Me & Mine: January 2015

This month seems to have been the longest month ever! As like most families, we have spent January easing our way back into a routine and finding homes for all our new stuff, and the forever ending toys Isla got for Christmas. We have been visiting family throughout the month, we had my mums birthday which was nice, my highlight would be the lovely fresh cream cake I bought her! Hehe. Mummy and Daddy actually had a few outings on their own, we went to the London Excel Boat Show, we went out for breakfast with Daddy's friends and partners from work, and we also had dinner out at our favourite Indian! This month has also been filled with lots of colds, coughs and viruses yikes. We are all currently suffering now, boo. Although this month has been good I'm definitely ready for a fresh new month as we have lots planned already!

Thought we would start off with a typical Family selfie! 

Mummy's January Highlights 
- Booking 3 family holidays for this year
- Loving series 2 of Broadchurch
- The lovely photos she captured of herself and Isla at the beach 
- Getting Bumps car seat and new pushchair

Daddy's January Highlights 
- Going to the boat show with Mummy 
- Finally giving the car a good wash 
- Capturing Isla loosing a welly in a puddle, he did the same when he was younger! 
- Bump giving him lots of big kicks

Islas January Highlights 
- Loving her new toys from Christmas 
- Eating some of Nanny's Birthday cake! 
- Her first muddy puddle experience, even though she lost a welly in a puddle! 
- Helping Mummy to make cupcakes

dear beautiful

26 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

This week has been the worst week so far, so lets rewind back to last Friday when I turned 26 weeks, that was probably the only good day haha and that was spent chasing Isla round soft play while we was at a play date with friends, Saturday I woke up and was in the worst mood ever, I was so irritable and moody with everyone and I have no idea why. To be honest this pregnancy I haven't suffered much with being moody or snappy so it was a little out of the norm for me and especially poor Perry! Ive also been suffering with a really bad back ache, not sure if it was from all the walking I did last weekend or if its time to stop carrying Isla so much, especially when I pick her up I mean she weighs over 2 stone, and where Bump is so big now I have to kind of sit her on it. 

Monday morning I woke up with a really sore throat and Isla woke up with a full on cold, great start to the week huh. As the days have gone by I now have one blocked nostril and the other is running like crazy, so as you can imagine I'm not feeling too great. Also Isla has not been sleeping well at all, she has been waking up for the day from 6:30 and this morning it was 5:30! I am one exhausted Mummy at the moment, I have also been having a few dizzy spells, shaking and almost fainting episodes this week, I mentioned to the Midwife when I last see her that I was seeing black dots when I stood up and she said my blood pressure was OK at the time so she wasn't too concerned. Ive had my blood pressure taken again and it was reading quite low, so that explains why I was feeling so rough, but I am having some blood work done to check my Iron levels etc. 

Ive been noticing that I've been having a lot more braxton hicks this week, and I do notice them a lot more, they don't hurt but they are getting a little uncomfortable. He has definitely moved up even more as I'm struggling to breathe and just feel a lot of pressure under my lungs sometimes. His movements are SO strong, a lot stronger than Isla's were and also he moves a hell of a lot more than his sister did. At night time he is so active and he makes it so hard for me to sleep, he kicks the bed, he kicks Perry in the back if we are having a cuddle too! Obviously I can't sleep on my back so on my side my bump lays on the bed and I can feel a foot or elbow pushing into the mattress, its one of the cringiest feelings ever! Ive noticed my belly button is getting so shallow now, it won't be long before it pops out! My stretch marks on my thighs seem to have stayed the same although one looks a bit bigger, I have learnt that I'm going to get them no matter what so its best not to get too upset about them, they are your tiger stripes that you definitely earn! 

This week Isla decided to join me in my bump picture! She knows to lift my top up and kiss the baby if we ask her, where is Mummy's Baby? I can't believe I'm 27 weeks tomorrow agh where is time going? Please slow down 

Beebies Baby Store: Brand Ambassador Role

I recently see that Beebies Baby Store are looking for 2 new parenting bloggers / vloggers to join their team for a brand ambassador role. I firstly want to talk about the company before I tell you why I would love to join their #WeLoveBeebies team and why I think I'm suitable for the role!

