Me & Mine: December

December is always a very busy and exciting month for us, we celebrate Isla's Birthday on the 19th December and this year she turned 3! We also had the added excitement this year of spending a week in Disneyland Paris for Isla's Birthday. She did also have a little party at home the weekend before we left for Paris. We got home from Disney and only had 2 days to prepare for Christmas and do all our food shopping so we was very busy, but it all came together and we still had a wonderful Christmas day, this year we decided to stay at home which we have never done before so that was nice, it was also Archie's 1st Christmas too and our first in our new house. Unfortunately both of the kids have been really unwell since just after Christmas and Isla is currently on antibiotics. I am so glad all the busy hectic weeks are over and I'm looking forward to starting a fresh new year with my little family. This month we have 2 extra guests in our family photo, we couldn't not really!

Mummy's December Highlights
- Succesfully drawing the Disney castle all by hand for Isla's party!
- Celebrating Isla's Birthday in Disneyland Paris.
- Eating lots of chocolate, cake and biscuits!
- Watching the kids faces in Disney and on Christmas Day.

Daddy's December Highlights
- Spending a week with his family in Disneyland.
- Getting Lego Technic for Christmas (Mum did good)
- Cooking a edible Christmas dinner which was yummy!
- Getting Isla her first proper bike and she loves it.

Isla's December Highlights
- Getting a Cinderella dress for her Birthday.
- Having a lovely little party with her family and friends.
- Going to Disneyland and meeting Minnie and Mickey Mouse.
- Seeing all her presents on Christmas morning. 

Archie's December Highlights
- Learning to crawl!
- Meeting Goofy and pulling his ears, also grabbing Pluto and Mickey Mouse's nose.
- Eating good food over Christmas.
- His new toys which he cant stop playing with.

Our 2015 Me and Mine Photos! 

dear beautiful

Isla you're 3

I can't believe it, you're 3 Isla. It only feels like yesterday I had you, I can still remember it so clearly and seeing your face for the first time. You was such a quiet baby, the day you was born you slept all day and I remember being worried that you hadn't fed at all. Now you are the most lively little girl who empties my cupboards because you are hungry all the time! You're so strong willed, determined and head strong, you know what you want and you do everything to get it, it's your way or no way. Although it is hard work I love you so much for it, and I know you will go far in life. 

This past year has probably been the most life changing for you, you became a big sister and we also moved house pretty soon after. You coped so well with it, and I couldn't be anymore proud of you. You've changed so much, your hair is so long, you look like a little girl now and not so much of the little toddler you was a year ago. Your talking so much more, making sentences and telling us what you want and need. You're almost fully potty trained and you no longer have a dummy. It's been such a big year for you, and it's been such a honour to watch you grow, I am so grateful I get to spend everyday with you, in January you will go to nursery for a full day on Wednesday's, it's going to be emotional but I know we both need it. You really are becoming such a big girl now, your my best friend and nothing beats when you say Mummy I love you. 

I am looking forward to this next year with you, starting a new year and chapter is great. I guess that is one of the pros of having a December baby, we can start a new year with you being 3 and lots of new adventures and fun. You're so beautiful and I can't believe you are mine, it still amazes me that we made you and I carried you inside me for 9 months and now you are about to turn 3. Time goes quickly and I'm so glad that I have lots of photos and videos of you so that I can look back and see how far you have come. 

I am so excited to spend your Birthday in Disneyland Paris, although you are still a little young to know exactly what I mean when I scream in excitement the morning that we go. I think it is going to be so magical being Christmas time and you are going to be so excited and amazed by it all, I cant wait to see your face. We get to celebrate with Brother, Daddy, Auntie, Uncle and Cousin too which will be so lovely for you. Its such a nice way to end the manic year we have had, and I do also want to apologise for some of the craziness that has happened this past year, but I am looking forward to having a much more relaxed year in 2016, well I say relaxed but you know what I mean. 

