Me & Mine: February 2015

February has been a busy month for us, the first week was spent at Bluestone's in Wales, we had such an amazing time and made some great memories. We then had Valentines Day, The Baby Show at Excel London to get the rest of baby Boy's bits, my birthday, lots of bump shopping, and seeing lots of family. Its been a great month but also a quick month, we are all looking forward to March as its another month closer to meeting our new family member. 

Mummy's February Highlights

- Turning 22 on her Birthday. 
- A relaxing week away in Wales and finally meeting friends she's been talking to for 3 years, also the lovely video I made of our week away.
- Eating lots of chocolate and cake!
- The finale of Broadchurch was amazing!

Daddy's February Highlights

- Spending a week away in Wales with his girls.
- Taking Mummy to a Chinese restaurant for her birthday (she wanted to go for months)
- The warmer weather we've been having lately.
- Finally putting his Go Pro to good use and getting great footage!

Isla's February Highlights

- Making lots of crafts with Mummy.
- Getting a new play doh set or "potato" as she calls it.
- Learning new body parts and proudly telling everyone she meets where their knees are.
- Feeling Bump kick her hand for the first time - she found it hilarious.

dear beautiful

30 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

I can't believe I am 31 weeks today, thats just a crazy number to me, I can't believe how quick its gone and being that nothing is organised at all at the moment makes me feel a little bit anxious, and I'm pretty sure thats why it is going so quick because I'm not prepared at all at the moment haha! So week 30 has been a bit better than last week thankfully, my SPD seems to have been a bit better but I have taken it easy this week and been at home a lot of the time as after last week I thought it would be good to have a rest. We got a lot of the last bits ticked off of the baby's list at the weekend, we went to The Baby Show and also popped to Mothercare afterwards to get a few other bits. Ive just got random little bits to get now and then we are done, we just need to move and then once we are settled we can set up his nursery, wash all his clothes and set everything up, I can't wait I'm so excited to get all his bits out from the back of the wardrobe! I also had my Birthday this week, I thought I'd feel like a whale and not want to go out for dinner but luckily I had bought a Maternity top and from the front you couldn't even tell I was pregnant! 

Sleep is a little hit and miss at the moment, I have woken up at least once a night for a wee since being pregnant, so you could say Ive already got use to broken sleep again and then getting up early with Isla so that will help when the baby comes. Lately though pregnancy insomnia has kicked in, I seem to have such a deep sleep and then wake up for a wee around 2am, but once I get back into bed I've started to really struggle to get back to sleep. Also I am getting so uncomfortable now, I find myself tossing and turning all the time and swapping sides of the bed much to Perry's annoyance. I was going to invest in a pillow but being almost £40 I thought I may as well just stick it out now as I won't get to use it for that long. At times I feel so uncomfortable and am at the fed up stage and wanting my own body back so much now, I feel bad for complaining already but at times I just can't wait to have him so I can sleep on my belly, drink a Relentless (my FAVOURITE drink ever!) and start loosing some weight as I am determined to get my body back to a point I'm happy with after I've given birth. 

Ive also been suffering from nose bleeds this week, not full on running out everywhere just little nose bleeds in the morning. My acid reflux is getting worse, its really bad in the evenings and just makes me feel like utter rubbish, I've still been having a few slight period pains this week and also sharp pains in my boobs. We have decided that I am going to try breast feeding and if he doesn't take to it like Isla didn't, then I am going to pump for the first 2 weeks so he can get all the good milk first and then slowly wean him on to formula, I did this with Isla for the first week but being 19 at the time I wasn't as confident or have much knowledge as I do now. Ive been getting a few bits for my hospital bag this week which is so exciting! I can't believe how quick its going now. 

My 22nd Birthday!

On the 24th February I turned 22! I had a great day and can't thank you all enough for the messages on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I was woken up by Isla bringing in my presents, which she then sat in front of me and opened them haha, I was also made breakfast in bed which was lovely and a great way to start the day. I got dressed, picked out Isla a outfit to wear and then daddy got her dressed as its such a battle everyday it only seemed fair he do it on my birthday. We headed off to a nearby outlet and had a look around, I didn't have anything in mind that I wanted to get we just thought it would make a difference from our normal town shopping. We stopped in Costa so we could warm up on hot chocolates and cake, Isla really enjoyed it and was surprisingly very well behaved, I think any toddler with cake in front of them is going to be a little Angel haha. We then carried on looking round the shops, I could of bought a few bits of clothing for bump but to be honest he has the essentials and I know for sure nearer the time we will be given loads of gifts from family so I don't want to have to many clothes, and also with moving coming up I'm trying to save my money for new bits for the house.