Beebies Baby Store is run by the lovely Ami who has built the business up from scratch and I truly admire her for that because she has done an amazing job in the time she has started! You can find everything to see you through your pregnancy and beyond thanks to the selection of maternity wear & pillows, baby & toddler wear, baby equipment, toddler toys & beds etc the list goes on. Ami provides such a lovely connection with her customers and fans, and I really like that about the store, as you can also build a friendship as well as getting all the help you could possibly need, nothing is too much for Ami. I have recently ordered from the store on line and was so pleased with how smoothly the process went, and also the communication was fantastic, I even get emails updating me on the status of my order! Incredible... If you're wondering what I bought, lets just say it was nautical and you know I can't resist baby boy nautical items I'm like a leech on them haha! 

So now I want to talk about why I would love to be a Beebies Ambassador, I would love to support such a lovely lady and help her to grow her business even more, I'd love to join the Beebies Team also who all do a great job and work with them on spreading  #WeLoveBeebies. I love shopping, I can't lie about that at all haha and I love it even more if its shopping for my 2 year old daughter, and my baby boy bump. So being able to help promote a great store while doing something I love just seems like a win win to me! 

I think I would be suitable for the role as I am a mummy to Isla who is 2 years old and I love finding new products to use, especially this year as she will be going through so many changes, potty training, moving into a single bed from her toddler bed *sob sob* and I am almost 27 weeks pregnant with a baby boy who is due 1st May, so I will have a lot to blog about and will need to buy maternity wear and new baby products and so much more, I can see myself turning to Beebies Baby Store*, (wow that rhymes it should be a new slogan haha) *Even regardless of if I'm chosen for this role. I can share all the products with all you Mummy's and Mums to be, Im also working on my blog so much more now, and have made some lovely blogger Mummy friends who I would love to share this great store with and also personal friends who may not have heard about Beebies Baby Store... YET. I would also love the opportunity to work and support a brand that I truly love and who sell such good quality items that I would be proud to tell you all about, also to work with such a helpful, friendly team that are dedicated to their work.

Yes I am one sleep deprived unwell pregnant Mummy, this is the best I could do for now.. 
So that is my application to be a Beebies Baby Store Ambassador, I hope its good enough :)

Opinions and reviews are always honest and based on my own judgement.

25 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

This week has been pretty good, although feeling fatigue has properly kicked in now, I find myself yawning by 3pm and ready to fall asleep by 8:30pm. I haven't been majorly busy this week either so it's not like I have been busy and using up a lot of energy, so I'm definitely starting to slow down this week. His movements are so so strong now, and it does make me feel queasy when he moves so much because it's not pleasant at times, he's been punching or kicking downwards which is the worst ever! I definitely think he is head down now as I can make out what feels like a bum laying on my right side, also he has been getting his feet wedged under my ribs and I have to rub it to get him to move it otherwise I can't sit properly! 

I've definitely cut down on my portion sizes this week, I find it hard to finish my dinners and feel myself getting so bloated and full half way through eating. I've been visiting the bathroom a lot this week, I need to pee all the time it's crazy! Although I have been a bit constipated this week, TMI I know but this is a pregnancy update and I just want to be honest lol. My boobs have been leaking a lot more this week to the point that I might start wearing breast pads, I will have to get some next time I'm in boots or Tesco. I can also use them when I wear my sports bra for when I'm at home and in bed for sleeping. A lot of my friends said I seem to have got my glow and I look really well, so this is nice to hear as I don't believe I ever got the glow with Isla haha. I haven't got any more stretch marks so that is good, I've been using a cream that has already reduced the appearance of them. 