I hope you enjoy your day my baby, Mummy, Daddy and Archie love you so so much xxx


Taken from when I went in February 2012

I am so excited to finally share with you all what we have had booked since February! Yes that's right we have been waiting 10 whole months for this day and it's now finally here. We have come to Disneyland Paris (Well as this goes live our train will be leaving) with Perry's Sister, her partner and her Son, and we are all so excited. We decided we would come for Isla's 3rd Birthday so she could have a truly magical day, and what better time to come to Disney for the magical time at Christmas too! We are travelling to Disney today and Islas birthday is tomorrow on the 19th December, we get the train back home on the 22nd so cutting it close for getting everything done for Christmas Day, so I've had to be super organised (writing this post in advance hehe) 

I can't wait to see Isla's reaction when we get to Disneyland, she's going to have so much fun with her cousin too, and having more adults mean Perry and I can go on a few rides alone too. I've been to Disneyland Paris twice before and both times being in February, in fact the last time I came was with Perrys sister, her Son and Perry's Mum back in February 2012, so it's also nice to watch my Nephew go on the same rides again and enjoy it with him again. 

Because we are here for Islas birthday we decided we would buy her a few bits on her Birthday in the Disney shops instead of bringing presents with us. She would have opened the few we bought her at her party on Sunday just gone. We have all got our thermals with us as its going to be really chilly, but as we have 4 nights and 5 days here it means we can have plenty of breaks to warm up. We are staying in Hotel Cheyenne which is the first hotel I stayed in back when I was 11 so it's going to be good to go back, the last time I came with Perrys family we stayed in Santa Fe which was based on Cars the movie, I probably enjoyed that one the most. 

So I thought I'd let you all know where we are and finally share the news of this exciting trip I've been talking about since February! Expect to see lots of Disneyland spam. 

Tara xx

Isla's 3rd Birthday Presents

I cant believe Isla will be 3 soon! These years seem to be getting quicker the more she is growing, she is changing so much everyday and learning new things its just crazy. So this year we are throwing her a little party for friends and family, and then the following weekend when her birthday is we will actually be away so we decided that on the day we will take her in the shops and within reason buy her what she picks out, this just saves us having to lug her presents with us. We have bought her a few presents which she will open at her party.

We bought her 5 presents this year, and we have also bought her and Archie 5 Christmas presents as well, I thought 5 was a good amount. So we decided to get her this year...

1. A hard bodied baby & outfit - Isla has been asking for a hard bodied baby for ages now, we see this one in Wilkinsons for £8 and its actually quite a big size (45cm) I also noticed they had the dress up outfits for the dolls (£3) and you could also get the exact same outfit for your little ones, I decided not to buy the matching blue dress as Isla has got a Cinderella dress for her Birthday and I thought she would like her baby to wear the same dress.

2. Barbie unicorn set - We picked up this Barbie in the half price Sainsbury's toy event for £12.50, it comes with a pink unicorn and also a brush. Isla loves Barbie's so we thought this would be perfect and she also loves horses too so she will love that her Barbie has one...well kinda. 

3. Frozen Pyjamas - We picked these up in Primark for £6 as she loves Frozen and is in need for some new pyjamas! 

4. The Little Mermaid set - This was £15.95 and something I wouldn't normally buy for so much for what you get, but I actually won a £50 gift card so decided to buy the kids a couple of presents out of it. I know she is going to love this as she has really got into the Disney Princess's lately and she also loves little cases and small toys. 

5. Shopping List game - I got this on offer in Tesco for £4.50 as she is getting to such a good age now for us to play games together, I have also asked family to get her games too as we can play them when Archie is sleeping, or on rainy days. I like that it is educational too which is always a bonus! 

So that is everything we have bought her for her Birthday this year, we are also getting her a bike but will be getting that as the weather warms up and we will let her pick out a couple of presents on her actual Birthday too. 

