What We Took To Peppa Pig World

We have recently been to Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park in Southampton, we was lucky enough for my parents to take us and pay for it all. We had 2 for 1 day tickets and also stayed in the Jurys Inn Hotel which was only a 20 minute drive to the park. Here is everything I packed for Isla for the overnight stay, and of course Peppa Pig themed. 

1. Disney Sofia The First Suitcase & Islas Teddy Peppa Pig
2. A Plain white vest and a plain white long sleeved top to go under the tshirts if it was cold
3. Factor 50+ suncream
4. Hair tangle spray 
5. Tangle brush 
6. Calpol syringes as Isla is teething
7. 2 hairbands
8. Peppa Pig UV suit
9. Swimming nappy
10. Travelling outfit to Peppa Pig World
11. Day 2 Peppa Pig outfit
12. Calpol
13. 2 pairs of socks
14. Toothbrush and paste
15. Peppa Pig snack pot
16. A hooded zip up jumper
17. Peppa Pig pyjamas
18. Bubble Bath (I don't ever use Johnsons on Isla but found this in the cupboard, we threw it in the bin at the hotel after using it though)
19. Snacks!

This is the bed I got to take with us, Isla sleeps in a toddler bed now and hates sleeping in the travel cot at my mums so I decided to get her this bed from Argos. I will be doing a review on it soon so look out for that :) 

These are the 2 outfits I got Isla for Peppa Pig World, the outfit on the left is what she wore on Day 1 and is from Asda, it was super comfy for her to travel in and she wore it with her new pink high top Converse. The outfit on the left she wore on Day 2 and to travel home in, the tshirt is from Asda and I just put it with a pair of her jeggings so again it was super comfy to travel in for her.

This rucksack we put all of the snacks in for Isla and the swimming bits incase she used the splash park, we also put a towel in too and her reigns. 

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