Isla's Words At 20 Months

The other day I met up with a friend and her son who is 3 months younger than Isla, although her little boy was really clingy and grumpy due to teething we still managed to have a good afternoon and mummy chat. She mentioned that her son can only say less than 5 words and at a local group a speech therapist mentioned that they should be saying 30-40+ words. This also got me thinking, up until now I was getting a little worried about Islas speech and didn't think she knew that many words. She's always babbling and making up little songs and tunes while she plays with her toys. When I got home I decide to write down all of the words I could think of that Isla can say, lets just say I was very surprised and shocked at how many words she did know. I thought I would make a post and take note of all the words she can say, it will be good to look back on and also in the future I can compare with her brothers or sisters when they are around the same age. 

  1. Mummy
  2. Mum
  3. Dad
  4. Daddy
  5. Hello
  6. Bye 
  7. Nan
  8. Nanny
  9. Oh no
  10. Plane
  11. Duck
  12. Juice
  13. Thank You
  14. Ready, Steady, Go
  15. One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six (Also says in order)
  16. Why
  17. Baby
  18. Woof
  19. Shoes
  20. That
  21. No
  22. Ruby
  23. Poo
  24. Wee
  25. Ball
  26. Rabbit
  27. Peppa Pig
  28. Banana
  29. Chip
  30. Sit
  31. Oh Boy
  32. Tree
  33. Night
  34. Cheese
  35. Bubbles
  36. I Love You
Altogether that is 45, as some are on one line like the numbers etc. I was really shocked when I counted them all. Obviously these are just ones I can remember off the top of my head right now. I can't wait for her to start talking more and at the moment the most words she is putting together is 4-5 which is pretty good for her age. 

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