Family Break in Wales: Monday

We had planned to get up at 5:30am and to leave around 6:00am to head to Pembrokeshire in Wales, but Perry decided not to set the alarm so I was woken up in confusion at 6:10am and after seeing the time was in panic mode. We jumped out of bed and started to get ready, Perry put the final bits in the car while I done my make up and warmed myself up! Luckily Isla woke up so we didn't have to feel too bad about waking her up, Perry bundled her up into her duvet and carried her downstairs to give Nanny and Grandad a kiss before we left, and to make her up a beaker of warm milk. We finally set off about 7:00am and the first place we went was straight to Mc Donalds drive through for a breakfast, it would of been rude not to, especially as we was passing it anyway. Isla stayed awake for about an hour and half which I was surprised about, but when we hit some traffic she ended up falling asleep and we said when she woke up we would stop for a break. The first break was after 3 hours of driving, we stopped at Reading services so that we could have a toilet break, stretch our legs and get Isla dressed as she was in her pyjamas still.

When we got back to the car we put the iPad on for Isla so that she could watch Peppa Pig, and I gave her a juice and snack to see her through until we next stopped for lunch. After another hour of driving I was starting to get really uncomfortable, being 27 weeks pregnant really didn't help the situation at all. My back pain was the worst and I kept switching sides to sit on to help ease the pain. We finally drove over the bridge and entered Wales, by this time it was coming up to 12 so we found the first services we could and stopped for lunch and another toilet break. We then continued our journey into Wales for another 2 hours and finally arrived at Bluestone Wales at about 2:00pm! The check in was so cool, it was all done while sitting in your car like a drive through so we didn't have to worry about getting out the car and finding a office. Isla done so well on the journey and only started to get irritable when we was around 20 minutes away luckily, I was so impressed as I thought it would be a nightmare of a journey. If you want to read my tips on travelling with a Toddler then click here.
We went and parked the car and got the pushchair out so we could go for a walk and find what was around, we decided to head up to the Adventure Centre so Isla could have a proper run around and let off some steam as we had been travelling for so long. We was glad to see there was a soft play area for her to run around, although Daddy had to go on everything with her hehe. He also took her up in the bigger section and took her down the big slide, although judging by her face when she come down I don't' think she enjoyed it. She loved the bouncy castle, she was jumping around and playing with some other smaller children as well, we just sat back and watched. We then went over to a Lego area and played on the Lego wall, I think me and Perry enjoyed it more than Isla haha. There was also a crazy golf that you could do for free so we went and done that to use up some time as we couldn't check into our lodge until 4:30pm. We also went into the arcade and Isla had a go on one of the little rides, she didn't look to happy about it though haha.

Around 3:30pm we went back to the car and drove 20 minutes up to the local Tesco so we could get some food essentials like milk, bread etc. We have planned to eat in for 3 nights and on the last night we will eat out for dinner. After Perry realising he had left his Superdry Jacket on the stairs at home we had to search Tesco for a new coat for him, luckily we found one in the sale for £5! Bargain. On the drive back to the park it started to snow, it was so cold and starting to get dark. We was allowed to drive the car down to the lodge so we could unload everything from the car, I was so glad as the car was filled to the rim with all our stuff!
Our lodge is lovely, its such a great size. After getting everything into the lodge we started to put all the food away and get settled, we also put a pizza in the oven to have for dinner, we was all really hungry at this point. We then ran Isla a bath and got her into bed, once she was asleep I had a nice bath myself and then was in bed fast asleep by 10pm! 

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