25 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

This week has been pretty good, although feeling fatigue has properly kicked in now, I find myself yawning by 3pm and ready to fall asleep by 8:30pm. I haven't been majorly busy this week either so it's not like I have been busy and using up a lot of energy, so I'm definitely starting to slow down this week. His movements are so so strong now, and it does make me feel queasy when he moves so much because it's not pleasant at times, he's been punching or kicking downwards which is the worst ever! I definitely think he is head down now as I can make out what feels like a bum laying on my right side, also he has been getting his feet wedged under my ribs and I have to rub it to get him to move it otherwise I can't sit properly! 

I've definitely cut down on my portion sizes this week, I find it hard to finish my dinners and feel myself getting so bloated and full half way through eating. I've been visiting the bathroom a lot this week, I need to pee all the time it's crazy! Although I have been a bit constipated this week, TMI I know but this is a pregnancy update and I just want to be honest lol. My boobs have been leaking a lot more this week to the point that I might start wearing breast pads, I will have to get some next time I'm in boots or Tesco. I can also use them when I wear my sports bra for when I'm at home and in bed for sleeping. A lot of my friends said I seem to have got my glow and I look really well, so this is nice to hear as I don't believe I ever got the glow with Isla haha. I haven't got any more stretch marks so that is good, I've been using a cream that has already reduced the appearance of them. 

I think that is all for this week, I've had to change my midwife appointment as we are actually going away for the week now so it will now be the following Thursday when I will be 28 weeks + 6 days, I can't believe I'm almost at the 10 week count down! Isla came naturally at 39 weeks exactly, so it could be even less than 10 weeks or more if he is late! Im so excited I can't wait until we move out and I can set his bedroom up and put away all his clothes.



  1. AH the joys of pregnancy fatigue! Yay to him moving in the right position, even if he is kicking and punching a lot! Thanks for linking with #MaternityMondays

  2. It's really flying by, can only imagine how fast it's going for you! Xx

  3. All this sounds very familiar. I'm 27 weeks and had real trouble finishing meals last week. And that downwards keep cling thing is a real pain in the... Enjoy your week away! X #MaternityMonday


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