I think that is all for this week, I've had to change my midwife appointment as we are actually going away for the week now so it will now be the following Thursday when I will be 28 weeks + 6 days, I can't believe I'm almost at the 10 week count down! Isla came naturally at 39 weeks exactly, so it could be even less than 10 weeks or more if he is late! Im so excited I can't wait until we move out and I can set his bedroom up and put away all his clothes.


Quality Isla & Mummy Time | Winter Beach Walk

If you read my 2015 goals then you will know one of them was to take more photographs and to get out my slr more often, well being 25 weeks pregnant I'm really keen on having some special quality time with Isla before the baby arrives, I just want to make the most of it being me and her, and also life being less hectic. I also want to capture these memories too, so what better way to achieve 2 goals at once? We went out for a wintery beach walk, although it was sunny it was still pretty cold so we didn't stay out long. She absolutely enjoyed it, lately we have been staying in at home a lot so even just a walk on the beach was good enough for Isla, she loved it! I want to start doing more things with her, even if its just one day a week of making that effort to do special things, as I know once the baby is here it will take me a while to get into a routine and get use to going out with 2 little ones. Here are some of the photos I captured from our walk, I'm so happy with them although I would of liked Perry to of been there so he could be in some with us, but I guess there is always the weekend for that :) 

I don't ever take pictures of myself anymore, I use to before I had Isla but since then I have lost a bit of confidence in myself especially with how I look and feel. It is nice to take a photo now and again as I would love to have some photos of my mum when she was my age to see what she looked like.

I love this picture I managed to capture of me and Isla, I had left my remote at home so had to use the good ole self timer, so it meant taking pictures together was pretty limited as I had to keep running back and fourth haha.

This is my favourite picture I got of Isla, its the only one that she is properly posing for and actually looking at the camera! It just shows how cheeky she is but at the same time it is also a nice picture, I think I might get this put on a canvas.

Another one of me and Isla, it was a shame she was mid blinking but I still love it, she had found a cork and would not put it down in case you're wondering what she is holding.

My little sweet girl running towards me, now she had found a stick to go along with her cork haha.

For the life of me I could not get her to look at the camera, I was shouting all sorts from "Look Daddy" to "Chocolate" and she still would not look at me haha. But here I caught her smiling as a couple with a dog was walking past. 

Haha this is one of the funny ones, I just had to include it. Look how cheeky she is, running along with a cork and stick, yet sticks her tongue out at me as she runs past hehe oh to be 2.

This last one of us is my absolute favourite, I love it so much because it is the only 'natural' picture I got of us. I had set up the self timer and as it was starting to beep louder as it was about to take the photo a dog decides to gallop past! I thought the dog had ruined the picture so was laughing at Isla as she was smiling at the dog that was going crazy, little did I know that it had actually taken a perfect picture of us that I WILL be getting on canvas!

So here are a few pictures of the 108 that I took that afternoon, I'm so happy with them and think it will be so lovely to look back on these in the future. 

24 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

I can't believe I am 24 weeks pregnant...well actually I'm currently 25 weeks! Ahh its going so fast, I honestly thought after Christmas and New Year that it would slow down, but I have blinked and we are half way done with January! So this week started off good and then towards the end it went downhill, the week started with a cramp in my leg, it wasn't the bottom it was my thigh this time! OUCH... I'm so glad it only happened once but the next morning my thigh did hurt at times. Ive also been experiencing lower back ache, last Sunday Perry and I washed the car so I was bending down and over a lot, as I also hoovered it out and cleaned all the inside, and yes it was freezing cold I thought my fingers were going to fall off haha! Throughout the week I have noticed my eyes have been pretty dry and it has been making them itch and sore, this is also really annoying as it has been stupidly windy lately. 

