23 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

This week has been pretty good, after last week I am quite relieved as I was starting to think every week more and more of the negative sides of pregnancy was starting to happen, and generally I really enjoy being pregnant so I'm happy everything is all good again... for now. The week started with me having some pretty crazy vivid dreams, I have certain points in a dream that are so realistic and seem really real, even like me touching something or properly in detail looking at it. I must admit I have had a few and when I woke up I wanted to give Perry a slap haha! But otherwise my sleeping is pretty good at the moment I'm not to uncomfortable and only waking up once for a wee in the early hours of the morning. 

This week I have noticed a lot more blue veins appearing on my breasts, and they feel a lot more heavy which I notice when I take my bra off of a night, so I think its time to bring out the soft fitness bras that I have to sleep in for the support and also so I can put breast pads in them once I start leaking a bit more. My skin has been dry this week, mainly being my face and hands, not sure if this is down to the cold weather or not as it has been pretty cold recently. My sciatica pain hasn't been too bad this week, I've only had it twice and that was when I done a lot of walking so I was expecting it really. 

I have been weeing a lot more this week, being pregnant you visit the bathroom a lot more regularly anyway, but I mean it is taking 2-3 trips to the bathroom within 15 minutes to completely empty my bladder. Also the baby has been hitting it this week which has been unpleasant at times, especially when it is quite full! The baby has also been kicking/ punching downwards, if you have been pregnant before I'm assuming you would have experienced this at least once, and you can agree with me when I say it is one of the most uncomfortable feelings. It honestly feels like he wants out and is kicking his way downwards yikes, talking of wanting out I am one day away from the baby being 'viable' and if he was to be born he would have a good chance of surviving with the help of machines, as his lungs should be developed by now (this is just what I have read on my pregnancy app on phone). His movements are also getting very strong and at times painful, he is starting to move his whole body and also if I am laying down you may see what looks like a arm / elbow move across the whole of my belly! My belly button has become so shallow so I don't think it will be long before it pops out into an outie. 

Cravings this week has been Dr.Pepper and Wotsits! Not the most healthy things but I only have them now and again as a treat. I also have another midwife appointment next Thursday so I am looking forward to that and having a check up for me and the baby as around this time with Isla I started to have trouble with kidney infections/stones and water infections!

That is all for this week that I can think of, if you have any questions then please leave them below :) 

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