18 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

This week didn't start off well, I woke up in the night to experience my first 'Charlie Horse' cramp so far in this pregnancy. I remember having them with Isla and would wake Perry up in the night in so much pain he thought I had gone into labour! I'm terrified to stretch my legs in bed anymore in case it brings one on. This week I have been feeling sick on and off throughout the day, it feels a bit like when I was first pregnant before the full on nausea kicked in!
My skin has been pretty dry this week, by skin I mean my face. I have completely given up with wearing foundation now, my skin looks better without it then with it so I just gave up! I just wear a loose powder on my face now to make me look a little better and more alive haha. A big symptom this week was my boobs have started leaking! Not to the point of having to wear breast pads, but enough for me to notice a little patch when I take off my bra. I don't remember my boobs leaking with Isla until around 22 weeks I believe so that has definitely happened quicker this time round. 

Excuse the pyjama bottoms haha!

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