We then went back to our town as I had been sent some vouchers from Matalan for my birthday and wanted to use them, I had to buy a few things on my birthday didn't I? Of course all I bought was bits for the kids, bump got a few bits he needed like a towel, and they both got matching Mickey and Minnie Mouse UV suits and hats for our holiday in September! I cant wait for them to wear them they are going to look adorable matching each other. After Matalan I headed to Boots as I wanted to pick up a few bits ready to pack my hospital bag in a few weeks, they had a offer on the maternity towels etc so I picked up some of them and a bottle brush as we didnt have one of those either, I also got bump another towel as I just couldnt resist it. Perry thinks I'm crazy but spending my birthday money on the kids was the best thing that could make me happy, oh I did buy myself something, I got a pack of 5 pairs of socks! Perry ran back to the car to get the pushchair as Isla was starting to want to be picked up, while he was away me and Isla ran into The Entertainer, they had 25% off play doh and Isla is OBSESSED with it at the moment so I let her pick a new little set and she was so excited about it, she even gave it to the lady behind the till and said thank you bye as we left haha. 

We got a cone of chips as we had Costa at a funny time and skipped lunch as we was still full from cake, we then came home and after I sat down for a bit I started to get changed as Perry was taking me out for dinner at 7, he ended up taking me to a Chinese I had been wanting to go to for ages and I'm so glad he did because it was so lovely and also so nice to have a proper chat with Perry and just relax for a while. When we got home I got to see my birthday cake that Perry had designed and picked everything out for me, he done a great job because it looked amazing and tasted even better! After feeling like I was in a food coma we snuggled up in bed and I fell asleep while we watched a film. I had a great day, 22 feels like such a weird age, Im no longer the special age of 21 and the next big birthday is 30! 

Do you find you spend your birthday money on your child/ren? I think its just a typical mummy thing to do but at times you do need to spoil yourself too :)

London Excel Baby Show 2015: What We Bought

This was the first baby show we have been too, I don't think they were going on or as popular when I was pregnant with Isla so we didn't go to any. But this year I was 30 weeks pregnant with baby boy so we thought we would give it a go, we had a few things on our list to get and hearing that the brands we liked had good show offers on we headed to the show with a list of bits to get. When we got there I was a bit overwhelmed with it, so much was going on and also it was packed, can you imagine how many pushchairs were being pushed around. I'm not a fan of busy places so I felt really uncomfortable, but we had a good look round and bagged a few bargains for baby boy which I'm pleased about. It was a great experience and lovely to get information on new brands and inventions we hadn't seen or heard of before. I had planned to take pictures and make a great post about it etc but it was just so busy, Isla was starting to play up as well so I think if I ever go again I wouldn't take a toddler with me. But here are the bits we picked up for little man...

I needed some more pre natals vitamins and when we see the Pregnacare stand we immediately stopped, I only needed one more box to see me to the end of this pregnancy and they was on offer for £3 which was amazing! I didn't even know about the rest of the stuff that was in the goodie bag it came in, we got a vest that says 'Pregnacare helped look after mum and me!' which is adorable, also there was a full size bottle of the Pregnacare stretch cream, I have one already and it cost me over £5! So I was really shocked to see that in there, and then there was a cute little heart mirror, some leaflets and samples of other vitamins they do.

Next we visited the Tommee Tippee stand, it was packed and the queue was really long, but we went over as I wanted to get some of these bibs for little man, we used them with Isla and they were one of my newborn must haves! We have a few neutral ones left over that we can use, but I wanted to get some new ones and also some blue ones too. For this 4 pack of the Closer To Nature bibs it cost us £4.50! I remember buying a pack of 2/3 of these with Isla for close to £9 so I was well pleased with these ones. Thinking about it now I probably should of grabbed another set but never mind. 

