26 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

This week has been the worst week so far, so lets rewind back to last Friday when I turned 26 weeks, that was probably the only good day haha and that was spent chasing Isla round soft play while we was at a play date with friends, Saturday I woke up and was in the worst mood ever, I was so irritable and moody with everyone and I have no idea why. To be honest this pregnancy I haven't suffered much with being moody or snappy so it was a little out of the norm for me and especially poor Perry! Ive also been suffering with a really bad back ache, not sure if it was from all the walking I did last weekend or if its time to stop carrying Isla so much, especially when I pick her up I mean she weighs over 2 stone, and where Bump is so big now I have to kind of sit her on it. 

Monday morning I woke up with a really sore throat and Isla woke up with a full on cold, great start to the week huh. As the days have gone by I now have one blocked nostril and the other is running like crazy, so as you can imagine I'm not feeling too great. Also Isla has not been sleeping well at all, she has been waking up for the day from 6:30 and this morning it was 5:30! I am one exhausted Mummy at the moment, I have also been having a few dizzy spells, shaking and almost fainting episodes this week, I mentioned to the Midwife when I last see her that I was seeing black dots when I stood up and she said my blood pressure was OK at the time so she wasn't too concerned. Ive had my blood pressure taken again and it was reading quite low, so that explains why I was feeling so rough, but I am having some blood work done to check my Iron levels etc. 

Ive been noticing that I've been having a lot more braxton hicks this week, and I do notice them a lot more, they don't hurt but they are getting a little uncomfortable. He has definitely moved up even more as I'm struggling to breathe and just feel a lot of pressure under my lungs sometimes. His movements are SO strong, a lot stronger than Isla's were and also he moves a hell of a lot more than his sister did. At night time he is so active and he makes it so hard for me to sleep, he kicks the bed, he kicks Perry in the back if we are having a cuddle too! Obviously I can't sleep on my back so on my side my bump lays on the bed and I can feel a foot or elbow pushing into the mattress, its one of the cringiest feelings ever! Ive noticed my belly button is getting so shallow now, it won't be long before it pops out! My stretch marks on my thighs seem to have stayed the same although one looks a bit bigger, I have learnt that I'm going to get them no matter what so its best not to get too upset about them, they are your tiger stripes that you definitely earn! 

This week Isla decided to join me in my bump picture! She knows to lift my top up and kiss the baby if we ask her, where is Mummy's Baby? I can't believe I'm 27 weeks tomorrow agh where is time going? Please slow down 


  1. So sorry to hear you've not been feeling well! I had the dizziness with indiana and it was horrible, definitely make sure they keep an eye on it! Loveee your bump picture this week xx

  2. Sorry that your feeling rubbish. sometimes one of the major down sides of carrying round a tiny human. It must be soo tough having a toddler too, your doing amazing!! Fingers crossed your feeling better and have a better week 27!! Thanks for linking up #MummyMonday xx

  3. Awe sorry you weren't feeling well hun hope week 27 is easier on u, gorgeous pic of ye xx


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