Sick for Christmas

All night we have been awake with me being unwell and Isla with a high temperature and just not herself. I have been coughing and having pains in my chest, with the lovely added bonus of blood too! This morning we managed to get Isla into the doctors and she has got a viral infection and high temperature of 39.4 so we have got to keep her dosed up on calpol and ibuprofen, because it's viral the doctor couldn't prescribe any antibiotics. Also there is not much I can take either, just paracetamol for me!

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow one bit now, you prepare for this day for weeks and to be ill just ruins it completely. I have never seen Isla this unwell before, those that know her well will tell you that she never ever gives cuddles or sits still at all, she's such a bubbly little girl and to see her like this, well it's heartbreaking isn't it? I was so looking forward to my Christmas dinner this year, being almost 22 weeks pregnant food is the only thing on my mind haha.

I really hope we are both better tomorrow, I wanted to do so many special Christmas bits with her today but instead we are in bed watching films and she's currently sleeping and really dozy laying on me :(

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas with your family xxx


  1. Aww Islas little cheeks look so red. I came down with a cold yesterday-it sucks. Really takes the shine off Christmas. Hope u are both on the mend tomorrow! X

  2. Poor Isla, and poor you! I really hope you both feel better for tomorrow xx


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