These were one of the top items to get on our list, we used Mam bottles with Isla and also the dummies, plus all the weaning equipment when the time came. I'm a huge Mam fan and would happily sit talking about the bottles for ages, I'm a walking talking advert for them pretty much. We had the pink ones with Isla so of course needed to get some new blue ones this time, they do green for either gender but the designs are too cute not to get in the gender specific colours. We have 3 neutral small mam anti colic self sterilising bottles, so we just needed to get some bigger bottles, a pack of 3 cost us £8.50! Mothercare sell the 3 pack for £18.00 so we got 6 for the price of 3 pretty much. We also picked up some dummy clips that were £4.50, and I did see a breast feeding starter kit that was massively reduced but for some silly reason didn't buy it.

We stopped at the Mothercare stand and had a look around, we was hoping to get some Angelcare nappy bin refills, as we still have the bin from Isla we just need refills, but they seem hard to get and are always more expensive than the Tommee Tippee ones, so when we see this nappy bin in baby blue, we had to get it. You got the bin and 2 refills for £15.50 instead of £31.00 but then when you got to the till you got an extra 20% off the discount prices so it worked out £13.95 which was awesome!

These were a couple of freebies we was given while walking around, as well as many leaflets which I'm going to sit and go through at some stage, a lot of the leaflets have discount codes on so you can still get the show prices or a discount at home. 

Overall we had a great time, we got a few bits to tick off little mans list and also got to know a lot of new brands as well. Id like to go to another baby show, maybe try another location like Bluewater or something. That will probably be when little man is here, and then Isla can stay with family as I don't think it was very enjoyable for her. Did you go to the baby show? If so how did you enjoy it? 

Tara x

29 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

Week 29 has been a tough one, I feel like I am getting to that uncomfortable moany stage, I feel bad because I am only 30 weeks today and feel like I shouldn't be complaining yet, but man now I know what women mean when they say the second + pregnancies are harder! This week I haven't been sleeping well at all, I find myself tossing and turning all night, and then when I wake up for my wee it takes me a while to get back to sleep after, the other night I laid there awake for 2 hours just trying to get back to sleep, it was so frustrating! I've also been having very vivid dreams, I'm a big dreamer anyway and often can have up to 3 different dreams a night, but lately certain parts of a dream are so real like its crazy, I wake Perry up and randomly tell him my dreams, as you can tell he's never impressed when I do!
I've got a few stretch marks on my thighs, and now lower legs just under my knee on the sides, I think I can see a faint one appearing on my side on my belly, which is annoying as it will be my first one. I was hoping I might get away with not having them on my stomach area but never mind, I'm proud of them. I've started using baby oil on my body when I get out of the bath, I don't use a lot as I don't like the greasy feeling on my body, I also use the pregnacare stretch mark cream for the nights I don't have a bath. My face is also very dry at the moment, even though I've been using a moisturiser my cheeks seem to be red and sore they are so dry. In the evenings I've started to suffer with the awful acid reflux, its not pleasant at all and so uncomfortable!

This pregnancy I have suffered with sciatica pain, I get it when I speed walk or walk long distance, I mostly suffer with it on my right side and I've got to know the pain now and if I sit down and then get up it makes it worse. Since being in Wales I've experienced a new pain that has not gone away at all, its in my pelvis/groin area, it really hurts to walk sometimes and when I move from one side to another in bed, get in and out the car, or when I stand up I get the pain, its always there though but dull and then it can get worse. I felt like I was bruised underneath it was horrible, after visiting the doctor I have been diagnosed with SPD! He said it will most likely get worse as the pregnancy goes on, especially with carrying more weight so yeah if you see some pregnant women waddling along grunting, that will be me!
I've been having a few period pains this week, not painful ones just uncomfortable enough for me to notice, period pains are such distinct pains you know if you have one, I have found it a little nerve wracking as 2 weeks before I gave birth to Isla I started to have period pains etc although I have read it is highly normal and just my body preparing, especially as it knows what it is doing this time round so that might be why I'm having them so early. I cant believe I am 30 weeks pregnant today, everyone thinks he will be early (not as in premature, just before his due date) I think it would be cool if he came the 19th April as Isla was born the 19th December, I worked out from 10th April I will be classed as full term which is insane as that's just over a month away!

