Mummy and Isla Special Quality Time

Recently we have had some beautiful weather here in England, and so of course I wanted to make the most of them and spend some proper quality time with Isla, although yes I do spend all day everyday with her, its just not the same when I'm trying to get housework done all the time. 

So it was last Thursday to be exact, and yes I know I'm super late in writing this, but I have been unwell with kidney stones. I just want to make a post about this memory so that I can look back on it in the next few years. 

We got up and left the house as it was such beautiful weather I just wanted to get out, it was just before lunch time as Isla had not long woken up from her nap so as a special treat I treated us to a Mc Donalds, I must admit I do eat here a lot but normally am more organised and have a lunch prepared for Isla. Although I was happy that she had chicken nuggets, a fruit bag and a bottle of water, so hardly the worst thing she could of had!

Look at this cheeky monkey, she can go up and down the big slide all by herself, all I have to do is stand at the bottom and scream "weeee" as she comes down! She is also holding her dragon that she got in her happy meal here.

I can't get over how much bigger she looks now, and how she does everything all by herself, even shuffling forward to go down the slide, mummy just stands and watches now. 

Isla is obsessed with this truck that they have at the park, its on big springs so wobbles to the side like you are on safari. As you can see it was really sunny and naughty mummy forgot a hat, so we was only out just over an hour. 

On the swings now, and she finds it funny to put her arms in the air like she's on a roller coaster ride!

Playing in the new sand park, which Isla absolutely loves. Its great as it is secure so you can let them run free and don't have to worry about them running into swinging children on swings! Although I must admit I am really disappointed that they haven't put any shades over any areas of the new sand park, as it is designed for young children I thought they would of created some shade for them to play in. 

They have these buckets that you fill up and then move them to different parts and empty them down into different things, some that spin or just go straight down. 

We finished the day off with a Peppa Pig ice lolly, seemed suitable really. 

What do you do for special quality time with your little ones?

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