16 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2 & Gender Reveal

This week has been exciting, on Saturday we found out the gender of this baby and we are so excited to announce that it is a little BOY! We are so happy and its so lovely that we will now have one of each gender, of course Perry is extremely happy but so am I, as I did really want a boy. He was head down which explains all the low movement I have been feeling, I hope he will be like his sister and be head down and engaged by 38 weeks. I have had 2 vivid dreams in week 15 where I dreamt that it was a little boy and with Isla I dreamt she was a girl, so I am so happy that my instinct was right again. To be honest I still cant believe it, this pregnancy still doesn't feel real let alone that we are having a little boy that we wanted. We went for our scan on the Saturday and on the Sunday was Perry's 27th Birthday so it was a lovely present for him!
I have had more sciatica pain this week when I have had to walk a lot, especially on Mondays when I have to walk for the bus to get Isla to her swimming lesson. I had my flu jab this week which wasn't a pleasant experience, I say this because my arse had hardly touched the seat and he had already shoved the needle in my arm and shouted NEXT! Another appointment I had this week was my first check up with the Midwife, she checked my urine and blood pressure - both was perfectly fine. She listened to the baby's heartbeat which the little fidget kept moving around, and she then had a little chat and catch up with me which was nice. I will see her again in mid January when I will be 25 weeks, I cant believe how quick this pregnancy is going! We have our 20 week scan on 17th December, I am already so excited to see him again. He was swallowing fluid and moving around so much at the gender scan, the sonographer was laughing her head off. He seems like such a crazy little boy, just like his Sister Isla :)
Our little BOY

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