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Hi everyone, first off I want to say thank you so much to everyone that read my Early Miscarriage post and to those of you that left some lovely comments, they literally brought tears to my eyes. So as I mentioned in that post, I am here to talk about what happened at the doctors and what will happen with our next pregnancy. 

Here's a brief background on my pregnancy with Isla, at around the 22 week mark I experienced my first kidney pain after being diagnosed a week previous with yet another UTI and had just finished a course of antibiotics. The pain was unbearable, on the right side of my lower back, we went straight to A&E where I blacked out on the floor, it was so scary I remember my ears ringing, having sweat running down my body and then my vision went completely black, I remember crying saying my eyes are open but I can't see! We got seen instantly after my mum demanding someone see me, they performed a scan and Isla was completely fine, the Dr had a look in my kidney area and said it looked swollen and it sounded like the start of kidney stones. The pain went away and everything went back to normal, id just get the pain in the same area but no where near as bad as it was that night. 

Later on into the pregnancy over 30 weeks I started getting a pain down below, and it was so painful taking a wee, it wasn't like a UTI where it just burns, this pain is indescribable it felt like something was trapping my wee and I had to push and push tiny bits of wee out. I remember every night crying on the toilet, until I had got all the wee out. Being in the third trimester I was urinating so often so you can imagine how painful and annoying it was. A senior doctor told me that it was just Isla's head pushing down and that was the pain, but I knew deep down that it wasn't as I had experienced the same feeling in the past maybe 2-3 times. We now know that the pain I was describing was a kidney stone, because a month ago now I experienced the same feeling VERY early into the second pregnancy, so obviously it wasn't a baby's head pushing on my bladder, I also see the stone and instantly felt better afterwards. Ever since having Isla I have still had the pain in my lower right back but it felt like a numb type feeling, and I got so use to it I wouldn't even know I had it until I thought about it. 

When I went to the doctors 2 weeks ago and told him all of this and about getting the same pain down below just a few days after conception he advised that if I get any pregnancy symptoms and / or the pain down below or in my lower right back to go back and he will put me on a low dose antibiotic even before I get a positive pregnancy test. My kidneys and bladder must just not like me being pregnant so it seems like its going to be a problem again, I just wasn't expecting it to be from the start! I asked him if he thought the kidney problems had anything to do with the miscarriage, he obviously couldn't tell me for sure as we will never know what exactly caused me to miscarry, but he did say a infection left untreated can increase the risk of miscarriage. 

After taking a urine sample from me and checking it with a dippy stick (I always find that bit so awkward lol) he said something was showing up positive so he sent it off to the lab and also put me on a course of antibiotics for a kidney infection. I have finished them now and I have not once since had the pain in my back which is a good sign. Hopefully it helped fight off whatever was going on and the future pregnancy might not make it worse. I feel so relieved to know that once I am pregnant again he will put me on a low dose antibiotic just to be on the safe side, we don't know yet if I will need them for the whole pregnancy. I will cross that bridge once I get to it. For now we are just staying hopeful for our Rainbow baby :)

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