You don't know how good it feels to finally be able to share my news with you all! It has been a crazy few weeks and I have never felt so alone, I have been so unwell and struggling to cope with daily tasks, let alone continuing my blog so I apologise for the non existent posts over the past few months. I honestly don't know how I have survived the past few weeks, Ive been throwing up every week, passing out, having trouble with my vision and also a few scare bleeds! Its been such a roller coaster but I'm so glad I can see a light at the end of the tunnel and also now that you all know I can have support and help from you all! 

So where to start.... I am currently in my 13th week of pregnancy but I will be writing up my weekly posts so you can catch up with what has been going on. So I apologise in advance for the pregnancy and baby spamming posts, but once I catch up it will calm down I promise! We actually conceived this baby 2 weeks after my miscarriage so we are feeling very blessed and happy that our little rainbow baby is on its way. I am due 1st May 2015 and I can't believe how quick this pregnancy is going, its really scary and I wish it would slow down, I still can't believe I am pregnant it just doesn't feel real yet. 

Finding out I was pregnant..

After my miscarriage I was given the go ahead from my doctor to get pregnant as soon as I felt emotionally ready, he said my body wouldn't get pregnant unless it was ready too. My miscarriage was really early too and my lines on my tests were never strong anyway, which meant the pregnancy hormone had hardly gone up. 2 days after I started bleeding from my miscarriage my pregnancy tests had already gone back to negative, and at this point Perry and I had already decided we wanted to try again as soon as possible. I knew that after a miscarriage you are actually more fertile then normal so I started using OPKs as soon as I stopped bleeding, about day 19 I had a positive OPK, we hadn't had sex much before then so I was feeling a bit negative already that we hadn't done enough, I guess you can't force it and should only have sex if you BOTH really want to. About a week and half later (the day before we went to Peppa Pig World) my Nan had come up from Kent to dog watch for my parents as they came with us. The first thing my Nan said to me was "you're pregnant Tara" I looked at her and shrugged, I said no I'm not the tests are negative. The next morning before we left for Peppa Pig World I took a test as I wanted to make sure I wasn't pregnant before I went on any big rides at the theme park, I anxiously waited the 3 minutes and looked at the test, there was a SUPER faint line... This was Friday morning and my period was due on Monday so I thought it could be something. I didn't get too excited, I was more looking forward to seeing Isla's face once we got to Peppa Pig World. 

Saturday we woke up in a hotel in Southampton, I thought it was odd as I woke up in the night for a wee and normally I sleep straight through the night no problem. We went back to Paultons Park and knowing I could possibly be pregnant I decided to give the big rides a miss as I wasn't in the mood anyway. We did go on the drop ride though as I wanted to get Perry on it for a laugh and I thought if I'm not pregnant and I didn't go in it, I would wish I had. We got home about 8pm and the first thing I did was go pee in a cup so I could take a pregnancy test, when I checked on it there was a line, still faint but you didn't need to squint or tilt the test... There was a LINE! I took another one and sure enough there it was.. 

Tuesday morning the line was pink in colour and so obviously there, so I booked to go to the doctors where they confirmed that I was pregnant and put me in touch with the midwives, it was all of a sudden becoming a lot more real, I still can't believe it now. I will be doing weekly posts now until I catch up, I have been super unwell so unfortunately I haven't taken any lovely maternity bump photos like I wanted to. But from now on I will be and I will be posting every week to document this pregnancy, it has already been so different to Isla's pregnancy, I have no feeling if it is a boy or a girl, with Isla by this point I knew she was a girl so I am super excited to find out this time. I will be booking a early private gender scan, we found out at 16 weeks with Isla so I'm looking to around the same sort of time with this pregnancy. Last Thursday was our 12 week scan, I ended up measuring a few days ahead when really I thought I would be measuring behind! So that was a nice surprise, its amazing what being a few extra days ahead can do. We also announced to most of our family, friends and to all of you last Thursday. If you don't follow me on Instagram you wouldn't of seen our announcement photo so I will put it below.

Our Halloween inspired pregnancy announcement. How spook-tacular! 

If you are due around the same time as me and are writing a blog about it please let me know as I would love to find a pregnancy buddy :)