Quality Isla & Mummy Time | Winter Beach Walk

If you read my 2015 goals then you will know one of them was to take more photographs and to get out my slr more often, well being 25 weeks pregnant I'm really keen on having some special quality time with Isla before the baby arrives, I just want to make the most of it being me and her, and also life being less hectic. I also want to capture these memories too, so what better way to achieve 2 goals at once? We went out for a wintery beach walk, although it was sunny it was still pretty cold so we didn't stay out long. She absolutely enjoyed it, lately we have been staying in at home a lot so even just a walk on the beach was good enough for Isla, she loved it! I want to start doing more things with her, even if its just one day a week of making that effort to do special things, as I know once the baby is here it will take me a while to get into a routine and get use to going out with 2 little ones. Here are some of the photos I captured from our walk, I'm so happy with them although I would of liked Perry to of been there so he could be in some with us, but I guess there is always the weekend for that :) 

I don't ever take pictures of myself anymore, I use to before I had Isla but since then I have lost a bit of confidence in myself especially with how I look and feel. It is nice to take a photo now and again as I would love to have some photos of my mum when she was my age to see what she looked like.

I love this picture I managed to capture of me and Isla, I had left my remote at home so had to use the good ole self timer, so it meant taking pictures together was pretty limited as I had to keep running back and fourth haha.

This is my favourite picture I got of Isla, its the only one that she is properly posing for and actually looking at the camera! It just shows how cheeky she is but at the same time it is also a nice picture, I think I might get this put on a canvas.

Another one of me and Isla, it was a shame she was mid blinking but I still love it, she had found a cork and would not put it down in case you're wondering what she is holding.

My little sweet girl running towards me, now she had found a stick to go along with her cork haha.

For the life of me I could not get her to look at the camera, I was shouting all sorts from "Look Daddy" to "Chocolate" and she still would not look at me haha. But here I caught her smiling as a couple with a dog was walking past. 

Haha this is one of the funny ones, I just had to include it. Look how cheeky she is, running along with a cork and stick, yet sticks her tongue out at me as she runs past hehe oh to be 2.

This last one of us is my absolute favourite, I love it so much because it is the only 'natural' picture I got of us. I had set up the self timer and as it was starting to beep louder as it was about to take the photo a dog decides to gallop past! I thought the dog had ruined the picture so was laughing at Isla as she was smiling at the dog that was going crazy, little did I know that it had actually taken a perfect picture of us that I WILL be getting on canvas!

So here are a few pictures of the 108 that I took that afternoon, I'm so happy with them and think it will be so lovely to look back on these in the future. 


  1. Love your blog hun, iv just started mine would you please check it out its not much because I don't know what to write ha xx

  2. I love the one where she is sat in the dune. Looks like she's contemplating life ;) we also went to the beach this week for a wintert walk. Didn't last to long but it was nice to blow the cobwebs away! #mummymonday

  3. Really lovely pictures, love the last one natural shots always look great! Those beach huts in all those pastel colours look perfect in the background too! Thanks for linking up and see you next time!! #MummyMonday xx

  4. Beautiful pictures - I'm another one who needs to get round the other side of the camera more often x

  5. Aww such lovely pictures! I love the one of her running past, so cheeky :). The last picture is gorgeous, definitely one for a frame or canvas! Xx

  6. such a lovely photos hun :) glad you guys had a good day at the beach! Wish I lived closer to one

    thankyou for joining in on #mummymonday - love Gemma (host) xo


  7. Beautiful photos - you look like you are having a wonderful time together :-)


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