What I'm Taking To Keep Isla Amused On The Aeroplane

Hello everybody! Welcome to a series of posts all about our holiday that is coming up, I am going to be doing posts all about it this week and about all the preparations. So we have sorted out what we are taking to keep Isla amused on the aeroplane, the flight is over 5 hours so that is a very long time to ask for a toddler to sit and be quiet. We have bought mostly new stuff so that they are more exciting for her, and of course we are taking a few things that she loves like her baby doll. Here are a list of new things we have bought for her to use on the aeroplane and while we are away. 

Peppa Pig Aqua Magic

This is pretty much the same as a aqua doodle but it is more smaller and compact, it also is on thick cardboard instead of material. I picked this up in Debenham's for £5, and I thought it would be great for her to use on the aeroplane and also for me to keep in the nappy bag for when we get home, I love how thin it is and that the pen is in a little plastic bit so you can keep it together. Its great that she can use it again and again and also for older children it has games on the top of the page where it asks them to colour in all the things red, yellow, green etc. Isla is still to young to use this feature but I'm sure she will love scribbling away on it. 

Farm Fun Book

This is a basic book that I got in Bargain Homes for around the £1.50 mark, I love how the pages have got different cutouts and Isla is a book worm so she loves any type of books, but I thought she would like the animals in this one and all of the bright colours. Also I can read this to her before bed at the hotel.

Baby's First Words Book 

This is an old book that I keep in my nappy bag all the time, its a great size that doesn't take up too much space in Isla's rucksack. Its very basic with one picture and one word on every page, this is great for Isla's age (17 months) as she is just learning to point to pictures, so having two pictures at a time is not to overwhelming for her. 

Elmo Cuddly Toy 

This is a small cuddly Elmo toy, he doesn't make a noise or do anything, but Isla absolutely loves Elmo, she has the big cuddle me Elmo that she adores at home so I thought this little one would be great to surprise her with on the plane if she starts to get upset. He's a great size to keep in her rucksack too and she can take him to dinner and out in the evenings on holiday. He was £3.99 from Smyths.

Leap Pad 2

This is going to seem a bit crazy but yes we bought her a Leap Pad 2, they do a baby version one that retails at £80 and it wouldn't last her very long as you can't put any cartridges in it, we picked this one up at B&M Bargains for £35! At that price I couldn't really say no, I also bought her the silicone sleeve to go on it at Debenham's for £1.20 in the sale. Its already got some apps on it so I haven't had to buy any games for it which is great. I know she is going to love this as she always uses my phone and knows how to use it, so at least with this she can't ring anyone and it will last her for ages. She can also take her own holiday snaps on it... Selfies too ;) 

Apple iPad

This is my iPad that Isla uses in the car (we have one of those brackets) and I downloaded an app that I can stream YouTube videos on to it, so I downloaded Peppa Pigs Holiday, and also some of her other favourites on to it. She can also use it for her art studio apps etc. Me and Perry can also watch some films on it and use it to FaceTime family once we arrive at the hotel.

Vtech Colour Pocket Laptop

Again this seems like another crazy purchase as this is for age 5+ years, but at £14.99 (Smyths) I thought it was great for the money, especially when they had more basic ones for her age that hardly did anything for £9.99. This thing is brilliant and I have no shame in saying I have actually tried it out myself. Its got a art section, science, maths, language and all kinds of educational stuff on it. I also love that it has a colour screen, which makes such a difference from the black and white one I nearly bought her. Again this is a great size to keep in the nappy bag, and she can play with it in the evenings or while at dinner if she finishes her food before us. I know she loves pushing buttons on my keyboard so now she has her very own. This is going to be great for her, as she likes to be independent and act all grown up, so this I'm sure will be a big hit, I think it will keep her amused on the flight too.

Have you got any other must haves that kept your toddler amused on the flight? Please let me know if you do! 

Tara xxx