My New Year 2015 Resolutions

I've never really been one to set New Year resolutions but after the past year that I've had I think it would benefit my life if I had a few goals to achieve and mostly to improve my life, so instead of setting up the standard loose ** stone or what not I thought it would be better to set smaller more realistic goals, and mostly ones that I really want to achieve. So here goes, here are my goals for 2015....
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1. To have a healthy Son - If you don't already know, I am currently 23 weeks pregnant with my second baby, a little boy who is due on 1st May 2015. So for me the most important resolution was to give birth to a healthy little boy. To aim for this I want to improve my diet while I am still pregnant, eat more fruit and vegetables as this will also help my 2 year old daughter as well. I also want to have another 100% natural birth, I arrived to hospital at 10cm dilated with my daughter and an hour later she was born naturally in her sac. I really want to aim for another all natural birth, so I will be practising pain relief techniques so I can breathe and cope with the pain better.
2. Learn to drive - I did have driving lessons about 4 years ago now and I was doing really well, I even passed my theory test and everything! But since having a bad experience with 2 different instructors I have been put off driving and also since having my daughter Isla my confidence has completely gone out the window, I'm so nervous in the car now and certain things I don't look at the same anymore, like roller coasters. But this year I really want to push myself to drive as it would make my life a hell of a lot easier, especially for when I have 2 children. Ideally id like to pass my test before little man arrives, but I wont be pressuring myself into it if I'm not ready, as I certainly don't want to feel like I have failed if I don't pass before he arrives.
3. Get back into shape - After giving birth to Isla I was back in my size 6/8 jeans a week after giving birth, but a few months later it was like my body slowed down, we was eating ready meals and takeaways as being first time parents we was still getting use to having a tiny human to look after. I seemed to pile on the pounds and my figure is just not where I would like it to be, so in order to achieve this goal once little man arrives I will be:
Using my FitBit everyday to achieve my daily step goals
Eating smaller portions
Eating more fruit or drinking smoothies
Less takeaway
3 days a week I will do a simple 15 minute work out
Maybe join the gym if I have the time and money
4. Blog more! - I'm not going to lie, I have been really awful with my blog the past few months, there is no excuse really as I know there are busier people than me who still manage to blog multiple times a week. So from now on there will be minimum 2 posts a week going up on my blog, to achieve this keep reading below...
5. Be more organised - Ive already gone out and bought myself a new shiny diary, using this I will put in all my appointments that I have (probably will have a few once I have 2 children), also I will plan blog posts etc using the diary, ideally to get off to a good start I need to have a binge blog session and schedule some posts so I can take away a bit of pressure if I don't have the time.
6. More time to myself - I hardly ever have any time to myself, I spend all day looking after Isla, and then in the evenings I am cooking, cleaning and doing the bedtime routine. Once Isla is in bed I sit with Perry or do more tidying up, I never go and sit in another room to blog or catch up with social life. So when we move out I have decided 2 nights a week Perry and I will have a few hours to ourselves, I can have a relaxing bath and pamper session, go out with friends on my own (cant remember the last time that happened), blog on the computer, edit photos etc, or read a book. While I'm doing that Perry can do his own thing like play ps4, or even go out with his friends (we would have to do this separate nights obviously) I think by doing this it will make my blogging life better as I will have a designated time to myself to just sit with my mac.
7. Take more photos - I LOVE photography, and I don't know why but since having a toddler I just have found it hard to do things I love. My life has become all about this little cheeky 2 year old, and looking after her. This year I want to take more photos, pictures of Isla, the new baby, us as a family, and photos in general of random things. The day Isla was born I only got 3 photos with her which was immediately after she was born and placed on my chest. They are dark, blurry and pixelated which is upsetting, and I always tell Perry how upset I am that nobody took any other pictures of me with her that day. So under strict instructions Perry knows he will be videoing and taking photos of me and the baby the day he is born, hes even bought a adaptor so he can put the go pro on his head so as soon as the baby is born we can capture him on me and all the special personal memories that you forget after time.
8. Go on our first Family of 4 Holiday - Although we went away last year to Egypt when Isla was 17 months old, I already cant wait to go away again. I would love to be able to take Isla and the baby abroad somewhere and enjoy them being young and have that special time with them where you have no stress of cooking, cleaning etc. So we are looking to go away again in September when the baby will be 5/6 months. We are also going somewhere else but at the moment that's a secret hehe!
9. Stop biting my nails - I know, I know its a disgusting habit. I have been biting my nails for as long as I can remember, nobody in my family does so we are still unsure of where it came from. But I honestly hate it now, I'm so conscious of showing my hands because of my short stubby fingers, its also not nice when wearing a engagement ring as it draws people to look at your hands. Its also the hygiene aspect too, I feel sick thinking about it Yuk! Anyway I also don't want Isla to copy me, she has already started doing it a little already so I really don't want her to do it too! I'm going to get some Sally Henson nail growth polish to help grow them, I have tried the vile tasting stuff before but I just got use to it!
10. Lastly, I just want to be happy - Sounds stupid right? I have spent a LOT of 2014 being down and letting people have a negative effect on my life. Ive got to the point where I have realised you need to put yourself and your family first, because at the end of the day they are all you have got really. I have already made a few changes which I'm already feeling happier about, I have left a few people behind in 2014 I took them off my facebook and although with some people I have given them chances after chances I just cant carry on, its even a shame when some of them people are 'Family'. Anyway I don't want to drag it up to much but lets just say this year its a one strike and that's it sort of thing, Perry and I have both decided how we want this year to be and we also have a few plans that we want to sort out so just watch this space ;)
What are your New Year Resolutions or goals? Have you made a list and if so have you wrote down what exactly you need to do to make these changes happen? By doing this hopefully I will achieve my goals and you will too.
Thanks for reading and I also want to say a BIG Happy New Year to you all!


  1. I can agree with so many of your goals! I need to learn to drive, I just wish it was more affordable! And the nail biting, it's such a terrible habit haha xx

  2. I think you've set some really good goals there. Totally with you on the taking more photos bit. I've filmed quite a bit over the last year but not taken many photos. Like you I have 2 pixelated rubbish photos of me holding Grace the day I had her. So I want to make sure this year that I get in the habit of taking more photos of us all as a family.

    I hope you have a happier 2015 and a healthy one and I can't wait to see your son. Take care hun x x


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