29 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

Week 29 has been a tough one, I feel like I am getting to that uncomfortable moany stage, I feel bad because I am only 30 weeks today and feel like I shouldn't be complaining yet, but man now I know what women mean when they say the second + pregnancies are harder! This week I haven't been sleeping well at all, I find myself tossing and turning all night, and then when I wake up for my wee it takes me a while to get back to sleep after, the other night I laid there awake for 2 hours just trying to get back to sleep, it was so frustrating! I've also been having very vivid dreams, I'm a big dreamer anyway and often can have up to 3 different dreams a night, but lately certain parts of a dream are so real like its crazy, I wake Perry up and randomly tell him my dreams, as you can tell he's never impressed when I do!
I've got a few stretch marks on my thighs, and now lower legs just under my knee on the sides, I think I can see a faint one appearing on my side on my belly, which is annoying as it will be my first one. I was hoping I might get away with not having them on my stomach area but never mind, I'm proud of them. I've started using baby oil on my body when I get out of the bath, I don't use a lot as I don't like the greasy feeling on my body, I also use the pregnacare stretch mark cream for the nights I don't have a bath. My face is also very dry at the moment, even though I've been using a moisturiser my cheeks seem to be red and sore they are so dry. In the evenings I've started to suffer with the awful acid reflux, its not pleasant at all and so uncomfortable!

This pregnancy I have suffered with sciatica pain, I get it when I speed walk or walk long distance, I mostly suffer with it on my right side and I've got to know the pain now and if I sit down and then get up it makes it worse. Since being in Wales I've experienced a new pain that has not gone away at all, its in my pelvis/groin area, it really hurts to walk sometimes and when I move from one side to another in bed, get in and out the car, or when I stand up I get the pain, its always there though but dull and then it can get worse. I felt like I was bruised underneath it was horrible, after visiting the doctor I have been diagnosed with SPD! He said it will most likely get worse as the pregnancy goes on, especially with carrying more weight so yeah if you see some pregnant women waddling along grunting, that will be me!
I've been having a few period pains this week, not painful ones just uncomfortable enough for me to notice, period pains are such distinct pains you know if you have one, I have found it a little nerve wracking as 2 weeks before I gave birth to Isla I started to have period pains etc although I have read it is highly normal and just my body preparing, especially as it knows what it is doing this time round so that might be why I'm having them so early. I cant believe I am 30 weeks pregnant today, everyone thinks he will be early (not as in premature, just before his due date) I think it would be cool if he came the 19th April as Isla was born the 19th December, I worked out from 10th April I will be classed as full term which is insane as that's just over a month away!

Would love if anyone would like to leave some guesses on what date he will arrive as my family and friends are now all placing their 'bets' on dates, it gets me so excited hehe. 


  1. Oh I sympathise with you having SPD - I had it with my first pregnancy (less so second time around) and it was not fun. I had a lovely chiropractor though who kept it under control so it was mostly manageable right until the end - hope you don't get too many problems with it and that the rest of your pregnancy goes well.

  2. Oh no poor you :( I hope you're getting lots of rest and Perry is giving you lots of massages haha :). I can't believe how quick your pregnancy is going! xx

  3. Hurray - congrats on 30 weeks! I'm 31 weeks and I literally am feeling your pain - it's so uncomfortable at this stage isn't it? :( Not long now for us though yay! I'm going guess at April 25th for you :) Mim @ www.mamamim.com #MummyMonday

  4. Arghh it's so horrid when you feel rubbish but all the pain and the aches will be totally worth it when bubba is here! Your on the countdown now and you'll have your little bundle soon. I can't get over how quick all these pregnancies are going! thanks for linking up hun and hopefully see you tomorrow #MummyMonday xx


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