Something about bubbles..

There really is something about bubbles, Isla goes crazy when she sees them and gets super excited, I wish I could get that excited over something so simple. We recently bought her a bubble lawn mower to use in the garden at my parents house and she loves it. She loves pushing it around and turning it on and off so that the bubbles start to come out. Last week we had such lovely weather so we decided to head over to my parents house to make the most of it, Isla loves being outdoors and the garden is the easiest and safest way for her to be outside. 

I put Isla in a plain pink tshirt and her short dungarees with a pair of converse, I think they are the cutest combination! I think the interior car light was shining on her legs and that's why they look red, I can promise you they are not burnt lol. We set off for Nanny and Grandads... 

Look how happy she looks, its amazing isn't it!? We got the lawn mower at Smyths in the sale for £8 and its doing great, I was worried that the bubbles would start to froth up like her singing bath time whale but so far so good! 

This is one of my favourite photos, I love how much Perry tries to interact with Isla when he gets home from work, they don't get much time together in the evenings but with summer here now we have been letting Isla stay up a little later some nights as it is still so light so she gets extra special daddy daughter time. 

Look at that sweet face, although I must say she was ramming the lawn mower over my feet and found it hilarious at this point. She's such a cheeky little thing, but I do love her to the moon and back. I can't get over how grown up she's starting to look now days! Please stop growing little girl.

A quick go in the swing before we headed home for bath and bed. This another one of her favourite outdoor things to do, she loves going in the swings and thinks its funny to give mummy a heart attack by letting go and putting her hand behind her head, so cheeky, where do they even pick this stuff up lol she definitely didn't get it from me, I don't get the chance to sit down let alone with my hand behind my head lol. 

What are your little ones favourite things to do in the garden? Have you got any toys that you can recommend? 

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