21 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

This week hasn't been great, we have all been unwell with viral infections and it was such a shame as it hit us hard on Christmas Eve so I spent all day in bed and most of Christmas Day in bed. Other then feeling really ill with a viral infection and sore throat I haven't had that many symptoms pregnancy wise, I have noticed I'm back to peeing a lot more often again and also in the night I'm waking up around 2 times for a wee! I'm starting to feel more tired and falling asleep around 8:30pm, I also cant stay awake in bed to watch a film, you will find me sparked out before the opening credits have finished! Baby has been moving SO much this week, I'm starting to notice a pattern to his movements now which is good so I can start tracking them, I'm also planning on getting one of them Count The Kicks wristbands so I can keep an eye on his movements over the next few weeks.
Ive been having sharp pains in my boobs this week, and also they have been leaking a lot more too. It felt a bit like when I stopped breast feeding Isla and I had to painfully let my milk dry up, as I was clueless I went from pumping 6oz to not at all and I will tell you, the pain I went through was the second worse pain I've ever felt in my life! I was producing a lot of milk as it was, and the pain was similar to then just no where near as intense of course otherwise I would of been crying haha. We have been talking more about what we are going to name this little boy, I feel so bad that we still haven't picked a name and we call him a 'it' all the time, we picked Isla's name quite early on into the pregnancy when we knew she was a little girl, and this time round we still have not settled on a name, we do have 3 picked out we just need to pick one. I'm pretty sure we both know which one it will be, we just don't want to 100% commit to it yet and tell everyone until we are definitely sure on the name.
I honestly cant wait until we can start buying more bits for him once we are in the New Year and Christmas is all out the way! 

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