19 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

I have weighed myself this week, I have still only put on 2lbs so far this pregnancy which I am pretty pleased about, I was not at a weight I was happy with when I fell pregnant so the whole time I have been a bit depressed about it to be honest as I am only going to get bigger and bigger as the weeks go by. But 2lb I am happy with as I am almost half way done with this pregnancy now, how scarily fast is it going!? I have noticed that my thighs are also a bit slimmer, I have been doing a lot more walking since living at my mums so I think that has definitely helped with toning my legs and also with the weight gain. I am now experiencing sciatica pain in both sides of my hips and bum cheeks, so that hasn't been pleasant at all and they say to keep moving which hurts, but if you sit down to rest that also makes it worse!
I have noticed that I am starting to get out of breath a lot more quickly, even if it is just walking up the stairs, especially if you are carrying a toddler which can I just add mine weighs 2 stone! I've also been experiencing headaches this week, nothing like a migraine just some pretty uncomfortable headaches. I've also been having a bit of a upset belly, not sure if this is linked with my IBS or to do with the pregnancy but either way its not pleasant as it makes me not want to go out anywhere! The baby has been kicking lots this week, I notice he seems to be more awake in the evening around 7-8 pm, which is perfect as Perry gets to feel him kick and read him stories.
I'm so excited for the scan next week! I cant wait to see our baby boy again and to make sure everything is all healthy.

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