Would love if anyone would like to leave some guesses on what date he will arrive as my family and friends are now all placing their 'bets' on dates, it gets me so excited hehe. 

28 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

Needles...Needles and more needles sums up this week! The first 3 days of my 28th week wasn't bad as I reported no symptoms in my app, Monday is when it all started. On Monday I had my blood test done, I had to have it done before having my anti-D injection so they could check my blood to make sure no antibodies had formed. It was the best blood test I've had done so far, I hardly felt a thing and normally would feel a bit light headed after but this one was awesome! Tuesday I had my anti-D injection so back up to the hospital I went, I was feeling pretty nervous because when I had it done while pregnant with Isla it went in the top of your bum cheek, with Isla running around I was thinking how on earth am I going to keep relaxed, especially your leg/bum muscles! I was relieved when she said they now do it in your arm, silly me didn't wear a top that rolled up easily so I had to pull my arm out and sit there with my pregnancy jeans that come up to underneath my bra, and then my bra was all out on show with a good view of my boobs, great how flattering! Afterwards I had to sit and wait 10 minutes to make sure I was OK and then I was sent on my way, with a lovely new stamp on the front of my maternity notes reading RH Negative. 

I had stupidly walked from our town to the hospital, that day I done a total of 13,879 steps and by the time I had left the hospital I could hardly walk, so I text my mum to pick me up from a nearer place as I had a stitch all across the front of my belly. Wednesday I could hardly walk, my sciatica pain was really bad and Ive also been suffering with another pain down in my pelvis/groin area which I will talk about more next week once I go to the doctor. Thursday I had my 28 week midwife check up, my urine was all OK and blood pressure was good. Bump was measuring on track and had a good heartbeat, I told her how the past few days Baby Boy hadn't been moving as much so she got on the phone and rung the maternity triage and got me booked in to go on the monitor. He was kicking while I was talking but she wanted to send me just to be safe. So back up the hospital I went, and after 10 minutes on the monitor I got the all clear to come home and ever since his movements have gone back to normal thankfully. I was meant to be having my whooping cough injection this week but because of another appointment elsewhere I need to reschedule it soon.

Bluestone National Park Resort Review

We have recently just got back from a mid week stay at Bluestone in Pembrokeshire, Wales. The park is set in 500 acres, with a little village in the middle and is surrounded by almost 300 lodges, cottages and studio apartments. We made the drive up to Wales on Monday 2nd February 2015 and it took us 7 hours total travelling time so we was pretty tired when we arrived at 3pm. Check in was done by a drive-through system which was awesome, it meant we didn't need to get out of the car and search for a reception, you just simply gave your booking reference and surname, and then you were given a welcome pack with a map on the back. We was put in a Ramsey Lodge, which is a 2 bedroom 2 en suite upside down lodge, to make the most of the view they put the bedrooms downstairs and the living area upstairs. We stayed in 42 Bartholowmew Rise, which was just set back from the beautiful lake, a short walk from the village and around a 10 minute walk from the long stay car park. 

Drive through check in
Our Ramsey Lodge

We wasn't allowed to check into our lodge until 4:30pm, so we went and parked the car in the long stay car park and headed off to the Adventure centre which wasn't a long walk from the car park. Around 4pm we went back to the car so we could drive up to the local Tesco which was only roughly 20 minutes away, we bought some essentials like milk, bread etc. At 4:30pm the gate opens so you can drive the car to your lodge so you can unpack, this was so great as our car was jam full of stuff for our stay, the car had to be returned to the long stay car park before 12am. The site runs a no car policy, I thought this was really good as you always felt reassured that no cars could go speeding past with young children around, I noticed that if you was disabled you was allowed to keep your car outside your lodge, so the option is there if you have walking difficulties. 

The Lodge

Once we had brought everything in from the car I got a chance to look around the lodge, I was really impressed with the size of the bedrooms, and also the en suites! The main bedroom was at the front of the lodge, and the en suite had a bath in which I was really happy about as Isla isn't a massive fan of showers. Both rooms had drawers in, a wardrobe with hangers and also 2 bed side cabinets, so there was plenty of storage for all your clothes and bits, also in the wardrobe was a safe for you to use. The twin bedroom had a wet room which was lovely as well, nice and spacious and it felt really warm thanks to the towel rails, there was also a travel cot which we used for Isla, she is 2 years 1 month and she slept in it perfectly. There are 9 different types of lodges so there is something suitable for all types of families and group numbers. All lodges come with towels which was really useful and handy and meant less packing and washing for me!

