20 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

This week has flown by, we have been so busy preparing for Isla's 2nd Birthday that the pregnancy has been a bit forgotten about, not in a bad way I just forgot I was pregnant for a few moments this week haha! So this week I have been feeling the cold terribly, even at home when everyone else is warm id be wrapped up in a dressing gown, fleecy pyjamas and fluffy socks covered up with a blanket! Ive also been feeling pretty tired this week, by 8pm im about ready to put myself to bed after putting Isla down, the bedtime routine just really tires me out these days.
I am so happy I have lost weight, Im at the weight I was when I started this pregnancy so I am feeling super happy about that, I hope that i can loose some more weight, obviously not loads but a few pounds would be nice. Im more determined than ever to get my body back into shape after this pregnancy, I was a bit lazy after having Isla, to be honest I kind of used the ive just had a baby excuse for too long and I guess I wasnt to bothered about my body. But since becoming pregnant when it was too late to hit the gym it has really started to bother me the past few weeks, so once the baby is here and I have the OK from the doctor I WILL be getting my body back! 

Of course another super exciting thing this week was the 20 week scan, I was super excited to see our baby boy again and also to double confirm that he is indeed a little boy... I'm so relieved to say that he is indeed a boy and he made it pretty obvious at the scan haha! I already can tell this little boy is going to be cheeky just like his older sister. Everything was perfect with the baby, he was measuring correctly with his head and belly being a couple days small and his belly measuring a couple days ahead (I blame all the Christmas food indulgence haha) at my 20 week scan with Isla I was told I had a low lying placenta and had to come back at 32 weeks for another scan which it had moved, so I was curious to see if the same would happen this time but she said the placenta was at the back which is ok. I feel a little sad that we won't have another scan now and the next time we see him will be his birthday! Now that Christmas and new year is out the way we can start buying all the exciting stuff and I can't wait to share with you all what we buy. 

19 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

I have weighed myself this week, I have still only put on 2lbs so far this pregnancy which I am pretty pleased about, I was not at a weight I was happy with when I fell pregnant so the whole time I have been a bit depressed about it to be honest as I am only going to get bigger and bigger as the weeks go by. But 2lb I am happy with as I am almost half way done with this pregnancy now, how scarily fast is it going!? I have noticed that my thighs are also a bit slimmer, I have been doing a lot more walking since living at my mums so I think that has definitely helped with toning my legs and also with the weight gain. I am now experiencing sciatica pain in both sides of my hips and bum cheeks, so that hasn't been pleasant at all and they say to keep moving which hurts, but if you sit down to rest that also makes it worse!
I have noticed that I am starting to get out of breath a lot more quickly, even if it is just walking up the stairs, especially if you are carrying a toddler which can I just add mine weighs 2 stone! I've also been experiencing headaches this week, nothing like a migraine just some pretty uncomfortable headaches. I've also been having a bit of a upset belly, not sure if this is linked with my IBS or to do with the pregnancy but either way its not pleasant as it makes me not want to go out anywhere! The baby has been kicking lots this week, I notice he seems to be more awake in the evening around 7-8 pm, which is perfect as Perry gets to feel him kick and read him stories.
I'm so excited for the scan next week! I cant wait to see our baby boy again and to make sure everything is all healthy.

18 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

This week didn't start off well, I woke up in the night to experience my first 'Charlie Horse' cramp so far in this pregnancy. I remember having them with Isla and would wake Perry up in the night in so much pain he thought I had gone into labour! I'm terrified to stretch my legs in bed anymore in case it brings one on. This week I have been feeling sick on and off throughout the day, it feels a bit like when I was first pregnant before the full on nausea kicked in!
My skin has been pretty dry this week, by skin I mean my face. I have completely given up with wearing foundation now, my skin looks better without it then with it so I just gave up! I just wear a loose powder on my face now to make me look a little better and more alive haha. A big symptom this week was my boobs have started leaking! Not to the point of having to wear breast pads, but enough for me to notice a little patch when I take off my bra. I don't remember my boobs leaking with Isla until around 22 weeks I believe so that has definitely happened quicker this time round. 

Excuse the pyjama bottoms haha!

Photos From Isla's 2nd Birthday

Hi everyone, I thought I would share some of the photos from Isla's 2nd Birthday. To be fair we didn't really take that many or record much of the day as we really wanted to enjoy the day with her instead of keep putting a camera in front of her face. We went for a really chilled low key day so if you want to read what we got up to then go and check out her 2nd Birthday post

Sick for Christmas

All night we have been awake with me being unwell and Isla with a high temperature and just not herself. I have been coughing and having pains in my chest, with the lovely added bonus of blood too! This morning we managed to get Isla into the doctors and she has got a viral infection and high temperature of 39.4 so we have got to keep her dosed up on calpol and ibuprofen, because it's viral the doctor couldn't prescribe any antibiotics. Also there is not much I can take either, just paracetamol for me!

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow one bit now, you prepare for this day for weeks and to be ill just ruins it completely. I have never seen Isla this unwell before, those that know her well will tell you that she never ever gives cuddles or sits still at all, she's such a bubbly little girl and to see her like this, well it's heartbreaking isn't it? I was so looking forward to my Christmas dinner this year, being almost 22 weeks pregnant food is the only thing on my mind haha.