Mid week I started to get the dreaded heartburn and acid reflux after I have eaten, I have found it is mostly after eating dinner and seems worse in the evenings. I had it with Isla more towards the end of the pregnancy and suffered pretty bad, so I hope it doesn't full on start already! The past few days I have been having some lower belly pain, they are like shooting pains and then a dull pain afterwards, I find it a bit better when I wear my maternity jeans as they have a belly support that comes up and really helps to support the bump from the bottom. Speaking of my belly, it has really popped out this week! My dad has been away since Tuesday and when he see me today (Saturday) he was so shocked at how much bigger I was! I certainly am starting to feel a lot bigger now, I can't see my toes anymore unless I lean forward and look over that way! I'm also starting to get the very attractive "Pregnancy waddle" so I know I definitely must be bigger now as I groan when I bend down or am tired, I must sound awful haha but I do it without knowing until Perry asks if I'm OK or if I want to sit down and for him to help, bless him. 

The 25 Week Midwife Appointment

I had my 25 week Midwife appointment on Thursday, although I was 24+6 we classed it as my 25 week appointment as she only comes to my area on a Thursday so she is seeing me a day early for all my future appointments. So to start with my blood pressure was all good although since I booked in with the midwife every time I see her it is raising so we will see what it is like next time at my 28 week appointment. I did my urine sample which can I just say you really do become a pro at peeing in them small tubs while being pregnant haha, anyway that was OK but it was showing some protein in it, so she said she's not concerned at the moment but she will keep an eye on it. A student Midwife felt my belly, although she didn't say what position he was in, I'm guessing by where she put the doppler that he is head down. His heart beat was perfect at 130bpm although he was wriggling so much he really didn't like her doing it. My bump is measuring perfect, it was just under the 50th percentile line on the chart which is good to see. We talked about the whooping cough vaccination that I need to book for 28 weeks so roughly the beginning of February, I also need to have a blood test done to check for antibodies and then I will be going to the hospital to get my Anti-D injection 2 days afterwards. I think that was all for the appointment, I was only in the room for 20 minutes so everything ran pretty smoothly considering I had Isla with me who hadn't had a nap and was pretty fussy. I see the midwife next on the 5th February which is going to fly by. 


Naming our Son

Having a baby is one of the most special, exciting and memorable times of your life. Finding out you are pregnant is one of the best feelings ever, especially for us this time as it was planned and it was also only 2 weeks after a early miscarriage at 5 weeks. We are pregnant with our Rainbow baby boy and other than getting everything ready for him, buying new clothes and a few bits for him, we also have the very important and difficult task of picking a name for him! When I was pregnant with Isla we had her name picked shortly after finding out her gender at 16 weeks, it seemed so simple and easy for her. But this time we are finding it really difficult to name our little boy that is arriving in 15 weeks time!

We have a few names picked out, 3 of them are favourites and 1 of them we are 99% certain is the name, we keep saying it and talking to him using the name. I have been practising saying his name with his surname, saying Tara, Perry, Isla and ******, I've also been using Islas mega sketcher and pretending I'm signing cards and writing out all our names to see how it looks. When picking a name for your second, third, etc you have to make sure it flows with your 1st child's name. Because Islas name is quite unique and different, we didn't want a more common boys name and felt we needed to find a name that kind of matched Islas name. I'm hoping within the next few weeks we can really settle on the name, I can't see it changing from our top name but we also want to be sure. Then we can share the name with family and friends, although we are considering until waiting until he is born to announce his name, of course close family like our parents will be told his name before he is born, as we do also want to hear a little feedback on the name we choose, although it wouldn't change our mind it's still nice to hear what they think. When we told my auntie when I was pregnant that we had picked the name Isla, she didn't like it one bit, but by the time she was born she absolutely loved it and begged us not to change it. So I'm hoping if anybody doesn't like his name that it will grow on them the more they think about it.

I really don't like the stress that comes with naming babies, you soon realise people who you now 'hate' because they have the name you like or have called their children that name... obviously you don't really hate them but I think you will know what I mean. Did you have any problems with naming your children? Did close family hate the name you picked?- if so how did you get around it, did you think of a new name or persevere with it despite their opinions?