We also had a cupboard under the stairs to store all of our shoes, wellies and there was a coat hanger on the door to hang all of our coats up. There was a hoover, broom, dust pan and brush so you could keep the lodge clean while you was there. I was pleased to see a baby gate at the bottom and top of the stairs, as this was something I was a little worried about when I knew we was going to be in a 2 storey lodge. I then went upstairs to explore the living area and kitchen, I was so amazed with the size of the living area, it was pretty spacious, we had 2 sofas, a coffee table, the TV stand with a DVD player, a dining table and 4 chairs, a unit for more storage and a high chair. We had to move the coffee table out of the way as Isla was running around it, but there was a space for it to go neatly out of the way without hardly taking up any room. The kitchen was very well equipped, it had everything you could possibly need, and everything was really clean, we was also supplied with a little starter pack which contained, a mini washing up liquid, 3 dishwasher tablets, a sponge, cloth, and tea towel. The only bad things I can think of was because it is a countryside area which you can expect to get muddy, the carpet by the front door was not big enough to get the pram in without getting the cream carpet they have ruined, a mat would be useful to put down or maybe a sheltered area outside to lock your pushchair? Also we found that the check in time was a bit late, after travelling for 7 hours we just wanted to get into our lodge but had to wait another hour and half, by the time we unpacked and put the food away it was getting late and when you have little ones it can be quite stressful. You can pay to get into your lodge earlier so maybe if you're coming from far away I would probably pay for this option but it would be nice if the check in could be brought forward if at all possible.


There was plenty to do, we spent most of our time in the indoor Adventure Centre and also the Blue Lagoon water park which was also indoors. The Adventure Centre was very well spaced out, complete with a wooden climbing frame with tunnel slides, ideal for older children although Perry did take Isla up but said it wasn't easy carrying her on certain bits, there was a smaller soft play area for under 4s, Isla really enjoyed this as it had a ball pit and smaller slides for her to enjoy, a mini golf area which is FREE - I was expecting to have to pay for it so was surprised, arcade machines, a bouncy castle, climbing wall, lego wall area, giant connect 4 game, sofa area to sit down, and also you could pay to do The Swing, The Drop, The Wall and The Sky Trail, which is great for older children, there was also a bar and eating area upstairs. We also popped into the NRG Zone and played a game of air hockey, they also had grabby machines, a dance game, pool table and little mini rides. Also in the Adventure Centre there is a Circus Zone and Messy Play, I also see Toddler Sensory as well but you had to pay and book these which we never got round to doing.

On Tuesday we headed over to the Blue Lagoon Indoor Water Park, we had to collect our tickets from the reception and then we asked permission if we could use our Go Pro to capture some footage for our video montage, we was told we could use it but not when the wave machine was on. I believe the changing rooms are in the process of being changed, but they were still pretty good and we managed to get a family room pretty quickly. We put our clothes in the locker (£1) and headed into the pool area, my first impressions was how warm it was in there, it was also very light thanks to see through roof, I was impressed to hear that the Blue Lagoon is heated by biomass from a nearby energy centre! There was plenty going on, lots of deck chairs for you to leave towels on or sit down for a break, a toddler area with a small slide and rock pool, 2 flume rides, another area designed like a pirate ship for younger children (although we found it quite chilly because of the spraying water), outdoor and indoor spa pool, and also the main pool which now and again would have the wave machine on, leading off of the pool was the lazy river which took you outside, this was definitely our favourite. If you're hungry during or after swimming there was a poolside Fish Shack where you could get food and drink, we didn't eat here but if we had been more organised we probably would of eaten here after swimming.

