Isla's 2nd Birthday

I can't believe how quick the past few weeks have gone, since being pregnant time is just flying by! Although I felt quite prepared for Islas birthday this year it still came round very quickly. We spent the night before her birthday setting everything up for her, we built her Little Tikes Cozy Coupe, wooden dolls house and wooden table so that they were ready to go in the morning and she could play with them straight away. We wrapped all her presents and set it all up so when she walked in she would see them all set up waiting for her. We had just enough helium in our tank from her previous birthday to blow up a huge number 2 foil balloon, and we put up a minnie mouse Happy Birthday banner and covered the table in a minnie mouse table cover.

On the morning of her birthday she woke up around 8:15am with a huge smile on her face, it was like she knew it was her birthday! I went downstairs first to set up the camera so we could capture her face as she walked into the living room. Her face was priceless, I'm so glad I caught it all on film, the first thing she ran over to was her wooden dolls house and then she went over to the Cozy Coupe and sat in it. When we take her to soft play she always sits in them, it really is her favourite toy, we tried to get her out to open presents but she just wanted to sit in her car haha. After a while she finally started to open her presents in between sitting in her car, we let her sit at her new table to have her breakfast, she was so excited about it and happily sat down and ate her coco pops (special birthday breakfast treat) and then we got her dressed. I ordered her a minnie mouse inspired tutu, and she wore it with a black long sleeved top and black tights, by this time it was around half eleven the morning seemed to fly by.

We left to head to town so we could take Isla out for lunch, we decided to take her to Nandos, Mummy was craving it and also we hadn't been in a while so thought it made sense. She had her own lunch from the Nadinos menu and even got to have frozen yoghurt! We all enjoyed our lunch, the atmosphere in Nandos is so nice and relaxed we could really enjoy our time there. When we walked back to the car it was 1:30pm, we was going to go to the zoo as we have zoo passes but it was so cold we decided against it as we wasn't very prepared. Instead we took her to mothercare and toys r us so she could spend some of her birthday money, we let her pick 2 sets from the ELC Blossom Village wooden dolls house range, she got a living room and bedroom set to go in her wooden dolls house, we also got her the wooden family figurines. After having a look at some tandem pushchairs and a quick look round we decided to drive back home so my mum could see Isla as she gets home from work around 3pm.

When we got home she had about an hour playing with her new toys before we headed back out with all the family to take her to the Harvester for dinner. By the time the food came Isla was really hungry and tired which if you have a toddler you know it's not a good combination, she was starting to get really restless so we all skipped dessert to come back home. It was about 8 pm by the time we got back home, she went and sat in her car and was playing with her new toys, I decided to take her cake out the box so we could let her blow out her candle and we could all eat some cake. I had bought a sparkler candle but wasn't sure exactly what it was going to do and neither did Perry, as he lit it the sparks came shooting out of the candle about 2 feet high and made us all jump! Luckily Isla really liked it and was smiling away, once we had sung happy birthday and the sparks had stopped she then blew out her candle all by herself! I cut the cake and we all had a slice, Isla was shattered by this time and was certainly ready for bed as was Perry and I. She had such a lovely day and was definitely spoilt, we have spent the weekend seeing Perry's family who all had more presents for her and took us out for dinner! I don't know about Isla but I'm definitely shattered after the past weekend, roll on Christmas when even more craziness will start!

Thank you everyone for all of the Birthday wishes, we really appreciate them all. What did you do for your little ones 2nd Birthday?

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  1. Aww sounds likes you had a lovely day! Love the dolls house, I bet she'll how hours of fun with that :) xx


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