23 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

This week has been pretty good, after last week I am quite relieved as I was starting to think every week more and more of the negative sides of pregnancy was starting to happen, and generally I really enjoy being pregnant so I'm happy everything is all good again... for now. The week started with me having some pretty crazy vivid dreams, I have certain points in a dream that are so realistic and seem really real, even like me touching something or properly in detail looking at it. I must admit I have had a few and when I woke up I wanted to give Perry a slap haha! But otherwise my sleeping is pretty good at the moment I'm not to uncomfortable and only waking up once for a wee in the early hours of the morning. 

This week I have noticed a lot more blue veins appearing on my breasts, and they feel a lot more heavy which I notice when I take my bra off of a night, so I think its time to bring out the soft fitness bras that I have to sleep in for the support and also so I can put breast pads in them once I start leaking a bit more. My skin has been dry this week, mainly being my face and hands, not sure if this is down to the cold weather or not as it has been pretty cold recently. My sciatica pain hasn't been too bad this week, I've only had it twice and that was when I done a lot of walking so I was expecting it really. 

I have been weeing a lot more this week, being pregnant you visit the bathroom a lot more regularly anyway, but I mean it is taking 2-3 trips to the bathroom within 15 minutes to completely empty my bladder. Also the baby has been hitting it this week which has been unpleasant at times, especially when it is quite full! The baby has also been kicking/ punching downwards, if you have been pregnant before I'm assuming you would have experienced this at least once, and you can agree with me when I say it is one of the most uncomfortable feelings. It honestly feels like he wants out and is kicking his way downwards yikes, talking of wanting out I am one day away from the baby being 'viable' and if he was to be born he would have a good chance of surviving with the help of machines, as his lungs should be developed by now (this is just what I have read on my pregnancy app on phone). His movements are also getting very strong and at times painful, he is starting to move his whole body and also if I am laying down you may see what looks like a arm / elbow move across the whole of my belly! My belly button has become so shallow so I don't think it will be long before it pops out into an outie. 

Cravings this week has been Dr.Pepper and Wotsits! Not the most healthy things but I only have them now and again as a treat. I also have another midwife appointment next Thursday so I am looking forward to that and having a check up for me and the baby as around this time with Isla I started to have trouble with kidney infections/stones and water infections!

That is all for this week that I can think of, if you have any questions then please leave them below :) 

22 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

This week has been a crazy one, I've had a lot more symptoms and stuff going on that I'm so glad I write it all down in my notes so I can remember as that is also another dreaded symptom this week, pregnancy brain has fully hit! I'm forgetting things, making silly mistakes and just being all over the place everyday. I've lost my appetite this week, I just cant seem to find anything that I want or fancy to eat and I find I really do struggle with breakfast and lunch. Also this week I have got some new stretch marks on the inside of my thighs, I'm not to bothered about them as honestly you cant really do anything to stop them, but obviously I'm not happy about them either. I have been using a cream so I will have to up my usage of the cream to help get it soaked in to help prevent anymore and also to reduce the appearance of the ones I have already got.
My boobs have got blue veins on them now and they have also grown a lot more and are starting to feel heavy at times, especially when I take my bra off. I've been getting out of breath a lot, if I walk up the stairs or am busy doing a few jobs that need doing around the house, I find myself getting hot and pretty puffed out. My ankles have also started to swell a little if I am on my feet to long, oh the joys eh! I never suffered with it when I was pregnant with Isla, and now I know what people mean when they say the second pregnancy really does take it out of you.
Baby boy has also been kicking like crazy this week, some movements are becoming really painful and uncomfortable, especially when baby thinks my bladder is a punch bag! He also is starting to react to noise, if Isla is shouting and being extra noisy he starts kicking, he also likes it when Perry talks to him too as he can get that bit closer to him and talk. Loud noises and bangs have made him jump, especially when the dog barks out of no where as even I jump too haha. I also think I have started to feel him have the hiccups, which is a good sign as it means he is starting to practise swallowing and using his lungs. I am definitely starting to feel uncomfortable and of a night time I really hate that I cant sleep on my belly, I already cant wait for the night I can sleep on it again!
I think we have chosen his name as well! We want to share it with family before we announce it properly, which I may wait until he is born to let you all know what it is, just in case we do change our minds although that would be unlikely.