We went for a walk on one of the many nature trails, we walked up to Camp Smokey where 2 of the trails begins, we looked on the map and decided to take the Green route as it was starting to get dark and we didn't want to be too long. We luckily had our off-road pushchair with us so it was no problem for us with all the mud, and uneven surfaces. It was a very enjoyable walk, lots of lovely scenery and we even had to cross the little stream twice. We was planning on doing another route but never got the time to do it unfortunately. When we walked down to Camp Smokey which was closed due to the season we was in, we noticed there was the Steep Ravine, you could do zip wires that range from 40ft to 240ft! You could also do the high ropes, Woodland Warrior Laser Combat and so much more! Great for older children and adults too, I believe it was closed at this time of the year though. You can also hire bikes and trailers if you want to go on any cycle routes, or even just to get around the park a bit quicker.

You can also visit the Treehouse and TreeTots parks, we found the TreeTots was perfect for our 2 year old, she could use everything and it was gated so we had no worry of her running off. We was lucky and had the park to ourselves, we did take her into the bigger area, but had to stay with her at all times, she did enjoy it so that was good. 

For the adults, you could visit the Well Spa Retreat where you could use the saunas, steam rooms, treatment rooms and also the hydro pool. Being 27 weeks pregnant I couldn't use the spa but I definitely will if we come back. There is so much to do at Bluestone's, most of the activities are available in the warmer months so double check before booking, but we found we had plenty to do in February, even stuff that we couldn't even fit in. 

Eating, The Village & The Resort 

We didn't eat out much due to bringing so much food, so we ate at our lodge for 3 nights and on our last night we was planning on going to The Farmhouse Grill, but because we was all so tired we decided to use the Take-away service, we was really confused about how it works so Perry walked up to The Farmhouse Grill and returned with 2 pizzas and a bottle of drink, the pricing was OK and the pizza was nice but I wouldn't get it again. We also ate breakfast in Miller's Bakery, we had croissants which were fresh and delicious, we also had a hot chocolate which was yummy. So yummy I didn't even get time to take a photo as we gobbled it up so quick, but I would highly recommend eating in there, its a shame as we ate in there on our last morning. We did buy a pack of 4 scones (£2) to take home with us, and they got huge thumbs up from family I wish we had got another pack. The park has 5 restaurants which all use locally sourced and produced ingredients wherever possible, there's also a village pub so you will be spoiled for choice. You can find times for breakfast, lunch and dinner in your welcome pack and where to go so that was useful. Although a take-away menu and ways to order would of been helpful to go in the welcome pack too as we really didn't know how to go about ordering or what we could have. In The Village you can find the restaurants and pub, bakery, Newtons village store, wine store, The Well Spa Retreat and lots more. 

You could also hire a buggy to make getting round the park a lot quicker and easier, we decided not to but probably would if we was to come again. Isla (2 years) managed to walk from our lodge to the Blue Lagoon Water Park, although on the way home she did need to be carried for a bit, but the next time we just took our pushchair and then left it in the reception at the pool. To hire a buggy you need to be aged 18 or over and hold a valid driving license. The pricing for February was pretty good to hire a buggy, I'm not sure if the price changes every month though so always check, you can also book activities and a buggy before you even arrive at the park (just log in on line via the website) so you can ensure to get a buggy/place on a  activity. 


Overall we had a excellent stay at Bluestone, with a clean well equipped lodge, beautiful views, plenty of activities and also making unforgettable memories. We are an outdoorsy family anyway, we live in the country so this was a brilliant break away for us, we would definitely return, probably next year when the new baby will be a bit older, and I'd also love to visit again in a warmer month. The weather didn't cause too much trouble for us, it was still just as enjoyable and beautiful, but if you have older children I'd recommend coming when all the outdoor activities are available. If you would like to read more in depth what we got up to every day then click below, also watch our video montage for a better insight into our stay at Bluestone, Wales. We will definitely return, and would recommend to friends!

What we got up to:

Watch Our Video Montage: 

*We was offered a 4 night stay in a Ramsey Lodge in exchange for a review, all thoughts are completely honest and my own personal opinions*

Family Fever

Family Break In Wales: Friday

Friday morning we all woke up feeling glum, but also slightly panicked as Isla slept in again, typical. So we was now in a rush, I jumped in the shower as I needed to wash my hair, Perry gave Isla breakfast and was pottering about upstairs, after my shower I quickly got dressed and then started to run around putting everything I could find into the suitcase. I also had to put the travel cot down that Isla had been sleeping in, and also empty all the food from the cupboards upstairs in the kitchen. We got quite a lot done surprisingly, and while Perry went to go and get the car from the car park I dried my hair, I was so glad that we could bring the car down to pack up all our stuff again. When he got back we loaded up the car, it seemed to be a lot more organised on the way home and practically everything went in the boot, just leaving the push chair to go on the back seat as we was planning on using it a lot still in the day. After closing the door and saying goodbye to our lodge with very sad faces, we drove up to the reception and put our room keys back in the post box and then went and parked the car in the car park, as you are allowed to stay on site until 3pm if you wish. 

