Me & Mine: January 2015

This month seems to have been the longest month ever! As like most families, we have spent January easing our way back into a routine and finding homes for all our new stuff, and the forever ending toys Isla got for Christmas. We have been visiting family throughout the month, we had my mums birthday which was nice, my highlight would be the lovely fresh cream cake I bought her! Hehe. Mummy and Daddy actually had a few outings on their own, we went to the London Excel Boat Show, we went out for breakfast with Daddy's friends and partners from work, and we also had dinner out at our favourite Indian! This month has also been filled with lots of colds, coughs and viruses yikes. We are all currently suffering now, boo. Although this month has been good I'm definitely ready for a fresh new month as we have lots planned already!

Thought we would start off with a typical Family selfie! 

Mummy's January Highlights 
- Booking 3 family holidays for this year
- Loving series 2 of Broadchurch
- The lovely photos she captured of herself and Isla at the beach 
- Getting Bumps car seat and new pushchair

Daddy's January Highlights 
- Going to the boat show with Mummy 
- Finally giving the car a good wash 
- Capturing Isla loosing a welly in a puddle, he did the same when he was younger! 
- Bump giving him lots of big kicks

Islas January Highlights 
- Loving her new toys from Christmas 
- Eating some of Nanny's Birthday cake! 
- Her first muddy puddle experience, even though she lost a welly in a puddle! 
- Helping Mummy to make cupcakes

dear beautiful


  1. Lovely picture. It does seem to have been a really long month! #meandmine :-)

  2. Lovely family portrait of you all. Looking forward to reading more of your posts over the next year

  3. Aww, such a lovely photo of the three of you. And it sounds like a good month, even if it has been long. I'm loving Broadchurch too, it has me totally gripped every month. x


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