22 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

This week has been a crazy one, I've had a lot more symptoms and stuff going on that I'm so glad I write it all down in my notes so I can remember as that is also another dreaded symptom this week, pregnancy brain has fully hit! I'm forgetting things, making silly mistakes and just being all over the place everyday. I've lost my appetite this week, I just cant seem to find anything that I want or fancy to eat and I find I really do struggle with breakfast and lunch. Also this week I have got some new stretch marks on the inside of my thighs, I'm not to bothered about them as honestly you cant really do anything to stop them, but obviously I'm not happy about them either. I have been using a cream so I will have to up my usage of the cream to help get it soaked in to help prevent anymore and also to reduce the appearance of the ones I have already got.
My boobs have got blue veins on them now and they have also grown a lot more and are starting to feel heavy at times, especially when I take my bra off. I've been getting out of breath a lot, if I walk up the stairs or am busy doing a few jobs that need doing around the house, I find myself getting hot and pretty puffed out. My ankles have also started to swell a little if I am on my feet to long, oh the joys eh! I never suffered with it when I was pregnant with Isla, and now I know what people mean when they say the second pregnancy really does take it out of you.
Baby boy has also been kicking like crazy this week, some movements are becoming really painful and uncomfortable, especially when baby thinks my bladder is a punch bag! He also is starting to react to noise, if Isla is shouting and being extra noisy he starts kicking, he also likes it when Perry talks to him too as he can get that bit closer to him and talk. Loud noises and bangs have made him jump, especially when the dog barks out of no where as even I jump too haha. I also think I have started to feel him have the hiccups, which is a good sign as it means he is starting to practise swallowing and using his lungs. I am definitely starting to feel uncomfortable and of a night time I really hate that I cant sleep on my belly, I already cant wait for the night I can sleep on it again!
I think we have chosen his name as well! We want to share it with family before we announce it properly, which I may wait until he is born to let you all know what it is, just in case we do change our minds although that would be unlikely.

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