As we parked the car I realised that I hadn't done my make up, but being so relaxed in the country it didn't really bother me at all, actually I quite liked it. We went to Millers Bakery for breakfast as I hadn't eaten yet and was starving, we got a hot chocolate each and a chocolate croissant which was delicious. We then headed up to the Treehouse and Treetots so Isla could have a run around and play in the park before our journey home. She loved the slide and swings, and she even went in the bigger area with us and got over her fear of walking across the wobbly bridge and did it herself. We was so proud of her, she's come so far and its been lovely to see her confidence grow since we had been there. We stayed on site until half 12 and then we left, we had already arranged to drive up to one of the local beaches which was around 25 minutes away so we left and headed to the beach. 

It was a bit of a drive to the beach, and it involved a lot of 1 track roads, lots of hills and great views, I could tell Perry was getting nervous as he hates heights and it seemed like we was driving right to the top of a cliff! We got to the car park and had to pay £5 to park the car which was a bit of a joke as we knew we wouldn't be very long as it was so windy, but we paid anyway and got the pram out, luckily there was some toilets right near the car park so I had to use them before we went anywhere else! The route to the beach wasn't very buggy friendly at all there was some very steep stairs to get up to the top, luckily a man stopped and helped Perry up with the pram. The view was amazing from the top, I was snapping away on my dslr, it was just a breath taking view and the photos really don't do it justice, we kept on walking and then we finally see the beach! It was just incredible, one of the nicest beaches I've ever been to in the UK, we had to walk down lots of steps to get down to the beach from the cliff top, I'm so glad we had our off road pushchair otherwise I don't think we would of done it. We stayed at the beach for about half an hour, we was taking lots of photos and capturing lots of video footage as well, Isla was enjoying playing with the soft sand although she hated the wind. 

We started the walk back to the car as it was starting to get late and we was all feeling tired and hungry, getting back up the steps was hard work, at one point I almost just sat down and gave up. Isla was refusing to get in the pram and the stairs were pretty steep, also being 28 weeks pregnant it was hard work just for me. But we made it thankfully haha, we walked back to the car and made our way back to the town, we stopped at Mc Donalds to grab a late lunch, it was around 2:30 so we all ate in silence while we gobbled it down, we then filled the car up with petrol in Tesco's and left Pembrokeshire at around 3:00pm. We was 20 minutes into the journey and I was already feeling super uncomfortable and my back was really hurting. Isla was watching Peppa Pig on the iPad so she was pretty content, we got stuck in a bit of traffic, and it took us 3 hours to get to the bridge to leave Wales. Overall once again it took us 7 hours to get home! We stopped for dinner at the services on the way home and for Perry to get a energy drink as he was pretty tired, and then we got home at just after 10pm! 

We had an amazing week away, we just wish it could of been a little longer as 2 days were pretty much used for travelling, but never mind. We have said that we will definitely be returning, maybe next year in the warmer months with both of the children! Thank you so much to anyone who has read the everyday posts of our break, I really wanted to jot them down to save the memories and share with you all our break and the photos. 

Family Break In Wales: Thursday

Thursday was a very exciting day for me, I run a Facebook Mummy Group and in that group is a lovely lady who also has a daughter who was born a week before Isla, we went through our pregnancies together and beyond, so we have been talking almost everyday for the past 3 years, and it so happens she lives in Pembrokeshire so I thought it would be perfect to meet her! Also in the group is another girl who is my age and has 2 little ones about the same age gap that Isla and Bump will have and she kindly drove down from Bristol to meet us! I got up in the morning and was feeling a little nervous about meeting them, but I also felt quite calm as we do all talk everyday so I knew it wouldn't be too awkward. I got dressed and ready and left the lodge around 10:30, we had arranged to meet at Merlin's Magic soft play centre in Haverfordwest which was only a 20 minute drive from Bluestone's. 

