12 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

12 Weeks Pregnant

This week started with a migraine which is never a nice thing, my nausea and sickness had eased up a lot and I was finally starting to feel normal again! I was weeing lots and lots this week, I would have one drink and go to the toilet about 4 times within an hour afterwards. My bump was starting to show a lot more and I was wearing maternity jeans already.

The 12 Week Scan

We went for the scan on the Thursday which I believed by my dates (positive OPK) that I would be 12 weeks and 3 days, but I had a feeling I might be measuring a few days behind. I was very shocked when the first measurement the sonographer took was 13 weeks! He continued to measure the baby again and again as he was baffled as he believed I was in my 11th week going by the early scan I had done. He decided to put me at 12 weeks 6 days giving me a due date of the 1st May 2015! So my weeks now turn over on a Friday. We got to see the baby kicking around and moving, it was very cooperative and the sonographer could get all the measurements he wanted. Afterwards we went to the maternity unit so I could have my blood work taken for the downs syndrome risk assessment. We were so happy that the baby was all healthy and everything looked great.
Our healthy bean at 12 weeks 6 days!

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