Beebies Baby Store: Brand Ambassador Role

I recently see that Beebies Baby Store are looking for 2 new parenting bloggers / vloggers to join their team for a brand ambassador role. I firstly want to talk about the company before I tell you why I would love to join their #WeLoveBeebies team and why I think I'm suitable for the role!

Beebies Baby Store is run by the lovely Ami who has built the business up from scratch and I truly admire her for that because she has done an amazing job in the time she has started! You can find everything to see you through your pregnancy and beyond thanks to the selection of maternity wear & pillows, baby & toddler wear, baby equipment, toddler toys & beds etc the list goes on. Ami provides such a lovely connection with her customers and fans, and I really like that about the store, as you can also build a friendship as well as getting all the help you could possibly need, nothing is too much for Ami. I have recently ordered from the store on line and was so pleased with how smoothly the process went, and also the communication was fantastic, I even get emails updating me on the status of my order! Incredible... If you're wondering what I bought, lets just say it was nautical and you know I can't resist baby boy nautical items I'm like a leech on them haha! 

So now I want to talk about why I would love to be a Beebies Ambassador, I would love to support such a lovely lady and help her to grow her business even more, I'd love to join the Beebies Team also who all do a great job and work with them on spreading  #WeLoveBeebies. I love shopping, I can't lie about that at all haha and I love it even more if its shopping for my 2 year old daughter, and my baby boy bump. So being able to help promote a great store while doing something I love just seems like a win win to me! 

I think I would be suitable for the role as I am a mummy to Isla who is 2 years old and I love finding new products to use, especially this year as she will be going through so many changes, potty training, moving into a single bed from her toddler bed *sob sob* and I am almost 27 weeks pregnant with a baby boy who is due 1st May, so I will have a lot to blog about and will need to buy maternity wear and new baby products and so much more, I can see myself turning to Beebies Baby Store*, (wow that rhymes it should be a new slogan haha) *Even regardless of if I'm chosen for this role. I can share all the products with all you Mummy's and Mums to be, Im also working on my blog so much more now, and have made some lovely blogger Mummy friends who I would love to share this great store with and also personal friends who may not have heard about Beebies Baby Store... YET. I would also love the opportunity to work and support a brand that I truly love and who sell such good quality items that I would be proud to tell you all about, also to work with such a helpful, friendly team that are dedicated to their work.

Yes I am one sleep deprived unwell pregnant Mummy, this is the best I could do for now.. 
So that is my application to be a Beebies Baby Store Ambassador, I hope its good enough :)

Opinions and reviews are always honest and based on my own judgement.

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