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When the weather is lovely and its a Sunday, what do you do!? You go to the seaside of course! We got up early and made a picnic to take with us, I also packed the million and one things that you do need to take with you when you go out, but when its to the beach you seem to need double the amount of stuff. You pack for every possible situation, so off we set with a picnic, mat, and about 4 different outfit changes for Isla. It took us about 25 minutes to get to the seaside and we managed to find a parking space right at the front. This was handy as we had about 3 bags of stuff and a pushchair haha. 

We walked down the very steep path and the sea air just hit me in the face, I love the sea side smell, it makes me feel at home and relaxed. We got down to the sand and as its the type of beach that only exists when the tide is out, the sand is hard and flat so pushing the pram was easy thank god as it was so hot. We found a place to sit and as it was a bit windy we sat behind one of the wooden sea breakers to get away from the wind.

After laying the mat down and hunting for the picnic we tucked into our sandwiches, pork pies and fruit. It was lovely to see the beach so busy, looking round all I could see was the faces of happy children and that makes me really happy. Unfortunately most children would rather stay at home and play on consoles or watch TV, I don't want Isla to be like that, I want her to have memories of being outdoors exploring, just like I do.

Isla is such a nosey toddler, she was just the same when she was a baby, she loves to observe people and watch what they are doing. So when she spotted 2 women sitting behind us who was also having a picnic she went into her stare mode. The facial expressions she makes are hilarious, luckily the 2 women found her funny too. 

Isla is 100% a water baby, not only is it in her blood (mummy is a mermaid shhhh) but she has also been swimming lessons since 8 months old and can now swim in arm bands by herself. Also my family are big on water sports, boats and jet bikes, so she has basically been around the beach all her life. She has no fear at all, she happily ran off on the beach heading towards the sea! Of course she was in her UV suit by this time so she was protected from the sun and also she could get wet without mummy crying over her ruined clothes. 

We found some big puddles that she could splash in as we wasn't dressed appropriately to go in the sea with her (must remember for next time to pack a bikini) and she was quite happy to splash about in them. 

Look at that face, although she does look quite scary I can tell she is having a blast and loving it. 

I love these types of photos, they are just natural in the moment pictures that are priceless. Of course I do like when we sit and take formal pictures, but the natural ones will always be my favourites. 

What did you get up to on the weekend? I hope you had lovely weather like us :)

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  1. Looks like you had a lovely weekend! I spent mine painting the garden fence, wishing i was at a beach! xx


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