17 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

Sorry this is late I tried to set it so it would be scheduled to go live last Thursday night but for some reason it didn't work
I cant believe another week has flown by! I'm going to be 18 weeks tomorrow and the halfway mark is creeping up, I honestly cant believe it, its going so incredibly fast I am actually starting to worry a little. With Isla's 2nd Birthday and Christmas coming up they are keeping me pretty occupied and busy, also its not the cheapest time of year for us at all. Baby buying has been put to the side for now until January, and even then we only have 4 months as he is due 1st May and we need to move in that time as well! I'm hoping we will be able to sort everything in that time, it also depends on money too as there is only so much you can buy a month.
So moving on to my pregnancy update... This week was pretty exciting as Perry got to feel the baby kick! He was having a good boot at the bottom of my belly and he placed his hand on my belly and felt him kick. His movements are getting stronger everyday, every time he kicks I am just amazed and reminded that I am pregnant, as it still doesn't feel real to me.
This week I have also been having very vivid dreams, I am one of these peoples that have dreams all the time, sometimes up to 3 a night. But being pregnant has made them a lot more vivid and so realistic, they are crazy and I am often waking Perry up in the night to tell him them haha. Also this week my hair has been falling out like crazy, every time I run my fingers threw it or brush it I find a big pile on the floor! Luckily my hair is so thick you cant even tell I have just lost a handful of hair, I'm actually booked in to get it cut tomorrow woohoo!
I've noticed my bump has changed shape, I don't know if he has changed position or what but its not as pointy as it has been. I definitely look pregnant now, especially when I wear tight fitting tops, but some days if I wear a loose jumper you can hardly tell I am pregnant haha. I have been having a few cravings this week, I really wanted a Chinese food like vegetable spring rolls, duck and pancakes, crispy shredded chilli beef, special fried rice etc I'm dribbling just typing it all up haha!
I think that is all for week 17, I honestly cant believe how quickly time is going, this pregnancy is flying by! 

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