Me & Mine: November

Wow where did November go? November seemed to go by in a flash, I cant believe today is the 1st December either.. another year is almost over and I am so happy to be starting a fresh year, but first we have a very exciting month ahead of us. So November has had its highs and lows, from going to a grotto blogger event at intu Lakeside, Daddy's Birthday, and then to a couple of lows towards the end of the month, I recently made a post about one. Some news we received has made us appreciate family and life so much more, and now I am starting to feel ok about it, I am looking forward to ending this year with a awesome month! Archie is at such a great age now, his personality is really starting to shine through, as for my big Girl she is just amazing me everyday with new things. Like she can now opens bags of crisps (time to move them to the top) I just cant believe how big she is getting, and she will be starting Nursery in January too! This months photo was taken by the photographer at the event, he actually took it as I came 1st in a competition and won a £50 intu Lakeside voucher!

Mummy's November Highlights
- Winning the competition at the grotto blogger event, I don't normally ever win anything!
- Having a meal out with Daddy was very nice.
- Weaning Archie has been so much fun this month.
- Getting crafty and drawing a huge castle for my Princess's party. 

Daddy's November Highlights
- Getting a new PS4 game and becoming addicted to it.
- Taking the kids to see Santa, even though Isla wasn't keen.
- Setting up Archie's 1st set of wheels.
- Cooking the best beef roast dinner.

Isla's November Highlights
- Going to soft play with her friends.
- Loves having a hot chocolate now and cuddling up in a blanket.
- Getting new clothes for a trip.
- Being Cinderella for her photos for her party!

Archie's November Highlights
- Weaning. Need I say more, this boy loves his food.
- Meeting Santa for the first time.
- Learning to walk in his new walker.
- Laughing at his sister when she is being told off!

So there we have it, another Me & Mine, I cant believe my first year is almost over from joining in. I will definitely be doing it again next year, we did miss August this year which I am really upset by. But we did get some lovely photos when we probably wouldn't of if it wasn't for this. Ive learnt a lot and am looking forward to giving this a good shot next year!
dear beautiful

Never Stop Looking After Yourself

I don't really know what to say or how to start this off. It's a bit of a tough one to write if I'm honest, but yesterday it hit me. The past few weeks I haven't been looking after myself, as in I've hardly been eating, I got so sucked into being Mum that I forgot about me, I was just constantly on my feet doing something for the kids, changing nappies, helping Isla on the toilet, getting her juice, clearing up from breakfast and lunch etc. I was starting to stay awake until silly o clock and then would get up in the morning and be on my feet all day pushing myself to the max. I forgot I needed breakfast and lunch to help keep me going, I've always struggled a bit with eating, I'm not sure why either. I do love my food, I guess it's the thinking of what to do and then doing it that put me off, then having to clear it up. Not only had I stopped eating but the past week I'd even stopped drinking. It would get to dinner time at around 6pm and I'd think to myself hang on I've not had a drink today. I think this is why it's got so much worse, since Monday I've been having a few pains in my body and just put it down to starting to get poorly as Isla had a bit of a cold. Yesterday evening is when I had my wake up call, it came all of a sudden and before I knew it I was in bed feeling so exhausted, drained and run down. I had pains all over my body, tingly and shooting pains that were making me feel sick. My head felt so heavy and dizzy, I was having hot and cold sweats and I'm not ashamed to admit I thought I was shutting down and my body was giving up. I guess in a way it was, we have been so busy and I don't know where all the pressure came from but to get to a point that I'd hardly eaten anything all week and not been drinking in the day, it was a huge wake up call. I spent most of last night awake, the tingly pains were awful, I also had a couple of times that I was shaking and needed to eat straight away, thankfully Perry helped me as I was too weak to stand up and was a shaking mess. I threw up as soon as I swallowed food, it was really awful and I sat there thinking about all the things I'd been doing the past few weeks, all the days I was pushing myself harder and harder. I woke up this morning and it was like every morning in the week, Perry had left for work and I got up but felt so unsteady on my feet, I still felt so weak so I had to call him home. I felt so bad but I really needed the time to rest and just sit down. I needed it for me. 

I guess the point I'm saying is, don't ever stop looking after yourself. Of course your child/ren will always come first but they need a strong healthy Mummy most importantly. I've had so many blog posts I've been wanting to do but the past few weeks I've felt so empty and alone, I've felt lifeless if I'm honest. I'm hoping I will feel better by tonight, and from now I'm just going to take it slow, make time to have a warm drink in the morning, a bit of breakfast, I need to start having lunch and I need to drink. I've got bottled water that I am going to aim to drink 3 a day. I want to feel like I have the energy to enjoy life, not feeling like I'm running on empty and pushing myself beyond my maximum. 