I had such a lovely time at the soft play, Isla enjoyed meeting new friends and it was lovely to have a talk and natter with other Mums. We had lunch which was delicious, the best I've had at a soft play centre so it got top marks for that. Isla enjoyed exploring a new centre and it didn't take her long to go off on her own, they had a area for younger children that she enjoyed playing in, a room with Frozen Let it go playing and disco lights, and also a table full of Mr.Potato heads and every costume you could think of to dress him up in and all kinds of funny body parts. We stayed until 3pm and Perry came to pick us up, he had been back at the lodge and I believe he spent most of his time playing the PS4. 

We went straight from soft play to the swimming pool as I wanted to squeeze in one last swim before going home the next day, so although I was already knackered from soft play I carried on and we went swimming for just over an hour, Isla enjoyed it even more and her confidence had grown even more, she was throwing herself under the water, spinning around and we even had a go when they put the wave machine on! It was a nice time to come swimming as it wasn't to busy and we didn't need to wait for a family changing room either so we got changed quickly, and then we headed back to the lodge. I was feeling even more tired by now, we had said we was going to go out to eat as it was our last night at Bluestone's but instead we used the take-away service and got pizza instead. It was lovely to just sit in and we hadn't of cooked either so we could just relax for a bit, after dinner while Perry was bathing Isla I decided to go round and start packing our suitcase and all our clothes etc. We had to be out of the lodge by 10am the next morning so I knew it might be quite stressful as we had a lot to pack and also having a toddler is so unpredictable as well. I was feeling so confused as the week just went by so quickly, I was having such a great time and found I was truly relaxed, when we had been going out we both left our phones at the lodge so that we could just switch off and spend proper time together as a family. 

Really loved seeing Perry's country look this week too hehe look at them wellies!
Surprisingly I actually managed to get most of the packing done before Isla went to bed so that was handy, afterwards Perry and I just sat on the sofa with some chocolate and watched TV for a bit before heading to bed. We both was dreading the journey home already as it had taken us 7 hours total travelling time to get here, and I knew how much my back was going to hurt too so I really really didn't want to come home at all haha.

Family Break In Wales: Wednesday

Wednesday was a pretty chilled day, Isla slept in which was lovely so we had a lay in, we made pancakes for breakfast which is one of my favourite breakfasts! After that Isla was a bit restless and as I needed to get some blog posts done, Perry offered to take Isla swimming while I stayed at the lodge and got bits done. I packed the swimming bag for them and got Isla all wrapped up to go out in the cold as it was around a 10 minute walk to the pool from our lodge, once they left I got dressed and done my make up in peace and quiet for once haha! I think they had only been gone 20 minutes and I was already missing them, but then the work mind kicked in and off I went on the laptop typing away getting posts done. They was gone around 2 hours and when they got back Perry kindly made us all lunch, I was still busy typing away at the dining table. After lunch Isla went down for her usual afternoon nap 1:30 to 3:00 as we wanted to keep her in routine even though it was tempting to go out and explore, but we also didn't want a over tired unhappy toddler. The whole time she napped I was busy typing, and Perry played the PS4 so it was nice for him to have his own time too as he works hard so deserves it too.

After lunch we decided to head up to the Adventure centre as I wanted to go out and do something as Id been in all day, we got to the adventure centre and let Isla walk around and pick what she wanted to go on, she went on the bouncy castle as its definitely one of her favourites, and then she played in the toddler soft play area and even made some friends, it was so lovely watching them all take it in turns to go down the slide continuously. Isla and Daddy played a game of mini golf, Isla seemed to really enjoy it although I think she just liked swinging the golf club around more than anything. After that we headed into the arcade and played a game of air hockey, of course Mummy won hehe, after that we decided to head back to the lodge and get Isla fed and bathed as we decided to eat separately to Isla so we could have a romantic dinner and spend some special time together, we even packed candles but stupidly forgot about a lighter so we couldn't actually use them in the end, they just sat in the middle of the table, we just had to use our imaginations ;) 

Wednesday wasn't a very busy active day, but it was nice to have a somewhat chilled day as we did go away for a break too.