Family Break In Wales: Tuesday

Tuesday morning we woke up to a little dusting of snow outside which was exciting, the first thing I did was run upstairs and look out the window to see the view. When we checked into the lodge it was pretty dark so I wasn't sure what our view would be like, it was so beautiful especially with the dusting of white snow on top of all the lodges and trees, it looked magical. We started to make breakfast and decided that we was going to go up to the Blue Lagoon swimming pool in the morning and then come back to the lodge for lunch time. 

Our Lodge

After breakfast we all got dressed for the day and I packed up a swimming bag for us all, we wrapped ourselves up in warm clothes and wellingtons and left the lodge to walk up to the swimming pool. We decided not to take the pushchair as we wasn't sure if there would be anywhere safe for us to leave it while we was in the pool. I struggled walking up some of the hills to get to the top, they were quite steep and I'm not exactly at my fittest at the moment, but never the less we all really enjoyed the walk up to the pool, the birds were so friendly and didn't seem to mind us too much, I got a lovely picture of a robin that seemed to be following us! The views were amazing, you could see the mountains in the distance and the tops of them were completely covered in snow, it was like we was abroad somewhere. It was very icy though and on a few occasions I did nearly slip over, the sun hadn't quite melted the snow on the areas we was walking. 

We arrived at the Blue Lagoon and went to the reception to get our passes for the week so we could use the pool as many times as we liked. We got changed, put all our stuff into the locker and headed for the pool. It was pretty warm in the pool area itself, there was also lots of deck chairs for you to put your towels on and you could sit down as well if you wanted a break from swimming, and because it was warm you wouldn't feel to cold either. When we entered the pool I was so impressed with how warm the water was, Isla immediately started to jump around and the further you walked in the deeper it got, there was a strong current that pulled you into the lazy river that took you outside, as soon as we got outside there was steam coming off the water because it was so cold outside and the water was very warm. I think its the only pool I've been in that I didn't feel totally cold after 10 minutes, so that was a bonus as Isla was loving it and showed no signs of wanting to get out. We took her over into the baby area so she could use the slide, taking it in turns with the other children she walked up the steps and sat down on the top of the slide and went down. The water wasn't deep at all so we had no fear of her doing it all by herself while we sat back and observed. She also went into the rock pool bit and was playing in them for a little while, but her favourite was definitely the slide. When we heard the whistle blow the wave machine came on about 5 minutes after, I thought it was really good as it gave you a warning so if you had young children you could head back into the very shallow area of the pool. Being a water baby Isla was well up for getting into the waves with her Daddy and I also joined in as well. Around 11:45 we decided to get out and changed so we could head back for lunch. 

When we got back to the lodge we made lunch and Isla was watching the cartoons on the TV, around 1:30pm she went down for a nap, while she was sleeping Perry went on his PS4 and I decided to do some blogging and work online until Isla woke up around 3:00pm. When she woke up, we decided to go for a walk and see what was around, we walked over into the village to have a browse at the shops and to see what was around. We looked at the map and decided to go on one of the nature trail walks, we picked the green one as it was going to start getting dark at any point and we also wanted to get back in time to start dinner as well. We walked down past Camp Smokey and started the trail, we crossed over the stream and walked in the woods, it was a really lovely walk and we all enjoyed it, it was lovely to get out for a bit of fresh air even if it was cold. 

We then went back to the lodge, had dinner, got Isla bathed and ready for bed. Once she was asleep we snuggled up and watched a film and then went to bed :) 


  1. Aw it looks really lovely there!! Glad you had fun!!

  2. Oh I love Bluestone! I never wanted to leave x

  3. Loved reading this post but it's making me want to go back so much!! I need to write up my review x

  4. This looks so good! So great to read a posts about it before we go so we can make sure we do all the good things...and not the bad!! You got some really good photos can just tell i'm going to be camera crazy while I'm there and struggle to whittle it down for blog posts! The pool sounds great although I don't think Amelia will be as good on the slide as Isla!! Thanks for linking up #MummyMonday xxx

  5. Looks so nice and it's great to get away from the everyday routines. xx


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