It's time to start looking after ME. 

Weaning Archie

We started weaning Archie at 6 months old, which is almost a month ago now! We are doing a mixture of BLW and puree food, this way works out the best for us at the moment, but mostly he has finger food, when we are out he has a pouch and some finger snacks - so a mixture of both feeding ways. His first BLW meal was dinner and we had a beef roast, he managed to eat a whole Yorkshire pudding which he thoroughly enjoyed, mash and veg. We have since had another roast dinner and this time he sucked on slices of beef and seemed to really enjoy that too. He seems such a good eater already, he really loves his food. The first week he had mostly what we was having at the time, he seems to enjoy dinner the most. Here is a list of some of the foods he has been enjoying (and some photos), maybe you can get some ideas and also if you have any recommendations please comment below so I can try him on new things! 

Breakfast - Porridge (either feeds himself with the mam dipper cutlery or I feed it to him) Toast which is cut into slices for him to eat himself. Fruit which he feeds himself or a rusk (trying to use them up)

Lunch - Grated cheese, rice cakes, banana, tangerine, a puree fruit pouch which I feed to him, milk biscuits, boiled egg sliced up, pasta, skinless sausages, strawberries in a mesh feeder, carrot puffs.

Dinner - mainly what we have, rice with korma sauce, naan bread, beef stew, chicken stew, pasta with sauce, Shepard's pie, mash potato, roast dinner, sweet and sour stir fry, spaghetti bolognese, and so much more! 

With the banana i half peel it so he can easily hold onto the bottom of it without it flying out of his hands!

Having his first solids, definitely a Yorkshire pudding monster!

Wasn't a fan of the raspberry rice cakes..

Feeding himself a yogurt for dessert.

Preparing For Weaning

Archie turned 6 months on the 2nd November and we started a mixture of BLW and puree feeding with him, most of it being baby led which he is thoroughly enjoying. I thought I would share how we prepared (actually this post was meant to go up a month ago but shh)

The first and most important thing is the high chair, babies need to be sat upright and in a supported seat, I spent ages hunting around for a high chair as unfortunately Isla's old one got damaged while it was in storage. In the end I went for the Fisher Price space saver high chair, and I am really happy with it and I love that the tray can go in the dish washer and that I don't have a bulky high chair in the kitchen. For how often we have people over to eat its not really a problem for us either having it on one of the dining chairs, it also means he can sit up with us at the table too which is nice. 

I picked him up a couple of plates and bowls from Asda in the baby event just so he could have his own new ones instead of using Isla's old pink ones, although she has already used his ones so I think they will be sharing. We have a few spoons left from when Isla was weaning so for now they will do. 

I got these bibs in Sainsbury's as I like the pull over ones as Isla always use to pull her bibs off. I also got him one of the Tommee Tippee catcher bibs as they are a lifesaver and so handy for BLW. We also have a big splash mat for the floor, as BLW is very very messy. 

What are your favourite things for weaning?

intu Lakeside - Santa's Grotto | Christmas Street

We was kindly invited to attend a VIP blogger event at intu Lakeside for this years Christmas Grotto, I certainly couldn't give it a miss, I was keen for us to visit Santa this year now that Isla is that bit older and also being Archie's 1st Christmas too! 

We all met inside and then was taking out to the Christmas street which is where Santa's grotto and the German Christmas market are located. Santa's grotto is a giant gingerbread house with a ramp for access so perfect for pushchairs and wheelchairs. They also have a buggy park so you can leave your pushchair. While you are waiting to see Santa the grotto has funky mirrors and interactive games on the walls to keep little ones amused while they wait, my favourite was the naughty or nice game. The elves were also very friendly and interacted with the children to help the time pass while we waited, this definitely helped with a impatient 2 year old. Santa's grotto is open from 16th November - 24th December and is £6 per child. 

