Peppa Pig World (Day 1)

We were taken to Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park by my parents who kindly paid for us all to go and got us 2 for 1 day tickets and a nights stay in the Dury Inn hotel in Southampton. We left on Friday morning and unfortunate got stuck in a load of traffic so what was meant to be a 3 hour journey it took us over 5 hours! Luckily we had brought the iPad so Isla could get in the spirit by watching some Peppa Pig. We was all hot and bothered and just couldn't wait to get there, we arrived at the park at 3:20 so we had a little over 2 hours to enjoy the park.

 We went straight to Peppa Pig World, and while walking through the park I was amazed at how much there was and how big the park was. It was brilliant and full of kids smiling and enjoying the sunshine. Being a Friday it wasn't too busy, the first thing we done was change Islas nappy and then we went to Balloon Ride, we queued up for about 25 minutes, which wasn't to bad considering 2 of the balloons were out of order. Isla enjoyed the Balloon Ride and wasn't afraid at all of the height, I really enjoyed it I just wish it had lasted a bit longer for the time you have to wait. We then went over to the duck pond and found some food stalls, it cost over £3 for a hot dog which didn't even touch the sides. I'd definitely want to be more prepared next time and take a picnic.

The next ride we queued up for was Daddy Pigs car ride, this was about 25 minutes again. This was the best ride by far and the one I was most looking forward to. Isla loved steering the wheel, they also took your photo while you go round, although it would of been nice to have a warning as none of us was looking or smiling. Isla screamed when we had to get off, she obviously really enjoyed it.

Then we went in to Peppa Pigs House, there was no queues so that was good. Inside was a big Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig, Peppa Pig and George Pig, all of them moved there arms and mouth while telling a story. Isla was a bit nervous at first but then she was smiling and shouting Peppa Pig. When it finished we couldn't get her out so we ended up watching another episode.

At this point Isla was getting very tired and wanted to get in her pushchair. We was all feeling pretty tired too, we walked round to see what was about and found Peppa and George Pig had come out to see the children, we took Isla over but she couldn't get very close to them as it was so busy. Afterwards we wandered into the shop to get some gifts, Isla got a giant Peppa Pig teddy, and Peppa Pigs Campervan, I got myself some Mummy Pig pyjamas and a mug. When we come out we noticed a tractor ride with only a few people waiting in line, knowing the next day it would be busy Perry and my dad decided to take her on it which was nice.

5:30 came and the park was getting empty, the rides were still going and finishing the last of the people that were in the queues. We started to walk back out to the exit and noticed a Wind In The Willows building and quickly took Isla in before it shut. It was really good and we was all under a UV light so all our white clothing lit up, Isla enjoyed seeing all the moving character's and all the colours in there.

We then went to Mc Donalds to grab some dinner as we was all feeling tired and hungry, I could tell Isla was really tired and she was also teething so that wasn't nice for her. We then made our way to the hotel, when we checked in we was really impressed, the bedroom and bathroom was a really good size, we had a double bed and a single bed, but we had brought Isla her Peppa Pig ready bed so she slept in that on the floor. We bathed Isla and got her into her Peppa Pig pyjamas and warmed up some milk for her,  then I had a nice bath and got into my Mummy Pig pyjamas and was fast asleep by 11pm!

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  1. Aww sounds like a fab day! Love her peppa pig leggings especially :) xx


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