Family Break In Wales: Thursday

Thursday was a very exciting day for me, I run a Facebook Mummy Group and in that group is a lovely lady who also has a daughter who was born a week before Isla, we went through our pregnancies together and beyond, so we have been talking almost everyday for the past 3 years, and it so happens she lives in Pembrokeshire so I thought it would be perfect to meet her! Also in the group is another girl who is my age and has 2 little ones about the same age gap that Isla and Bump will have and she kindly drove down from Bristol to meet us! I got up in the morning and was feeling a little nervous about meeting them, but I also felt quite calm as we do all talk everyday so I knew it wouldn't be too awkward. I got dressed and ready and left the lodge around 10:30, we had arranged to meet at Merlin's Magic soft play centre in Haverfordwest which was only a 20 minute drive from Bluestone's. 

I had such a lovely time at the soft play, Isla enjoyed meeting new friends and it was lovely to have a talk and natter with other Mums. We had lunch which was delicious, the best I've had at a soft play centre so it got top marks for that. Isla enjoyed exploring a new centre and it didn't take her long to go off on her own, they had a area for younger children that she enjoyed playing in, a room with Frozen Let it go playing and disco lights, and also a table full of Mr.Potato heads and every costume you could think of to dress him up in and all kinds of funny body parts. We stayed until 3pm and Perry came to pick us up, he had been back at the lodge and I believe he spent most of his time playing the PS4. 

We went straight from soft play to the swimming pool as I wanted to squeeze in one last swim before going home the next day, so although I was already knackered from soft play I carried on and we went swimming for just over an hour, Isla enjoyed it even more and her confidence had grown even more, she was throwing herself under the water, spinning around and we even had a go when they put the wave machine on! It was a nice time to come swimming as it wasn't to busy and we didn't need to wait for a family changing room either so we got changed quickly, and then we headed back to the lodge. I was feeling even more tired by now, we had said we was going to go out to eat as it was our last night at Bluestone's but instead we used the take-away service and got pizza instead. It was lovely to just sit in and we hadn't of cooked either so we could just relax for a bit, after dinner while Perry was bathing Isla I decided to go round and start packing our suitcase and all our clothes etc. We had to be out of the lodge by 10am the next morning so I knew it might be quite stressful as we had a lot to pack and also having a toddler is so unpredictable as well. I was feeling so confused as the week just went by so quickly, I was having such a great time and found I was truly relaxed, when we had been going out we both left our phones at the lodge so that we could just switch off and spend proper time together as a family. 

Really loved seeing Perry's country look this week too hehe look at them wellies!
Surprisingly I actually managed to get most of the packing done before Isla went to bed so that was handy, afterwards Perry and I just sat on the sofa with some chocolate and watched TV for a bit before heading to bed. We both was dreading the journey home already as it had taken us 7 hours total travelling time to get here, and I knew how much my back was going to hurt too so I really really didn't want to come home at all haha.

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