Santa was friendly and tried to spend as much time as he could with us, it didn't feel rushed and it was nice he was asking about the children. We had a couple of photos taken and then Santa gave the children their presents. We bought our photo and it was £6 although they did lots of bundles if you wanted more, or even key rings and snow globes. The presents were books which I was so happy about, children can never have too many books. Isla got a Tinkerbell sticker book which is her favourite type of book, and Archie got a rhyme book - both were great and I was pleased with them and the quality.

On Christmas Street you will also find a German Christmas Market with many stalls, there was a stall selling Donuts, Crepes and sweets, one selling burgers and German sausages and another with warm drinks, sweets, gingerbread and chocolate. They also had a Hook-A-Christmas-Duck which was £3, and a ride which was £2, Isla really enjoyed the ride and went on twice and both times it was quite a long go which was good! It definitely got us in the Christmas spirit and added to the excitement of visiting the grotto. 

We had such a lovely time and I can highly recommend visiting intu Lakeside for the ultimate Christmas experience. We also love that the Christmas street was right near the car park and the parking is free which is awesome too! For more information on times and booking click here

Location - M&S Food Hall - Car Park 9

Family Fever

Tips For Getting Better Sleep

Since becoming parents one thing me and Perry definitely don't take for granted anymore is a good nights sleep. Yes we are lucky that both our children slept through the night since being a month old but now we have a toddler and a baby we are a lot more tired now, we go to bed late because we try spending a bit of time together in the evenings, or I play catch up with the housework and chores that I was unable to do in the day. All this has affected our sleep so I'm here to share some tips on getting a good comfortable nights sleep to help other parents out there! What little sleep we do get should be a good sleep, there is nothing worse than waking up feeling like rubbish and still tired. 
One thing a bedroom should be is cosy, comfortable and dark. We are about to start a make over in our bedroom so now seems a good time to look around for items to help make it more cosy and relaxing. I want to keep it quite neutral, but maybe introduce a pop of colour somewhere, I can do this with soft furnishings like bedding, curtains, light shade and also some decor pieces. Id also like to add some photo frames as we don't actually have any in our bedroom, and maybe some fairy lights to make it cosy in the evenings. 

First thing is bedding, I found this bedding set on Dunelm that I quite like, its has the neutral colours of white and grey with the pop of yellow in it. Im not sure what colour we are going for yet but I think yellow is really nice and will put you in a happy mood when you wake up, or at least a better mood at the 6am wake up call. 

Secondly is curtains, we don't actually have any in our bedroom, we do have slat blinds but that is all. The voile curtains range from Yorkshire Linen CO look perfect with many designs and colours to choose from so you can find some to match your decor, also they have some lovely bedding sets and more too. The curtains will help with privacy and also help set off the room and especially our room as we have white walls, so it will help the wall look less blank. 

Lastly is decor items, I love this star from Wilkinsons, I love the rustic look to it and stars mean a lot to Perry and I so it would be perfect for us. I also like this cushion, it looks like it could match the bedding, and the good thing about cushions or blankets is you can get a colour to help tie in the bedding and curtains to help bring that pop of colour into the room.

I cant wait to share with you what our bedroom will look like when it is finished, I keep dreaming of getting into bed with fresh new bedding which will make the bed more comfortable, we also need to get new pillows and a duvet. Finally having curtains so that our room will be dark of a night, this will make a huge difference and help our sleep the most and also to keep more warmth in over the winter, not only do we need curtains but so do the kids rooms, these will also ensure they get a good nights sleep and to keep the light out so they hopefully sleep in a bit too!? We can hope. I also cant wait to add a few touches to the room to make it more personal and cosy for us both. I will share another post soon of a before tour of our room and then another when our room is complete!

* Collaborative post. All words and opinions are my own.

Siblings | November

You are both truly best friends, from Archie rolling over to the toy garage so they can both play with it together to Isla holding Archie's hand and singing to him to help get him off to sleep. You both get so happy and excited when around each other, Archie screams in excitement and smiles so much when he sees Isla, and when she is not around he is looking around for her wondering where she is. Archie is so playful now, he loves playing with toys and also he can move around the room so quick by rolling and turning himself round, he can easily follow Isla or take himself over to the toys to play. Its so lovely watching them interact together, especially Archie when he is playing too and trying to keep up with his sister.