21 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

This week hasn't been great, we have all been unwell with viral infections and it was such a shame as it hit us hard on Christmas Eve so I spent all day in bed and most of Christmas Day in bed. Other then feeling really ill with a viral infection and sore throat I haven't had that many symptoms pregnancy wise, I have noticed I'm back to peeing a lot more often again and also in the night I'm waking up around 2 times for a wee! I'm starting to feel more tired and falling asleep around 8:30pm, I also cant stay awake in bed to watch a film, you will find me sparked out before the opening credits have finished! Baby has been moving SO much this week, I'm starting to notice a pattern to his movements now which is good so I can start tracking them, I'm also planning on getting one of them Count The Kicks wristbands so I can keep an eye on his movements over the next few weeks.
Ive been having sharp pains in my boobs this week, and also they have been leaking a lot more too. It felt a bit like when I stopped breast feeding Isla and I had to painfully let my milk dry up, as I was clueless I went from pumping 6oz to not at all and I will tell you, the pain I went through was the second worse pain I've ever felt in my life! I was producing a lot of milk as it was, and the pain was similar to then just no where near as intense of course otherwise I would of been crying haha. We have been talking more about what we are going to name this little boy, I feel so bad that we still haven't picked a name and we call him a 'it' all the time, we picked Isla's name quite early on into the pregnancy when we knew she was a little girl, and this time round we still have not settled on a name, we do have 3 picked out we just need to pick one. I'm pretty sure we both know which one it will be, we just don't want to 100% commit to it yet and tell everyone until we are definitely sure on the name.
I honestly cant wait until we can start buying more bits for him once we are in the New Year and Christmas is all out the way! 

