Our 4 Year Anniversary

Yesterday 17.08.2014 marked our 4 year anniversary, and I must admit this year felt a bit different, of course we was happy and proud of how far we have come in those 4 years, also how much we have been through together. But it just didn't have the same feeling back when it was our 1st anniversary, even more so now we have Isla. I know its important to not let children stop you from going on dates or to have nights off, but I think we have a bit, we have forgot to live as a couple, we are just Mum and Dad now. 

It has been a big eye opener for us, of course we are very much still in love, its just been a while since we have done anything properly nice together. I think the last time was my birthday in February actually, so we have made a deal that we will try to have one couple night once a month and go out for dinner, bowling or cinema. We do have date nights on Wednesday's but 99% of the time we do just stay in, we do take it in turns to organise it to keep it different and exciting. Typically it is a takeaway, movie night, or relaxing night where Perry will run me a candle lit bath etc. 

This year we kinda sucked with making plans for our Anniversary, we have had a lot going on the past few weeks and have booked to take Isla somewhere this Friday and Saturday (Keep your eyes peeled for a post) so we are looking forward to that and spending some quality time with Isla. It had left our budget very minimal for this year, our 1st and 2nd anniversaries we have stayed in a posh hotel and gone all out, but now we have Isla and rent we can't do that anymore.  Our 3rd Anniversary we went to Harry Potter Studios and had a meal out, so that was pretty good too. 

Saturday night we was meant to go out for dinner, but instead we went out on the jet ski and didn't get back until gone 7 so by the time we had washed it down it was 8 and then I was too tired to have a shower and get all ready, that sea air is a killer I'm telling you haha so that was the dinner out the window. Sunday morning we exchanged gifts, Perry got me an early upgrade so I now have a Samsung s5 and some Benefit make up I had been eyeing up, I got him a Go Pro but I pick that up from the shop on Tuesday so he can have it then :) He already knows I have got him it as I felt super guilty I couldn't give it to him on the day. We had a pretty chilled day, snuggled in bed and watched a film, while the rain was hitting the window.. it was surprisingly nice and enjoyable. We got a Chinese for dinner and I fell asleep on the sofa straight afterwards for 2 hours ooops so Perry had to cancel his plans as he wanted to run me a bath etc. That was a total fail on my part haha, I must of needed the sleep though, I guess Anniversaries with toddlers go like that, right? 

Although we didn't do anything exciting for it, it was still a lovely day. We did talk about some wedding plans though, and of course I will be doing posts about that when the time comes! Next year we will definitely be more prepared and do something nice for our 5th Anniversary, I am already looking at ideas. We might go out and do something in September as our Anniversary being in August made everywhere we wanted to stay extra expensive, also places are always busy so that put us off. We might just have a night away in the countryside, or go glamping or something like that before it gets to cold. 

Have you found the Anniversary novelty wears off a bit? 

Egypt was the last time we took a photo together.. we really must do this more too.

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  1. Aww happy anniversary! We didn't really do anything for ours either as it was Father's Day! A Chinese and snuggles sounds like a perfect way to spend an evening though :) xx


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