June Family Keepsakes

So I have decided to do these at the end of every month to treasure all the little memories that we have and that are easily forgotten. I will also include a family photo from that month, so we can also watch our family grow and compare them every month to see how we have all changed. 

I picked this photo as it is one of the nicest 'proper' family photos we got from our holiday to Egypt, it was from our last night on holiday and we decided to all where white to show off our tans! Haha. I think I might get this photo put on a canvas, I just wish the background was a bit different so I'm not sure, but it will definitely be up on show in some way. 

Mummy's June Keepsakes

- Having 10 nights off from cooking, cleaning and washing was amazing and very much needed! 
- Isla finally pointing to animals and objects in books when I ask her where they are.
- The smell of suncream, it just automatically puts you in the summer mood.
- Spending the weekend with my grandparents as they came to see us.
- Buying decorations to make our house feel more like a 'home'.

Daddy's June Keepsakes

- Spending proper time with his girls in the sun.
- Getting up on mono ski and getting out on the jet bike a lot.
- Pinching all of mummy's pix n mix sweets, even before breakfast!
- Going to the local fish bar - its only taken nearly 4 years for us to go.
- The beginning of summer means better outdoor family time on the weekends. 

Isla's June Keepsakes

- Everything is "No" and "Why?" 
- Playing in the sand on Mahmya Island.
- Lots of swimming on holiday in the pools and the aqua park, also learning how to spin in the water.
- Being lazy now she has a big girls bed.
- Turning another half of a year, 18 months. 

What are your best moments from this month? 

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