28 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

Needles...Needles and more needles sums up this week! The first 3 days of my 28th week wasn't bad as I reported no symptoms in my app, Monday is when it all started. On Monday I had my blood test done, I had to have it done before having my anti-D injection so they could check my blood to make sure no antibodies had formed. It was the best blood test I've had done so far, I hardly felt a thing and normally would feel a bit light headed after but this one was awesome! Tuesday I had my anti-D injection so back up to the hospital I went, I was feeling pretty nervous because when I had it done while pregnant with Isla it went in the top of your bum cheek, with Isla running around I was thinking how on earth am I going to keep relaxed, especially your leg/bum muscles! I was relieved when she said they now do it in your arm, silly me didn't wear a top that rolled up easily so I had to pull my arm out and sit there with my pregnancy jeans that come up to underneath my bra, and then my bra was all out on show with a good view of my boobs, great how flattering! Afterwards I had to sit and wait 10 minutes to make sure I was OK and then I was sent on my way, with a lovely new stamp on the front of my maternity notes reading RH Negative. 

I had stupidly walked from our town to the hospital, that day I done a total of 13,879 steps and by the time I had left the hospital I could hardly walk, so I text my mum to pick me up from a nearer place as I had a stitch all across the front of my belly. Wednesday I could hardly walk, my sciatica pain was really bad and Ive also been suffering with another pain down in my pelvis/groin area which I will talk about more next week once I go to the doctor. Thursday I had my 28 week midwife check up, my urine was all OK and blood pressure was good. Bump was measuring on track and had a good heartbeat, I told her how the past few days Baby Boy hadn't been moving as much so she got on the phone and rung the maternity triage and got me booked in to go on the monitor. He was kicking while I was talking but she wanted to send me just to be safe. So back up the hospital I went, and after 10 minutes on the monitor I got the all clear to come home and ever since his movements have gone back to normal thankfully. I was meant to be having my whooping cough injection this week but because of another appointment elsewhere I need to reschedule it soon.


  1. Oh Tara what a rough week! I absolutely hate needles and blood tests so I feel your pain. Hope your pains go away or at least aren't as bad! Xx

  2. Waa sounds like you've had a pretty rubbish week!! Your into the homestretch well very soon you will be!! Hope the pains ease off and your feeling better next week. #MummyMonday xxx


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