13-15 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

13 Weeks Pregnant

 This week I was feeling tired again, I had some aches in my belly and hips, I also had a bit of an upset belly for a few days, I also suffer with IBS and it has been a bit flared up and all over the place since being pregnant. My nipples were quite tender this week and I also kept getting the feeling that my right nipple was leaking too (it wasn't). I've also started to feel what I believe is little kicks and movement which is super exciting as I didn't feel Isla move until 20 weeks! I also need to buy some long tops as mine are getting a little too short where the bump is lifting them up, we also booked our gender scan for in 3 weeks time!

14 Weeks Pregnant

I had a few pains in my breasts this week, and also I've noticed I'm getting blue veins on them too. I am starting to get out of breath when I walk too, mostly on slight hills which pushing the buggy doesn't help really. I'm still taking my pre natal vitamins, I took them for my whole pregnancy with Isla and up until she was 1 week old when I decided to stop pumping breast milk. I have also gained 2lbs so far at this point which I am pretty happy about as I am no where near as slim and light as I was when I fell pregnant with Isla. I already cant wait to loose weight once this baby is born I have a lot more determination now!

15 Weeks Pregnant

This week was a pretty good week, I was feeling pretty normal and back to myself, my toilet trips have reduced a lot I'm not needing to pee all the time now. I have noticed when I have been doing a lot of walking I have been experiencing sciatica pain in my right bum cheek, top of my leg and bottom of my back. My bump is even bigger, when I catch up which will be my 17th week I will post a belly picture! I am feeling lots more movements and kicks in my belly now and they are getting even stronger everyday. My sleep has been pretty disrupted this week, I kept waking up and found it difficult to get comfortable, but I think this was because I was excited about finding out the gender, I also use to get like this before Christmas haha!

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