6-11 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

I am so behind with my pregnancy updates, I'm currently in my 16th week of pregnancy! So I'm going to spend this evening playing catch up and writing out all my updates so I can be up to date as its all getting pretty exciting now especially as we know the gender! So here I am going to quickly run through the past few weeks briefly as I will literally be here until Christmas otherwise haha! 

6 Weeks Pregnant

I threw up for the first time this week, it wasn't in the morning though it was around 10pm at night and 2 nights later I threw up again in the evening and I noticed it was after having eaten Galaxy chocolate, everyday I was feeling nauseous and would have a horrid gag reflex every time I walked near a sink or toilet. I had really bad spots this week all over my chin and neck which wasn't pleasant.

7 Weeks Pregnant

I booked in with the Midwife this week, she came over and took all my details and history down, also all my labour and birth details from having Isla. I was having some brown bleeding which I told her about and also how nervous I was feeling after the previous miscarriage, when she asked me to take a urine sample I noticed I now had a bit of pink blood so the Midwife got straight on the phone to the Early Pregnancy Unit and managed to fit me in the next morning for a reassurance scan! I was so grateful and relieved.

8 Weeks Pregnant

This week I was feeling super nauseous all the time and throwing up randomly in the afternoons and early evening. This week I also started feeling pretty tired and needed to lay down while Isla napped to rest up and on a few occasions I would have a little sleep too.

9 Weeks Pregnant

This week was super exciting, we heard the heartbeat on the Doppler for the first time which was lovely to hear, I know some people are not fans of using them but for me they are the best thing ever. Not only in the early days does it give me reassurance but its also a lovely way to bond with the baby, as the weeks go by it starts to kick the Doppler which is funny and you can hear it moving around and whooshing in the fluid. A big symptom this week was getting very hungry and almost fainting within 5 minutes, this was when I felt the worse as I would start shaking, hot sweat, funny vision, and also get a headache. I also was feeling super tired this week.

10 Weeks Pregnant

This week I probably spent most of my time in bed, I was feeling really awful, almost fainting everyday, I was waking in the night between 1-4 times for a wee, it didn't take me long to go back off to sleep though which was good. A few times my vision would go a bit funny and this scared me a lot as it would go all blurry. I really had no energy at all this week.

11 Weeks Pregnant

This week I blacked out in the kitchen, it was awful I went in as I was feeling hungry and thought id make a bagel, as I went into the kitchen my vision went all funny, I had sweat dripping off me and my ears started to buzz so I turned round so I had my back to the counter and slid down the back and sat on the floor, my eyes were open but I had no vision at all it was all black, it was like this for a few minutes so I managed to move myself round to the drawer and open it to get a bag of crisps. I was throwing up again this week, I had a little brown bleeding as well which was a bit worrying. I also had bad migraines this week which was awful and not easy when you have a toddler to look after.

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