24 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

I can't believe I am 24 weeks pregnant...well actually I'm currently 25 weeks! Ahh its going so fast, I honestly thought after Christmas and New Year that it would slow down, but I have blinked and we are half way done with January! So this week started off good and then towards the end it went downhill, the week started with a cramp in my leg, it wasn't the bottom it was my thigh this time! OUCH... I'm so glad it only happened once but the next morning my thigh did hurt at times. Ive also been experiencing lower back ache, last Sunday Perry and I washed the car so I was bending down and over a lot, as I also hoovered it out and cleaned all the inside, and yes it was freezing cold I thought my fingers were going to fall off haha! Throughout the week I have noticed my eyes have been pretty dry and it has been making them itch and sore, this is also really annoying as it has been stupidly windy lately. 

Mid week I started to get the dreaded heartburn and acid reflux after I have eaten, I have found it is mostly after eating dinner and seems worse in the evenings. I had it with Isla more towards the end of the pregnancy and suffered pretty bad, so I hope it doesn't full on start already! The past few days I have been having some lower belly pain, they are like shooting pains and then a dull pain afterwards, I find it a bit better when I wear my maternity jeans as they have a belly support that comes up and really helps to support the bump from the bottom. Speaking of my belly, it has really popped out this week! My dad has been away since Tuesday and when he see me today (Saturday) he was so shocked at how much bigger I was! I certainly am starting to feel a lot bigger now, I can't see my toes anymore unless I lean forward and look over that way! I'm also starting to get the very attractive "Pregnancy waddle" so I know I definitely must be bigger now as I groan when I bend down or am tired, I must sound awful haha but I do it without knowing until Perry asks if I'm OK or if I want to sit down and for him to help, bless him. 

The 25 Week Midwife Appointment

I had my 25 week Midwife appointment on Thursday, although I was 24+6 we classed it as my 25 week appointment as she only comes to my area on a Thursday so she is seeing me a day early for all my future appointments. So to start with my blood pressure was all good although since I booked in with the midwife every time I see her it is raising so we will see what it is like next time at my 28 week appointment. I did my urine sample which can I just say you really do become a pro at peeing in them small tubs while being pregnant haha, anyway that was OK but it was showing some protein in it, so she said she's not concerned at the moment but she will keep an eye on it. A student Midwife felt my belly, although she didn't say what position he was in, I'm guessing by where she put the doppler that he is head down. His heart beat was perfect at 130bpm although he was wriggling so much he really didn't like her doing it. My bump is measuring perfect, it was just under the 50th percentile line on the chart which is good to see. We talked about the whooping cough vaccination that I need to book for 28 weeks so roughly the beginning of February, I also need to have a blood test done to check for antibodies and then I will be going to the hospital to get my Anti-D injection 2 days afterwards. I think that was all for the appointment, I was only in the room for 20 minutes so everything ran pretty smoothly considering I had Isla with me who hadn't had a nap and was pretty fussy. I see the midwife next on the 5th February which is going to fly by. 



  1. Your pregnancy is flying! Hope you can relax this week to hopefully put any aches and pains at bay. You're really blooming now :) xx

  2. You're looking gorgeous and positively radiant x x

  3. I know what you mean, pregnant with a toddler and my due date looks a lot closer this side of Christmas eeep x

  4. I am 24+ 5 weeks pregnant with my first baby and can't believe how fast it is going too. I also need to have anti-d injection for rhesus negative blood. Looking forward to following your final part of the pregnancy(I only just came across your blog) :)


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