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Katie and I have been close for around a year now, we have had endless conversations via YouTube and then we started texting each other, we quickly realised we had so much in common and were like best friends. We also realised that we don't live that far apart from each other either so we arranged to meet up back when Katie was pregnant with Ellie, but at the time it was cold and Katie being nearly due we decided to postpone it. We finally set a date and we met up last Friday on the 18th July.

I was so nervous about meeting up, I have no idea why though! I had to get the train so I think I was probably more nervous about the train ride then the actual first meet. When I woke up on Friday it was thundering and lightening, the previous few days it had been in the late 20 degrees! I was so annoyed, but after 20 minutes the clouds moved on and the sun started to come out, so I got up and started to get ready, I packed a maxi dress incase it did get very hot. I decided to take my Graco Evo pushchair as it has such a good sized basket to fit all the stuff in and a big blanket for us to sit on for lunchtime. Im so glad that I decided to leave early, as the the train lines had been effected by the lightening so there was a lot of disruptions. I got told to go to 3 different platforms before getting to the right one, it was extremely hot and humid and the train station had no lift so I had to carry the pushchair up and down the steps! 

Finally the train had left and we was on our way, it was 26 degrees at this point and it was the first train that had left the station that morning so it was packed! Isla was throwing the biggest tantrums ever, throwing her dummy at a woman in front of us and screaming her head off while kicking the buggy. I couldn't wait to get off and get away from all of the people who were staring at me as if I was the worst parent ever. I walked out of the station and Katie was waiting for me. We walked up to Asda to get some food for a little picnic and had a good chat on the way to the park. It was like we had been friends for years and met up all the time, we just got on so well and after 2 minutes neither of us was nervous at all. The girls got on really well and Ellie was fixated with Isla, looking at her and her every move, it was so cute and lovely to see. 

We walked through a park and was admiring the ducks and swans, but we had to walk past loads of them that had got onto the path and they were hissing at the dogs etc so that was hilarious trying to get through them without being attacked. We finally found somewhere to sit, I put the blanket down and then we started to have lunch and the girls got out of their buggies for a stretch. We had such a lovely time, it was great to finally meet up and we just got on so well, we checked our phones and it was showing 31 degrees! We were melting, but the girls were wearing hats and had suncream on, we also sat in the shade. We was then approached by a pack of dogs and the owner was running and shouting after them, although it was pretty scary we were laughing our heads off. The man come over, which I should add, was topless! And he sat down and started talking to us and Isla, it was so funny I was trying to hold in a laughing fit and when he left I just burst out laughing. The day had just been a bit chaotic and stressful from the beginning so we could only just laugh at what the rest of the day had in store for us. With it being so hot I changed into my maxi dress in the field... don't ask how lol. It was very tricky and involved lots of funny movements haha

We changed the girls and then we headed over to get a ice cream and go in the park so Isla could have a run around. Isla wanted to hold Katie's hand which was the cutest thing ever! We got a ice cream to try and cool off a bit and then we went down into the park. 

Ellie had fallen asleep by this point, and Isla was running riot on everything she could. She really wanted to go on the slide but it was so hot I had to try and stop her as she would of burnt herself on it. 

She then went on the swings for a bit which she enjoyed, although in this photo she doesn't look happy! She found a giant cup that she could sit in and Katie started to spin her round. After that she went over to this bit that was in the shade, it was like a hill that you could walk over but it was to high for her to do alone, at the end it sloped down, and well Isla thought it was a slide, so what does she do? She sits down and scoots her bum all the way down, and it was full of mud so her leggings got ruined, safe to say they went straight in the bin! Good job I brought a change of outfit with me. After the park we headed back to the where the shops are and sat in Mc Donalds with a ice cold drink while both the girls were sleeping. 

Look how peaceful they look... 

Overall I had a lovely day and although all the stress we had it was just the best day ever and we couldn't stop laughing about it. Perry came to pick me up as I was way to hot to get the train home, and Paul picked Katie up so the men got to briefly meet before we all headed home. Katie was so lovely in person and was everything I expected and more from watching her videos for over a year :) 

Have you ever met up with a fellow mummy vlogger or blogger? 
What was your experience like?

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