5 months old and already getting his sister in a headlock!
dear beautiful

The Importance Of Teddy Bears

So your having a baby, what is one of the first things you can think of to buy? Well for me it was a teddy bear or soft animal of some kind, it just feels like the most suitable thing. I now have a almost 3 year old and a 6 month old, so its safe to say we have a more than a few soft animals and teddy bears in this household! Over the years we have had many of them, ones from family and friends, some out of grabby machines, some from a current favourite character and then the ones with 1st Christmas etc. I have to say we have donated a lot of them as they do soon take over, but we do have a collection that we just cant throw away, because these bears are special, they are important. 
Isla tends to go to a teddy bear when she needs a bit of comfort, like if she is ill we will tuck her up on the sofa with a blanket and her teddy bear, or times when she has fallen over and hurt herself she will sit with a teddy, it must give her some sort of comfort having something soft and cuddly to cuddle. We have a few very special teddies that live on Islas bed, these ones she sleeps with and when we tuck her into bed at night time she has these laying next to her, again it must be some sort of comfort for her. Teddy Bears are great for providing her that comfort when I am unable to, and sometimes a teddy bear may give better comfort than me. Isla doesn't have a favourite teddy bear that she cant go anywhere without, she's quite flexible with them which I like, but she does tend to get attached to certain stuffed animals in a shop and most of these we do end up buying for her.

If we go to a new place or to families house that she doesn't see often she does tend to get very shy and reserved, we have had a few times that she has taken a teddy with her and holds on tightly to it, probably for comfort and security. I also catch Isla having a picnic with her stuffed toys, she will sit them on a blanket and pretend to feed them all cake and tea, she talks to them asking what they want and also makes them talk to each other. Its the most sweetest thing watching her play and have a teddy bears picnic with all her favourites. 

As for Archie, he also has a fair collection of teddy bears, he has a little peter rabbit that rattles, and this is the best one at getting him off to sleep. He also likes teddy bears even if he does spend half his time chewing and slobbering on them haha. 

Teddy Bears are important because they provide comfort, security, they give social skills, and can help children when they feel scared. You can make someone feel loved by getting them a bear and showing your love to someone, there are teddy bears for all sorts of occasions, if your unwell etc. We also got a teddy for Isla to give to Archie when she met him, she felt so important giving it to him. We also have teddy bears that play music and are our saviour for getting Archie to sleep, that's definitely one important teddy!
We got a teddy bear when I was pregnant with Isla, a Gund bear to be exact, and we even put this bear in the car seat when we was learning how the straps worked, unfortunately we lost this bear when we first moved and I have been a bit gutted since, we wasn't sure exactly where it was from as my Mum won it in a raffle but now I know that Say It With Bears has them, and they can also personalise them too! So I will be ordering the same one for Isla and I may get one for Archie in a alternative colour, and get there names put on them, I would like them to be special bears. 

Does your child have a special comforter or teddy bear that travels everywhere with them?

*Collaborative post. All words and opinions are my own.

Isla's Toddler Room - Before

So after Christmas I have decided it about time to start doing our bedrooms up, that includes Isla's, mine and Perry's room as well as Archie's, but his bedroom mainly needs re arranging. I thought I would share how Isla's bedroom looks now, and then you can see what it looks like after. Since moving in we haven't really done much decorating or anything so its about time we did!

Isla is in the second bedroom of the house and the room is quite a good size, it is a double size but id say if you had a double bed in it you would struggle to have a wardrobe and drawers too. She is still in a toddler size bed so once she gets a single bed that will also take up more room. So this is the view you get when you stand at her door and look into her bedroom.

She has some of her favourite stuffed teddies on her bed, we removed her bed rail early this year and she has done so well without it so I feel a bit better about moving her on to a single bed now. 