My New Year 2015 Resolutions

I've never really been one to set New Year resolutions but after the past year that I've had I think it would benefit my life if I had a few goals to achieve and mostly to improve my life, so instead of setting up the standard loose ** stone or what not I thought it would be better to set smaller more realistic goals, and mostly ones that I really want to achieve. So here goes, here are my goals for 2015....
Picture is from Google Images
1. To have a healthy Son - If you don't already know, I am currently 23 weeks pregnant with my second baby, a little boy who is due on 1st May 2015. So for me the most important resolution was to give birth to a healthy little boy. To aim for this I want to improve my diet while I am still pregnant, eat more fruit and vegetables as this will also help my 2 year old daughter as well. I also want to have another 100% natural birth, I arrived to hospital at 10cm dilated with my daughter and an hour later she was born naturally in her sac. I really want to aim for another all natural birth, so I will be practising pain relief techniques so I can breathe and cope with the pain better.
2. Learn to drive - I did have driving lessons about 4 years ago now and I was doing really well, I even passed my theory test and everything! But since having a bad experience with 2 different instructors I have been put off driving and also since having my daughter Isla my confidence has completely gone out the window, I'm so nervous in the car now and certain things I don't look at the same anymore, like roller coasters. But this year I really want to push myself to drive as it would make my life a hell of a lot easier, especially for when I have 2 children. Ideally id like to pass my test before little man arrives, but I wont be pressuring myself into it if I'm not ready, as I certainly don't want to feel like I have failed if I don't pass before he arrives.
3. Get back into shape - After giving birth to Isla I was back in my size 6/8 jeans a week after giving birth, but a few months later it was like my body slowed down, we was eating ready meals and takeaways as being first time parents we was still getting use to having a tiny human to look after. I seemed to pile on the pounds and my figure is just not where I would like it to be, so in order to achieve this goal once little man arrives I will be:
Using my FitBit everyday to achieve my daily step goals
Eating smaller portions
Eating more fruit or drinking smoothies
Less takeaway
3 days a week I will do a simple 15 minute work out
Maybe join the gym if I have the time and money
4. Blog more! - I'm not going to lie, I have been really awful with my blog the past few months, there is no excuse really as I know there are busier people than me who still manage to blog multiple times a week. So from now on there will be minimum 2 posts a week going up on my blog, to achieve this keep reading below...
5. Be more organised - Ive already gone out and bought myself a new shiny diary, using this I will put in all my appointments that I have (probably will have a few once I have 2 children), also I will plan blog posts etc using the diary, ideally to get off to a good start I need to have a binge blog session and schedule some posts so I can take away a bit of pressure if I don't have the time.
6. More time to myself - I hardly ever have any time to myself, I spend all day looking after Isla, and then in the evenings I am cooking, cleaning and doing the bedtime routine. Once Isla is in bed I sit with Perry or do more tidying up, I never go and sit in another room to blog or catch up with social life. So when we move out I have decided 2 nights a week Perry and I will have a few hours to ourselves, I can have a relaxing bath and pamper session, go out with friends on my own (cant remember the last time that happened), blog on the computer, edit photos etc, or read a book. While I'm doing that Perry can do his own thing like play ps4, or even go out with his friends (we would have to do this separate nights obviously) I think by doing this it will make my blogging life better as I will have a designated time to myself to just sit with my mac.
7. Take more photos - I LOVE photography, and I don't know why but since having a toddler I just have found it hard to do things I love. My life has become all about this little cheeky 2 year old, and looking after her. This year I want to take more photos, pictures of Isla, the new baby, us as a family, and photos in general of random things. The day Isla was born I only got 3 photos with her which was immediately after she was born and placed on my chest. They are dark, blurry and pixelated which is upsetting, and I always tell Perry how upset I am that nobody took any other pictures of me with her that day. So under strict instructions Perry knows he will be videoing and taking photos of me and the baby the day he is born, hes even bought a adaptor so he can put the go pro on his head so as soon as the baby is born we can capture him on me and all the special personal memories that you forget after time.
8. Go on our first Family of 4 Holiday - Although we went away last year to Egypt when Isla was 17 months old, I already cant wait to go away again. I would love to be able to take Isla and the baby abroad somewhere and enjoy them being young and have that special time with them where you have no stress of cooking, cleaning etc. So we are looking to go away again in September when the baby will be 5/6 months. We are also going somewhere else but at the moment that's a secret hehe!
9. Stop biting my nails - I know, I know its a disgusting habit. I have been biting my nails for as long as I can remember, nobody in my family does so we are still unsure of where it came from. But I honestly hate it now, I'm so conscious of showing my hands because of my short stubby fingers, its also not nice when wearing a engagement ring as it draws people to look at your hands. Its also the hygiene aspect too, I feel sick thinking about it Yuk! Anyway I also don't want Isla to copy me, she has already started doing it a little already so I really don't want her to do it too! I'm going to get some Sally Henson nail growth polish to help grow them, I have tried the vile tasting stuff before but I just got use to it!
10. Lastly, I just want to be happy - Sounds stupid right? I have spent a LOT of 2014 being down and letting people have a negative effect on my life. Ive got to the point where I have realised you need to put yourself and your family first, because at the end of the day they are all you have got really. I have already made a few changes which I'm already feeling happier about, I have left a few people behind in 2014 I took them off my facebook and although with some people I have given them chances after chances I just cant carry on, its even a shame when some of them people are 'Family'. Anyway I don't want to drag it up to much but lets just say this year its a one strike and that's it sort of thing, Perry and I have both decided how we want this year to be and we also have a few plans that we want to sort out so just watch this space ;)
What are your New Year Resolutions or goals? Have you made a list and if so have you wrote down what exactly you need to do to make these changes happen? By doing this hopefully I will achieve my goals and you will too.
Thanks for reading and I also want to say a BIG Happy New Year to you all!