chips, then she uses a spoon to feed herself yogurt and other soft foods. She is now sleeping in a big girls bed! just before she turned 18 months old she managed to climb up and fall out of her cot, so we decided to take the side rail off the cot and transition Isla to a bed, we bought a safety bed guard to stop her from falling out of a night time. She is doing so well with it, check out my other post to see what we did and how well she is getting on with it. 

Her swimming has improved so much since our holiday to Egypt, she now keeps her mouth shut most of the time and when she is about to put her mouth in the water which is amazing. She also has started to blow bubbles in the water which we have been doing at her swimming lessons since she was 7 months old. She can move in the water, she kicks her legs and can get to the edge / steps of the pool all by herself which is just amazing as this is the biggest thing we teach her at the lessons. On holiday she also used the baby slides all by herself, she would climb up the stairs and then go down the slide by herself. We are also starting gymnastics this month now she is 18 months old, they are not full on proper lessons, just using the equipment with some help from me and a teacher, also if she does well they may ask her to join the bigger lessons when she is older. Isla is very active and into climbing etc so I think she will enjoy it. 

She is now putting 3 and 4 words together and a lot of 2 words together like 
  • Ready, Steady, Go
  • I did it
  • Yeah I love you 
  • Are you alright 
  • My baby 
  • Bye Daddy, Mummy 
  • One, Two, Three
  • Chip Please
and lots more that would take forever to type out. She is now pointing to things and says "That" for me to tell her what it is, also she is pointing to things in books when I ask her to find them which is the biggest achievement this month! It has made learning so much easier now she knows what I am asking. I'm so happy she is finally letting me teach her things and wants to learn. She says woof woof, baa baa and moo moo, although she only knows that the dog is linked with woof woof. She is starting to talk so much more now and I just love hearing her say new words, it really makes me feel so proud. Her new favourite word is 'No' so that makes conversations a little difficult to have with her.

Her favourite things are still her baby and pushchair, they really are her number 1 toy that she plays with, she has just recently got into undressing her baby, and giving kisses to it. She loves dancing, every time music comes on she loves to twirl and wiggle her bum! She also loves balls, she has so many of them and will throw them or kick them around. New favourite food would have to be grapes, she is still really funny with them though, only sometimes she will eat them and other times she won't. 

Pointing to a aeroplane on holiday (her new favourite thing to do)

Tara xxx

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