So Little Time So Much To Do

I am starting to stress, I'm so excited for holiday but yet I wish I could postpone it because I'm not ready yet haha! I still feel like I have so much to do, I still need to finish packing, I also want to do all my washing and ironing so I can just do holiday washing when I get home, I also need to tidy the place up as it looks like a bombs hit it in here. Tomorrow is my last full day to get everything done, and I've planned to meet my friend so that leaves me with not much time at all to do much.

I think Thursday night will be a late night, I doubt I will be able to sleep anyway I'm more excited about this holiday than I was at Christmas haha! This is the first holiday that I'm truly going to appreciate, as it's a break from cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing, I can just relax and enjoy my little family for 10 days. It's a much needed break, you may have noticed that I pretty much NEVER get a night off or break from Isla, so although she will be with me, I am so looking forward to this holiday. I best go finish sorting this suitcase out... 

Tara xxx