On this back wall she has her window and dolls house which is from Asda, she loves this dolls house and plays with it regularly so we are definitely keeping it. Its also really pretty and adds to the girlie touch. 

We have a 8 cube unit from Ikea, I'm unsure of the name and I can see so many of you shouting at the screen right now telling me what it is haha. I need to go through these and organise the toys better in time for her Birthday and Christmas. The Happyland toys on the top have now been sold and so has the farm, although she did still play with them we just don't have the space with all the new toys she has got coming. We then have her wash bin which is falling apart, if anyone knows of any good washing bins please let me know! 

This corner of the room is to the left as you walk through the door to her bedroom, she has a play kitchen, her drawers which are also from Ikea (Ignore my can of energy drink I needed it after tidying her bedroom) She also has her trolley that is full of plastic and wooden food and then her arm chair which is covered in stuffed animals. 

So that's about it in Isla's bedroom, as you can see she doesn't have a wardrobe and that's something we need to get as well as a new bed. I'm not sure what theme I'm going to go with yet, I have two in mind and it depends on what bed we go for. I want to make it more cosy and girlie for her, she does spend a bit of time in her room, she might go up and play during the day for a little bit so I want to keep a lot of floor space for her to play. I cant wait to go through her toys and organise them better, a couple of the drawers in the cube units are not being used well, one is for her pull ups which we should find somewhere else for them, and the other is full of toys she doesn't play with anymore. We are going to donate the toys to charity or pass them down to Archie, also we will sell some to get money for her Birthday and Christmas presents. 

I'm looking forward to doing her room up, I will make another post when it is all finished! 

Me & Mine: October

October has been a pretty good month, we have slowly adjusted into the autumn weather and now we are really enjoying it with winter country walks, coming home to the smell of chicken stew cooking in the slow cooker, and then cuddling up with a hot chocolate and watching a film together, Mummy has also been shopping with friends quite a lot. We are now getting excited for what we have planned for the next 2 months, we have a few parties, Isla's 3rd Birthday, a surprise exciting trip and of course Christmas followed by New Year. Time is going by so quickly and at times it does become a bit overwhelming, but for now I'm just enjoying my little family and spending time with my girl before she starts nursery in January. 

Mummy's October Highlights
- Getting a slow cooker and cooking a lovely beef stew and dumplings! Mmm.
- Watching the leaves turn brown, yellow and orange, the trees look so beautiful.
- Going on winter walks in the country side in our wellingtons.
- Going out for afternoon tea with my Mum, Nan and Auntie, followed by shopping. 

Daddy's October Highlights
- Getting his new mountain bike.
- Cooking some nice beef roast dinners, which were enjoyed by everyone.
- Mummy going out and enjoying herself, a couple of times child free.
- Going on country walks with the family.

Isla's October Highlights
- Doing art crafts with leaves she collected from the park.
- Getting her new wellingtons, which she cant stop wearing all the time. 
- Going to a Halloween party at soft play, she dressed up as a devil. 
- Spending the night at Nanny and Grandad's house, it has been quite a while since she last did.

Archie's October Highlights
- Learning to say Mumma.
- Learning to shake his head sideways (No)
- Dressing up as Frankenstein for his 1st Halloween.
- Dressing up smart for a party and getting lots of attention.

dear beautiful

Siblings | October

When we went on our holiday last month these two seem to have become closer than ever before, I don't know what it was about the holiday but something happened between them both, they loved being in the pool together and sharing the whole experience together, from taking off on the aeroplane to holding hands on the coach, it was such a lovely thing to witness as parents. I think I can now say that these two have truly become... Best Friends. 

dear beautiful

TravelSnug Review

Before we went to Egypt we was very kindly sent a TravelSnug for Isla to use on the flight, I was a little anxious this year as we was flying with a 2 year old toddler and a 4 month old baby, also I was feeling nervous about how Isla would be on the flight this year. When the TravelSnug arrived I was very impressed with how padded it was and even wanted one in adult size for myself! The pattern we was sent was the Happy Heart version and it made Isla feel a lot more excited about using it on the aeroplane.
It comes rolled up like this and is secured with 2 buckles, it has a carry handle that is awesome and makes carrying it a lot easier, we even put the handle over the handle on the hand luggage case so it stayed in place on top of the case. It is rolled up into a blanket which again is really useful as it does get quite chilly on a aeroplane for day and night flights. 

