Naming our Son

Having a baby is one of the most special, exciting and memorable times of your life. Finding out you are pregnant is one of the best feelings ever, especially for us this time as it was planned and it was also only 2 weeks after a early miscarriage at 5 weeks. We are pregnant with our Rainbow baby boy and other than getting everything ready for him, buying new clothes and a few bits for him, we also have the very important and difficult task of picking a name for him! When I was pregnant with Isla we had her name picked shortly after finding out her gender at 16 weeks, it seemed so simple and easy for her. But this time we are finding it really difficult to name our little boy that is arriving in 15 weeks time!

We have a few names picked out, 3 of them are favourites and 1 of them we are 99% certain is the name, we keep saying it and talking to him using the name. I have been practising saying his name with his surname, saying Tara, Perry, Isla and ******, I've also been using Islas mega sketcher and pretending I'm signing cards and writing out all our names to see how it looks. When picking a name for your second, third, etc you have to make sure it flows with your 1st child's name. Because Islas name is quite unique and different, we didn't want a more common boys name and felt we needed to find a name that kind of matched Islas name. I'm hoping within the next few weeks we can really settle on the name, I can't see it changing from our top name but we also want to be sure. Then we can share the name with family and friends, although we are considering until waiting until he is born to announce his name, of course close family like our parents will be told his name before he is born, as we do also want to hear a little feedback on the name we choose, although it wouldn't change our mind it's still nice to hear what they think. When we told my auntie when I was pregnant that we had picked the name Isla, she didn't like it one bit, but by the time she was born she absolutely loved it and begged us not to change it. So I'm hoping if anybody doesn't like his name that it will grow on them the more they think about it.

I really don't like the stress that comes with naming babies, you soon realise people who you now 'hate' because they have the name you like or have called their children that name... obviously you don't really hate them but I think you will know what I mean. Did you have any problems with naming your children? Did close family hate the name you picked?- if so how did you get around it, did you think of a new name or persevere with it despite their opinions?


  1. Ooh excited to hear what his name will be! We kept Indiana's a complete secret until she was born as it felt odd naming my bump before she was born haha. Boys names seem so much harder too xx

  2. Can't wait to hear the name!! Isla is such a beautiful name and am sure Ur boys name will be equally fab xx

  3. The name will be perfect and we already have a name for our next one :)

  4. Not long now cant believe how quick its going! Harry is our next babys name well if its a boy haha good choices!xx


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