I really hope we are both better tomorrow, I wanted to do so many special Christmas bits with her today but instead we are in bed watching films and she's currently sleeping and really dozy laying on me :(

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas with your family xxx

Isla's 2nd Birthday

I can't believe how quick the past few weeks have gone, since being pregnant time is just flying by! Although I felt quite prepared for Islas birthday this year it still came round very quickly. We spent the night before her birthday setting everything up for her, we built her Little Tikes Cozy Coupe, wooden dolls house and wooden table so that they were ready to go in the morning and she could play with them straight away. We wrapped all her presents and set it all up so when she walked in she would see them all set up waiting for her. We had just enough helium in our tank from her previous birthday to blow up a huge number 2 foil balloon, and we put up a minnie mouse Happy Birthday banner and covered the table in a minnie mouse table cover.

On the morning of her birthday she woke up around 8:15am with a huge smile on her face, it was like she knew it was her birthday! I went downstairs first to set up the camera so we could capture her face as she walked into the living room. Her face was priceless, I'm so glad I caught it all on film, the first thing she ran over to was her wooden dolls house and then she went over to the Cozy Coupe and sat in it. When we take her to soft play she always sits in them, it really is her favourite toy, we tried to get her out to open presents but she just wanted to sit in her car haha. After a while she finally started to open her presents in between sitting in her car, we let her sit at her new table to have her breakfast, she was so excited about it and happily sat down and ate her coco pops (special birthday breakfast treat) and then we got her dressed. I ordered her a minnie mouse inspired tutu, and she wore it with a black long sleeved top and black tights, by this time it was around half eleven the morning seemed to fly by.

We left to head to town so we could take Isla out for lunch, we decided to take her to Nandos, Mummy was craving it and also we hadn't been in a while so thought it made sense. She had her own lunch from the Nadinos menu and even got to have frozen yoghurt! We all enjoyed our lunch, the atmosphere in Nandos is so nice and relaxed we could really enjoy our time there. When we walked back to the car it was 1:30pm, we was going to go to the zoo as we have zoo passes but it was so cold we decided against it as we wasn't very prepared. Instead we took her to mothercare and toys r us so she could spend some of her birthday money, we let her pick 2 sets from the ELC Blossom Village wooden dolls house range, she got a living room and bedroom set to go in her wooden dolls house, we also got her the wooden family figurines. After having a look at some tandem pushchairs and a quick look round we decided to drive back home so my mum could see Isla as she gets home from work around 3pm.

When we got home she had about an hour playing with her new toys before we headed back out with all the family to take her to the Harvester for dinner. By the time the food came Isla was really hungry and tired which if you have a toddler you know it's not a good combination, she was starting to get really restless so we all skipped dessert to come back home. It was about 8 pm by the time we got back home, she went and sat in her car and was playing with her new toys, I decided to take her cake out the box so we could let her blow out her candle and we could all eat some cake. I had bought a sparkler candle but wasn't sure exactly what it was going to do and neither did Perry, as he lit it the sparks came shooting out of the candle about 2 feet high and made us all jump! Luckily Isla really liked it and was smiling away, once we had sung happy birthday and the sparks had stopped she then blew out her candle all by herself! I cut the cake and we all had a slice, Isla was shattered by this time and was certainly ready for bed as was Perry and I. She had such a lovely day and was definitely spoilt, we have spent the weekend seeing Perry's family who all had more presents for her and took us out for dinner! I don't know about Isla but I'm definitely shattered after the past weekend, roll on Christmas when even more craziness will start!

Thank you everyone for all of the Birthday wishes, we really appreciate them all. What did you do for your little ones 2nd Birthday?

17 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

Sorry this is late I tried to set it so it would be scheduled to go live last Thursday night but for some reason it didn't work
I cant believe another week has flown by! I'm going to be 18 weeks tomorrow and the halfway mark is creeping up, I honestly cant believe it, its going so incredibly fast I am actually starting to worry a little. With Isla's 2nd Birthday and Christmas coming up they are keeping me pretty occupied and busy, also its not the cheapest time of year for us at all. Baby buying has been put to the side for now until January, and even then we only have 4 months as he is due 1st May and we need to move in that time as well! I'm hoping we will be able to sort everything in that time, it also depends on money too as there is only so much you can buy a month.
So moving on to my pregnancy update... This week was pretty exciting as Perry got to feel the baby kick! He was having a good boot at the bottom of my belly and he placed his hand on my belly and felt him kick. His movements are getting stronger everyday, every time he kicks I am just amazed and reminded that I am pregnant, as it still doesn't feel real to me.
This week I have also been having very vivid dreams, I am one of these peoples that have dreams all the time, sometimes up to 3 a night. But being pregnant has made them a lot more vivid and so realistic, they are crazy and I am often waking Perry up in the night to tell him them haha. Also this week my hair has been falling out like crazy, every time I run my fingers threw it or brush it I find a big pile on the floor! Luckily my hair is so thick you cant even tell I have just lost a handful of hair, I'm actually booked in to get it cut tomorrow woohoo!
I've noticed my bump has changed shape, I don't know if he has changed position or what but its not as pointy as it has been. I definitely look pregnant now, especially when I wear tight fitting tops, but some days if I wear a loose jumper you can hardly tell I am pregnant haha. I have been having a few cravings this week, I really wanted a Chinese food like vegetable spring rolls, duck and pancakes, crispy shredded chilli beef, special fried rice etc I'm dribbling just typing it all up haha!
I think that is all for week 17, I honestly cant believe how quickly time is going, this pregnancy is flying by!