When we got on the plane we unrolled the travel snug so we could put Isla's harness on for her, you cant see very clearly in the photo but the Travel Snug strap comes up between the legs and the aeroplane belt goes through it to make it a T bar harness which I really liked. As you can tell from the photo Isla loved her seat, she looked so cosy and snuggly which also led to us getting many comments from other parents asking where it was from. 

Another great thing about the TravelSnug was that it was like a booster seat as well, so this meant Isla was at a better height to use the pull down table so she could eat and do some colouring as well. As she was sat in the middle it also meant she could get a little bit of view from out of the window. On the way home we had a night time flight and the TravelSnug was really put to the test when Isla fell asleep, and when being the question here as it took some time as she was so overtired. Once she was asleep she was really comfortable in the seat and her head was resting on the padded cushion and she was covered over with the blanket to keep her warm. We really loved trying out the TravelSnug and I definitely found it helpful especially for the night time flight home. The only fault I could find was that rolling it up on the aeroplane before we got up was a bit awkward but we kind of just put the straps on and sorted it out properly when we got to the hotel, we was also very tired and stressed so that didn't really help the situation at all. I would definitely recommend the TravelSnug, especially for long haul flights and if you travel often. 

TravelSnug also sell a harness version where you are able to put shoulder straps through, this would be really handy to even go in a pushchair or bike carriage. The travel snug can also be used on the train as well which means it can get plenty of use, its also quite large when laid out on the floor and Isla likes to cuddle up into it and watch a film or even sit in it on the sofa! We certainly give it 5 stars!

Beets Blu Bluetooth Scales Review

Since having Archie 5 months ago I have wanted to get back into shape and build my endurance, I have made a post talking about finding myself again, which you can read here. In that post I talk about wanting to feel good again and happy when I look in the mirror so since I have joined the gym and started working out more. I have a Fitbit and looked at getting the blue tooth scales for that but the price tag was out of my budget. When I was contacted to review these scales I was so excited, Ive always wanted to try blue tooth scales as I cant say I'm a fan of normal ones as I don't like to let a number affect my feelings, for me its all about how I feel and when I look in the mirror. But these scales offer so much more and give you a lot more information like your muscle mass, body weight with body fat percentage, BMI and water level. All this has helped me with my fitness journey, although at times my weight has not gone down, I could see that my body fat was and my muscle mass was increasing, this gave me a huge boost whereas if I had been using a ordinary scale I probably would of given up (I tend to give up easily) 

Every time you use the scales it syncs with your phone via blue tooth and gives you the data from that day within seconds, it shows a graph from the past 7 and 30 days so you can easily track your progress. It can also be used by multiple people, this is something we have not done yet but we will both be using them as my partner is going to the gym too, so he would like to view his progress too. I also had a problem with the app, every time I used the scales my weight would display on them, but then once synced with my phone it put my weight down by 2lb and I deleted and re installed the app and it seems to have fixed it but can be hit and miss. 

The scales themselves look pretty expensive, they are very modern looking and feel sturdy which is good, the price tag is affordable and makes them a lot more appealing. The scales must be used on a hard floor, so I have to weigh myself in the kitchen but I do this first thing in the morning after going for a wee and before starting breakfast etc. It has been very nice watching my progress via the app, sometimes it has taught me to not be so hard on myself and that it takes time but it does eventually work, being able to see my fat percentage go down and also my BMI has been the most rewarding thing so far on my fitness journey. These are so good for everyday use, people wanting to lose weight, or just improve their lifestyle. 

I am very happy with the scales and have already recommended them to family and friends. They can be bought on Amazon along with some of the other products they do like the heart rate monitor and the key finder. I am looking forward to using the scales for the rest of my fitness journey and am so thankful I have them or I would of give up a while ago.

* I was sent the scales for the purpose of this review. I was not paid for this and all opinions are my own.