30 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

I can't believe I am 31 weeks today, thats just a crazy number to me, I can't believe how quick its gone and being that nothing is organised at all at the moment makes me feel a little bit anxious, and I'm pretty sure thats why it is going so quick because I'm not prepared at all at the moment haha! So week 30 has been a bit better than last week thankfully, my SPD seems to have been a bit better but I have taken it easy this week and been at home a lot of the time as after last week I thought it would be good to have a rest. We got a lot of the last bits ticked off of the baby's list at the weekend, we went to The Baby Show and also popped to Mothercare afterwards to get a few other bits. Ive just got random little bits to get now and then we are done, we just need to move and then once we are settled we can set up his nursery, wash all his clothes and set everything up, I can't wait I'm so excited to get all his bits out from the back of the wardrobe! I also had my Birthday this week, I thought I'd feel like a whale and not want to go out for dinner but luckily I had bought a Maternity top and from the front you couldn't even tell I was pregnant! 

Sleep is a little hit and miss at the moment, I have woken up at least once a night for a wee since being pregnant, so you could say Ive already got use to broken sleep again and then getting up early with Isla so that will help when the baby comes. Lately though pregnancy insomnia has kicked in, I seem to have such a deep sleep and then wake up for a wee around 2am, but once I get back into bed I've started to really struggle to get back to sleep. Also I am getting so uncomfortable now, I find myself tossing and turning all the time and swapping sides of the bed much to Perry's annoyance. I was going to invest in a pillow but being almost £40 I thought I may as well just stick it out now as I won't get to use it for that long. At times I feel so uncomfortable and am at the fed up stage and wanting my own body back so much now, I feel bad for complaining already but at times I just can't wait to have him so I can sleep on my belly, drink a Relentless (my FAVOURITE drink ever!) and start loosing some weight as I am determined to get my body back to a point I'm happy with after I've given birth. 

Ive also been suffering from nose bleeds this week, not full on running out everywhere just little nose bleeds in the morning. My acid reflux is getting worse, its really bad in the evenings and just makes me feel like utter rubbish, I've still been having a few slight period pains this week and also sharp pains in my boobs. We have decided that I am going to try breast feeding and if he doesn't take to it like Isla didn't, then I am going to pump for the first 2 weeks so he can get all the good milk first and then slowly wean him on to formula, I did this with Isla for the first week but being 19 at the time I wasn't as confident or have much knowledge as I do now. Ive been getting a few bits for my hospital bag this week which is so exciting! I can't believe how quick its going now. 

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