27 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

This week has been a bit up and down, it started off well, I was sleeping really good and only waking up at 6 for a wee so pretty much going the whole night sleeping, which was amazing and very much needed after the previous week. When we got to Bluestone Wales on Monday I slept awful, not sure if it was because we was somewhere new and the bed was a bit uncomfortable, I've really got use to my king memory foam mattress so any spring mattress I find uncomfortable to sleep in now. Ive also started struggling to breathe sometimes, little man gets right up into my ribs and must be pushing on my lungs because I find it hard to get my breath. It seems to mostly happen in the afternoon and evenings, although now I've said that it has started happening in the mornings! 

He is getting the hiccups all the time, I can definitely feel it and so can Perry when he puts his hand on my belly. Its so sweet, I remember Isla getting them as well and it usually means that baby is swallowing and the lungs are getting maturer. Another exciting thing is that Perry can hear his heartbeat when he places his ear on my belly! So cute. My boobs are feeling really heavy and full, and I've started wearing a soft sports bra when at home and for sleeping in as well. My belly has really popped now, although on camera and in pictures it looks small which is annoying. I have bought a few new maternity tops because I was starting to struggle with finding tops to wear, especially as it is still really cold, I was fed up of my jumpers lifting up and letting a draft in up my front and back. 

My sciatica pain has been really bad this week, it is because we have been doing a lot of walking as we have been in Wales, and also a lot of activities like swimming etc. So although we came away for a break I'm looking forward to having a few lazy days now we are back at home! I can't believe I am now in the third trimester, as I type this I am 28+1 weeks pregnant. So I am now in the final stretch and I can't wait to meet my little baby Boy. We have only got to get a few more bits for him now, and when we move I need to set everything up and his nursery too! I am starting to get a little stressed as I would of liked to of been doing it now and getting organised but never mind, we think we may of found a house that is available the beginning of April so ill have some time to get his stuff ready. 

Thats all I can think of for this week, I'm dreading this week as I've got to have my anti D injection, whopping cough injection and 2 blood tests yikes! Wish me luck



  1. Good luck with your blood tests and injections!! I have my next round in the morning double yuk!

    Lovely bump very neat!!

    Laura @ Life with Baby Kicks


  2. Oh you poor thing. It will be worth it though and I actually have a bit of bump envy ;) thanks for linking up with #MaternityMondays :)

  3. Eek all of those needles sounds horrible, hope they're ok! Really enjoying your updates and following your journey :) xx


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